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We must become brave, dare not to obey and to do the unthinkable: Publicly tell the most important (inconvenient) truths. Humanist, Cardiologist
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I started writing this thread web on Easter Saturday 20. In the evening I was brutally arrested in my practice by an anti-terrorist squad for slandering me for making threats, being armed & having a psychiatric history - all lies - & forcibly detained & medicated psychiatrically. ⬆️⬇️

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If we have some very basic knowledge of medicine, virology & immunology, had read their pivotal trials & have some common sense, we knew the modRNA & DNA injections are unnecessary, ineffective & unsafe before their roll-out.
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Mar 20, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav reports to the @CoronaAusschuss on the state of (medical) fascism imposed on the societies of the western world by a cabal of criminal multi-billionaire psychopaths and their narcissistic lackeys
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