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27 Oct
1. @SenWhitehouse was US Attorney during the same time my late brother worked with AG Garland as Janet Reno's man Friday. My brother handled all top-level #FISA related matters. It's an educated guess, but a program that is new since then is 702. That is what I reported the
2. other day as would likely be producing intercepts of the members of the House, Senate and White House conspiring to overthrow. If I'm right, it means, as I have suspected, that foreign adversaries were involved at least in the collection of signals intelligence on 9/6. We
3. then sucked that data into the eye of Sauron. That is then used to obtain @FBIWFO warrants and wire taps to surveil the ongoing criminal activity. We may never hear the first tranche of intercepts due to the secrecy surrounding their collection. But, like a mobster sitting
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26 Oct
1. Watching the attack unfold on Jan 6, my first thought was that every foreign intelligence officer in one of the most surveilled cities on earth would be going out of their minds scooping up comms of members of Congress and the Executive branch who had joined the conspiracy.
2. Though unwarranted intercepts are illegal and can't be used in court when first obtained illegally by government actors, I know of few ways for keeping them out when we grab them from our adversaries who scooped them up in the first instance.
3. Knowing who our adversaries can blackmail was an urgent matter that had to be completed prior to directing law enforcement at the bad actors. My belief at the time why TFG tried to position one of his conspirators as NSA General Counsel was because that position is the
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25 Oct
1. Governor of West Virginia @JimJusticeWV when not advocating the destruction of the planet with coal poison, advocates overthrow of a state government. IMO that's arguably a violation of 18 USC § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government. @FBIWFO
2. "Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government
3. of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government . . . Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or
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24 Oct
1. My research concludes Bush41 was 1st class of @CIA agents in 1948-9. DDO Plans or Operations. He was the George Bush Warren Commission referenced as a CIA employee interviewed after the shooting. He ran Zapata. Not just Zapata Offshore Oil but Operation Zapata aka Bay of Pigs.
2. The operation had two decommissioned Naval vessels sitting offshore that JFK did not allow to be used. Their code names were Barbara and Houston. His old friend from
3. from naval intelligence boot camp at Chapel Hill, Gerald Ford, got him to pull out of the guilty depression he was in after his team shot JFK and got him to run for Senate. Bush lost, but then ran again for the House and won. When the Watergate was broken into by a
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24 Oct
1. I saw a report by the @TheHill that tries to portray @JoeBiden's remarks about defending #Taiwan as a misstatement. When asked if it was a policy shift, @PressSec pointed to the Taiwan Relations Act. From its reaction, it's apparent staff at The Hill haven't read it.
2. The Act provides our relationship with #PRC is based on its commitment to address Taiwan peacefully. Moreover, the principal finding of policy is to maintain peace in the Western Pacific. We are close to war with China over its South Sea aggression. It's not just Taiwan.
3. And the Act states the policy was,

"to make clear that the United States decision to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China rests upon the expectation that the future of Taiwan will be determined by peaceful means;
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23 Oct
1. Why can we see the Turkish Drones over Idlib and not over Kobane on @flightradar24? He's why I think that is and why the civilians in #AANES may want to check this out. When a drone or any other aircraft flies, it can transmit a radio signal via ADS-B receivers can pick up.
2. Typically, military aircraft don't all this to give away their position. But some still leak enough radio data to be seen. I live near a big US Air Force base and I can say from experience our folks know how to deal with this. If they want to not be seen, they won't be.
3. For whatever reason, the Turk drones over Idlib remain visible. I surmise it is because the anti Assad
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22 Oct
1. I think @JoeBiden's #NordStream2 waiver decision was ill-advised. Putin has not moderated and is acting more aggressively. The additional pipeline will allow an economy smaller than California to make the EU a Russian client state. That's not in the US strategic interest.
2. Russia has plied the EU elite with Russian corruption, making them happy to look the other way when the project violates their own laws and regulations. There is no present need for Nordstream2. And I believe the 2022NDAA prevents the
3. Biden administration from granting Putin another national sanctions waiver. As always, my analysis is from a domestic political perspective. If Biden is tarred with what coming from NordStream2, it can cost him the midterms, regardless of how he does on the domestic economy.
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22 Oct
1. This is what @washingtonpost is running on China:

U.S. officials caution companies about risks of working with Chinese entities in AI and biotech washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
2. In a quick survey, I find nothing in major US print press on Biden's comment on defending Taiwan. CCP English propaganda pit-bull Global Times reports about an imaginary strong domestic US opposition to the policy of standing up to Communist aggression, but takes a very soft
3. approach now that the Central Military Commission's aggressive, arguably Imperialist policies have brought China to the brink of US sanctions and possible major naval war on its coast. Claiming that the US would never dare to face the 1.4 billion Chinese, the CCP ruling
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21 Oct
1. “Is there no justice?”: Trump complains GOP ally was indicted for “telling some lies” to the FBI salon.com/2021/10/20/is-…
2. TFG is quoted by @Salon saying, "Isn't it terrible that a Republican Congressman from Nebraska just got indicted for possibly telling some lies to investigators about campaign contributions, when half of the United States Congress lied about made up scams."
3. #45 damns Fortenberry with faint praise by saying, in effect, "sure, he may have possibly told lies to investigators." That subtle statement where he agrees that Fortenburry is likely a liar whose lies are bad enough to go to prison for several years was not likely random.
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20 Oct
Multiple sources report @Centcom confirming US base at at-Tanf on the Syria-Jordan-Iraqi border was attacked by drones. I have not seen an official statement. @PentagonPresSec
Turkey might be coordinating, so I'd keep an eye on N Syria. @DefenseIntel @USSOCOM
Still nothing official. This long and nothing official on something this significant tells me it's not as reported. We'll see.
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20 Oct
What if @SenSchumer calls for the parliamentarian to rule on a point of parliamentary inquiry that only 51 votes are need to invoke cloture on bills to protect the right to vote? I think that's how killing the filibuster is actually done.
Then the parliamentarian rules it requires 60 and the majority leader calls for a vote to overrule the parliamentarian. That vote can pass on 51 votes and when it does, no more filibuster.
Schumer just changed his vote to no. That gives him the right to call to reconsider. He just moved to reconsider.
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18 Oct
1. Because the threat posed by TFG & his violent anti-democratic acolytes THE major national security threat and people obstructing Congress are openly planning and another attack, the @TheJusticeDept is not the only government institution with equities regarding what
2. happens to these conspirators. If @TheJusticeDept Merrick Garland or @AnthonyColeyDOJ think for one moment that they have prosecutorial discretion to allow a second insurrection, @WhiteHouse @WHCOS needs to take a drive over to the 4th floor to set them straight. @PressSec
3. The simple fact that @USAO_DC appear to only be charging the foot soldiers and none of the leaders in the insurrection strongly suggests that the process is corrupt, driven by a policy of protecting the planners who openly prepare new and more dangerous violent attacks.
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15 Oct
1. Here's a 10/11 article about new IRS reporting requirement. IMO corrupt GQP will burn it all down to stop this, so I'm watching Quid Pro Quo twins @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema.

Biden’s Proposal to Empower I.R.S. Rattles Banks and Their Customers nytimes.com/2021/10/11/bus…
2. I saw an interview with a Deputy Treasury Secretary where the interviewer kept asking leading questions about how who it targets & he didn't bite. IMO this new reporting will essentially end the ease in which drug & other criminal proceeds are laundered. When they talk about
3. it being targeted at rich people who are not paying their taxes, IMO it includes the mob especially drug cartels that rely on small accounts to perform their very complex money laundering schemes. IMO the reason that they are going for any account with over $600 per year
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14 Oct
1. "The freedom-loving Mujahideen and the young resistance fighters of Nahrin city, Baghlan province, today started their armed struggle against the aggressors and foreign occupiers under the leadership of the young commander Ahmad Massoud and Commander Saleh Mohammad Rigistan,
2. the senior military commander of the National Resistance Front."

I rarely reported on Afghanistan in the nearly 7years of reporting on the war in Syria. I felt there was no foreseeable solution for Afghanistan with the same corrupt elites running the country so
3. there would always be fighting. I knew in spring @JoeBiden had to make a call in Afghanistan, so I spent time trying to apply what I learned in 7 years about what wins and what loses wars. By the time Joe announced, I'd concluded there was no US centered militarily solution.
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12 Oct
1. @StateDept @StateDeptSpox on three Afghanistan related meetings:
- A senior US delegation travelled to Doha to meet with Taliban over the weekend. "Candid, practical and pragmatic."

- US & European meeting today with Taliban in Qatar. Counter-terrorism, safe passage, women
2. and girls, etc.

- This morning at 'most-senior levels' G-20 meeting, Biden and Blinken addressed Afghanistan with world leaders.

Addresses the Taliban as a caretaker government.
3. One reporter is raising the fact that conduct conditions are already showing the Taliban behaving badly. Now he's addressing Taliban human rights as "inconsistent with what the Taliban has pledged."
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10 Oct
1. I get why @TheDemocrats don't want to engage in a propaganda war, but by leaving the field to the #GQP, the disinformation will only get worse. Responding, to counter GQP falsehoods with truth is one tool that is being employed, but more subtle weapons can be employed that can
2. have a real impact on the propagandists.

Why is the #KochNetwork #propaganda machine attacking #Covid19 #vaccines when they're a product of TFG's one major achievement? Remember "#WarpSpeed?" TFG should be getting credit for vaccines, but the GQP #KochNetwort made vaccines
3. the boogieman. #TFG needs #KochNetwork cash, so he won't say anything, especially after being booed for suggesting people get vaccinated.

It's been apparent to me for many years that #Koch and #Putin are working together in many areas with the shared goal of retaining power.
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9 Oct
1. The reports of a meeting between #Taliban and US govt officials in Doha, are troubling. First, I've not seen an official US statement confirming the meeting. I first saw it reported yesterday by @Reuters claiming an undisclosed US Govt source.
2. I get a copy of every @StateDept and @DOD press statement. I checked for other sources. I can't confirm this meeting from any US Got source. That brings me to the second reason it's troubling. Allowing this reporting to bounce around the internet without either owning it or
3. denying it, causes the US Govt to potential advance disinformation in an already overtaxed information space. The Taliban have every reason to distract. Maybe we are meeting with them. If we are, it's obviously not being kept secret. If we aren't, why allow them to change the
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9 Oct
1. IMO Xi's sweet and sour speech was a significant event. Not so much for what he said, but the staging.

China-Taiwan tensions over island heighten thetaiwantimes.com/china-taiwan-t… via @TheTaiwanTimes
2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this was a historical first. Does it mean a CCP shift towards democracy? I doubt it. Likely just branding. But that's also significant.

And fun facts. He went to my kid's high school, & his daughter hated my dad. Had him declared PNG.😎
3. This was in my dad's negatives from 1947-9. I've always wondered if they were nationalists or communists. Now I think they were communists. No nationalist flag or iconography. Just Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
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9 Oct
1. Okay @JusticeATR, there's no reason why enforcing the Antitrust laws can't also have the benefit of tamping down propaganda that carries the real risk of destroying our society and Republic. Free legal advice: Just use your enforcement power to force cable companies to sell
2. their product (electrons sent to your home) à la carte. No more bundles that force people to buy Fox News electrons. These companies all have either a monopoly or near monopoly in their market. They thus have sufficient "market power" to force a tie-in.
3. When they make purchase of @FoxNews electrons (tied product) as condition of being able to purchase other cable TV electrons (tying product) they violate Section 1 and likely Section 2 of the Sherman Act and can be subject to injunctive relief and damages. Just do it
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9 Oct
The session being held under the image of Dr. Sun Yat Sen is a significant gesture in my opinion.
The session begins with a representative of the KMT from Taiwan. 中國國民黨. The KMT is very pro unification, so he's singing to the choir.
Sun Yat-sen lived in Honolulu. Went to high school at Iolani and for a time at Punahou, @BarackObama and my son's high school.
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8 Oct
1. Shortly after Janet Reno was confirmed as AG, she appointed my late brother to investigate the Reagan and Bush administration regarding allegations of justice department complicity in a number of alleged crimes. I was three years out of law school & kept up as best I could.
2. My brother was also the AG designee to review OPR findings and make binding recommendations on discipline. OPR is a like a state bar disciplinary counsel. As the name states, it deals with "professional responsibility" that is another way to say professional ethics. It can
3. issue disciplinary findings that can be used by state bar associations under reciprocity, that can result in suspension or disbarment. The IG is an investigative branch that can investigate fraud and refer it to the appropriate Criminal Division component for prosecution.
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