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A giant robot walrus from 7 years in the future. The King of New Wombledonshire. A vial of chutney with antimatter croutons. I AM NONE OF THESE THINGS. (he/him)
Jan 5, 2020 7 tweets 4 min read
Well I've heard your bile and your so-called jokes
Your vile distain for modern folks
Refusing to accede your sense of humour
And those who help their fellow man
Are undermining every plan
You’ve made to accrue riches, OK boomer
OK boomer
OK boomer
OK boomer
#okboomer You threaten kids who want to save
The world and travel wave by wave
Upon the face of Earth you are a tumour
A shame you’ll never get to see
The mess you’ve made and left for me
The future’s fucked and far from OK boomer
OK boomer
OK boomer
OK boomer
Feb 23, 2018 17 tweets 3 min read
Oh God. What have I done? Was about to book tickets for a gig and the conditions at the very end of the process said: “Minimum age 14”. I’m about 9 times older than that. It’s closer to my kid’s age than it is to mine and he’s in reception. Still booked the tickets though so please, everyone, come with. I’d rather be one of many sore thumbs rather than one of a few. I refuse to acknowledge that socialising these days should be restricted to inviting people round for Ticket To Ride and a nice Merlot.