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6 Apr
Tough to take the Democratic Party's concern for Hunter Biden's drug addiction seriously when they allow a porous open border to flood America with fentanyl while emboldening China where it's often produced.

Nogales Border Patrol Confiscates $3.8 Million Worth of Meth, Fentanyl, and Heroin In Four Days


4 Illegal Aliens Connected to Mexican Cartel Arrested With Nearly $6M in Drugs, Cash, and Weapons on Hand
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5 Apr
Why don't we talk about "employee resource groups?"

They're basically self-segregated groups based on skin color, ethnicity, sexuality, gender within companies divided up like a Critical Race Theory pie chart.

They're likely driving many of these "woke" corporate decisions.
Conservatives spend all their time focusing on self-segregation on college campuses, yet neglect to realize that it now exists (and is encouraged!) at our biggest corporations.

Look at these collectivist groups. It reads just like a college website.
"In 2017, the MLB Central Office launched its Business Resource Groups/ MLB established business resource groups to provide employees with a forum to gather with other employees who hold common interests, identities and/or social issues."

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