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17 Nov
Mentor / Mentee relationships are not good.

The mentor often can't change their view of the mentee as being anything but dumber or less experienced than they. If a mentee surpasses the mentor, jealousy ensues.

Peer-to-peer exchange of info and experiences is better. Less weird.
And for folks who say "That's just bad mentors" or "when done right, it's great!"...that's my point.

The system of mentor/mentee allows for abuse. It relies on good actors.

That's where it fails.

Take the same 2 people. Make them peers instead of mentor/mentee. Issue resolved.
Put another way, it's the power dynamic of mentor/mentee relationships that's the issue.

Mentors assume a role of knowledge provider and guide. Mentees make themselves vulnerable by entering a role to accept guidance.

No one should guide you, but yourself.
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15 Nov
Found another #SeedShare!

This time at @dallaslibrary, downtown.

Seeds are free to *anyone*. You are encouraged to grow plants and donate seeds back.

Well organized. I love the reuse of the old card catalog!

Info: dallaslibrary2.org/government/see…

#solarpunk #urbangardening Seed library stored in an o...
We went through and grabbed a solid handful. Packages look reused but the seed is maintained with records kept up to date.

The librarians said they have to throw a lot out after they expire because they get more seeds in than people take out! Spinach, Beet, Basil, Pea, ...
You'll find this seed share on the 6th floor of the downtown Dallas Library.

1515 Young St, Dallas, TX 75201-5411 Seeds stored in an old card...
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7 Nov
Checking out the suburban community gardens in the DFW area.

Went north to one of Plano's gardens.


#solarpunk #communitygardening Plano Community Garden entr...
The garden here appears focused on food production. Gardening thicket with toma...
A lot of raised beds. Raised beds with vegetables.
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5 Nov
I've heard it said that optimism & pessimism are the same thing.

One says it will get worse,no matter what you do. The other, that it will get better... no matter what you do.

But that removes intention, causality.

Some actively make it worse.

You can actively make it better.
I don't mean that as a platitude.

Pick a thing that you think is bad or getting worse, and be active and intentional in making it better.

Just one thing.

We can't each do all.

So do that one thing. Time, money, and/or resources. As you are able.

And leave the rest to others.
So theory is good. But, praxis is what effects change.

For me, I've picked food.

Free basic nutrition is one of the core elements of a post scarcity society that I'd like to see realized.
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25 Oct
Every single phish we received from the student teams during @CollegiateSectf was better crafted and more sophisticated than this real phish...

...I wonder what happens when you call the number...

Time to spring the trap from the inside!

#infosec #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth
They wanted me to go to:


That should be fun.
Oops. Typed it wrong.
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21 Oct
To be root is to have power over your entire system.

To control every aspect of it. To turn your system outward with the full force of its capabilities.

To create and destroy and alter any and all aspects of your system, is to be root.

More importantly, to be root is to fully accept and be responsible for the consequences of your own actions.

Failures of your system are your own failures.

The mismanagement, the overextending, the ill used... there is no own else to blame for your own actions...

but yourself.
The failures are your own failures, sure.

And with it, the successes are your own successes as well.

In being root, you weep for your failures & cheer for your successes, feeling each fully and thoroughly.

For what else do we have, but the fruit of our own labor & each other?
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8 Oct
Morning #OSINT Challenge.

Where am I? What location and city?

(Bonus points if you figure out which floor I'm on).
This is correct, too! (they share a building)
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11 Jun
Speaking of OT Red Teaming....

It's a bit of a... well... hmm... It can be bit of a thing.

IT systems have been built up to be able to receive non-standard communications. They, ideally, can receive an unexpected communication and respond with a graceful fail.
A big reason for this is that IT environments, and the internet at large, is built on top of many different brands and types of devices.

A big shift happened way back when with the concept of IBM compatible devices and OSes that were not brand specific (eg Windows and *nix)
Different general purpose computers, running different operating systems, running on different brands of hardware...

...all had to talk to each other.

That's a tall order.

So how did we deal with it?
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11 Jun
I find myself moving forward in this new phase of my career.

I'm finding that I very much enjoy testing and securing Industrial Control Systems (ISC) & Operational Technology (OT) environments.

I'm finding I very much enjoy growing out internal teams & programs.

#NewProfilePic Image
Prior to this, I had the opportunity to test the full scope of logical, physical, and social avenues within IT environments.

And that was good.
Prior to this, I had the opportunity to grow out and train teams and build initiatives and programs, both in consulting firms and internal corporate teams.

And that was good as well.
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