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9 Jul
I had a loss nightmare about #3.

Still griggy, I went to his room to make sure he still existed.

Me: "Never disappear into a video game."

He was confused of course. I told him the dream.

He: Do you need me to come be by your side.?

Me: *still groggy* Yes.

He came to my room to, and hugged me and spoke to me so I could stay awake and not fall back into the dream.

The heart on that kid.
If I was more awake I would have checked on him silently.

I want the kids to see me as human but also as a protector. I lose my typical fears when it comes to them.
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9 Jul
In one of the replies to a post about Erin, in response to "it doesn't have to be like this"

Someone asked what we are going to do about it.

Because they are "tired" of hearing us say it doesn't have to be this way.

And that's so much the problem.
One of the most frustrating parts of being chronically I'll is how much time & effort we put into

1- staying alive
2- advocating for what we need and/or the right to be alive
3- being expected to fix the trauma being inflicted upon us.
For some our whole lives, all our spare time, is trying to do something about it.

Erin fought for that so hard and so often. We bonded over it.

She fought for her own care, for care she did not receive.
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9 Jul
It is so hard every time we lose people from our community.

And it happens too much.
We need support. We all need

- family
- community
- for the system to work properly

I am heart broken about Erin's passing and so so angry. She didn't have to hurt like that.

This is what being born in the US & having a domino effect of issues with the medical field does.
I want us to have a memorial for her. I don't know if I'm strong enough to do it.

But the only thing helping me is knowing how many loved her from near and far.
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8 Jul

I started getting equipment for this new endeavor that I'm undertaking this fall. I can't wait to unveil it to the disability community.

Also very proud of @migrainesallday & the article & podcast work she is doing with @GHLForg.
It's exciting to be working with @speakingabtpain, @DawnMGibson & @nationalpain.

I spent about a day going through the #GoLayDown hashtag

but also so disappointed about the @tiktok_us anti-Black filter demonstrated in the viral video going around. #SpoonieChat
And I'm determined to have MANY discussions about racism in disability, starting this month in my one day takeover of @TheStayingInn live broadcast.

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10 Jun
We tab out whether there is a God or some Gods etc (according to the title)

Atheists are welcome too! The full title of the talk is “#QueenAshJosConvos: One Supreme God, multiple gods, no god?”

And everyone is given their time to speak if they wish to share ideas. Right now @JShahryar Is dropping the greatest knowledge. And has a GREAT voice.
*talking about
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10 Jun
Twitter accessibility bots.

A reference thread.
Image description bots


"Is there any alt text?"

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9 Jun
"She's putting her comfort before other people's lives."

Reason number one why no one should ask Black people to ask nicely.
No one starts out yelling & screaming for something they want that another party is withholding.

Not if they want it badly & don't want to use force to get it.
But if time after time AFTER CENTURIES go by

and your basic human needs and rights

are declined by people who refuse to see you as human?

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8 Jun

You’re a real ally to our disabled community.
As your birthday approached several people talked about how kind and helpful you’ve been to people.
You’re truly a great listener. I love that you were not scared away by my bluntness in our first encounter.

Instead you responded with frankly more kindness and understanding than I was due.
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8 Jun
If people understand that their children are


people.... it helps.
For example I hate it when I confide in a lover and they try to fix my problem.

No, I want you to address how I FEEL about the problem.
Like I’m not an infant, if I want advice I’ll ask.

I want to vent safely. It helps me process my emotion out.

I want to be soothed, in whatever way YOU are comfortable.

A hug.
Wrap me in your arms.
Make me laugh (after you listen.)
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8 Jun
Okay I’m gonna rest now.

If you’d like a return follow, reply with the best thing that happened to you today.

If I already follow you I would love to see a picture of anything that brings you joy.

Including fur babies!
See you when I get back. Thank you for being a Kind community.
Ok let’s see what y’all did.
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7 Jun
You #resist folks need to bring your #BlueWave back to drown

the White House,
your governors,
state Congress, council persons

last politician in calls, letters, & emails.

The right to vote is not a cure all but it’s central to democracy.
You need to threaten a general strike, boycotts of companies that donate to Republicans.

And I’m saying YOU because I saved democracy twice already
and I am not really about helping

until the widespread performative support of Black people

turns into tangible change.
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7 Jun
THIS. People are trying to shift it but they're up against an INSTITUTION.

Institutional racism is a thing. It means institutions are BY DESIGN resistant to non-white people.
We tend to be agents of change because as a category we are either marginalized/oppressed or both.

Institutions do not like to change.
But while they are doing that magic trick, do you know what that also means?

That ANYONE who wants to make a change that conflicts with white Supremacy will also be shat out.

But since it's to a lesser degree, people see it as privilege and don't want to push for change.
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13 May
This country
is about to find out
just how gentle

Black people have been.
All marginalized people really.

Look at what poor people working for slave wages have done.
Think you can't stand us now? Y'all got "oppression fatigue" now?

I almost pity you.

For the way you're about to find out what happens

when oppressed people start opting out of the system.
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12 May
Bish yes.

“We’re never going to get out of this until we understand how we got here.”

“We are still living in the aftershocks of this period,” Hinton said. “The threat of Black rebellion,” she added, “is a key to understanding U.S. history, but especially to understanding the post-civil rights period, and how we get to mass incarceration.”

The rebellions, she argues, add a missing layer to the story of how Black Americans — particularly the young and impoverished, whose voices are often missing from traditional archival sources — reacted to the escalation of policing.
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