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Jan 18
1. Carrots are good for your eyes.
2. Fresh tomatoes are good for the prostate.
3. Avocado pear is good for your heart.
4. Cucumber is good for your skin and kidneys.
5. Watermelon is good for your liver.
6. Eggs are good your brain.
7. Exercise is good for your body. Eggs are good for your brain health. Egg yolks contain choline which is good for your brain. Choline help reduce inflammation and improve brain function.
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Jan 18
Do this 6 things today

1. Drink a cup of water first thing this morning before brushing your teeth.
2. Take 5 sachets of water through today or it equivalent.
3. Eat a fruit today.
4. Use your legs. Make use of the stairs. Exercise.
5. No soda today.
6. RT for others Benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning:

-It helps in detoxifying your system
-If you experience constipation, it will help move ur bowls
-It is good for your skin & kidneys
-It would make you feel more energetic tru the day
-It helps strengthen the immune system
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Jan 17
Is egg good for ur health? Yes.

Do u need egg(s)? Yes.

Thought it is bad for the heart ? No.

It causes heart diseases? No.

It has cholesterol? Yes.

Do u need that cholesterol? Yes.

Is the cholesterol bad for your body? No.

Should I eat the yolk? Yes.

Fried or boiled? Any. The only thing you shouldn’t eat in an egg is the shell. Even the shell is useful to some people, a particular set of people even use eggshells to supplement calcium as it is rich in it. They boil the egg, get the shell and wash it, grind it to powders and use it in tea.
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Jan 13
This woman has found it hard to bond with her baby after putting to birth, it was as if the baby wasn’t hers. It has happened to her b4 when she gave birth to her first child but it wasn’t that serious, it resolved in 2wks but this one has persisted for a month so she was scared- She didn’t speak to anyone about it not even her husband. Her husbnd noticed the strange behavior but waved it off with maybe it is due to the child birth as she really went through a lot. To him she would be ok soon, so he was helping in ways he can but the issue didn’t resolve.
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Jan 13
If your definition of a real man is a man who you can abuse physical, mentally or emotionally and he would stay, won’t complain or demand to be treated better then you’re a very terrible person. I want to bring it to your notice. Maybe you’re not aware. And if your definition of a good woman is a woman you can do with as you please. If your definition of a wife material is a woman you can maltreat, beat up and neglect. I want you to know that you are a very terrible.
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Jan 6
1. Sex doesn’t make the breast sag.
2. Fondling doesn’t make the breast sag
3. Sliming tea do not reduce belly fat
4. Waist trainer do not reduce belly fat.
5. Drinking herb or using penis enlargement cream will not increase the size of ur penis.
6. Yeast infection is not an STD. Sex or fondling of the breast are not reasons why breasts sag. When a woman’s breast sag it doesn’t mean she is wayward. No!

A woman’s breast may sag do to the following reasons:

-Weight gain
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Jan 6
6yrs ago my good friend bought a bike &did “hire purchase”. The stuff brought in mad returns,lot of my guys did that &they made back mad cash. I too wanted to join so I did,carried all my savings then & bought a bike, a wk later the bike was collected at gun point from the rider. I talked with my mom about it and she wasn’t angry with me, she asked me one question, “e’we ife e’mutalu” (meaning did I learn anything) ?

(Within me I was like ah ah, what’s this, they stole my bike and you are asking me if I learnt anything from what happened.)
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Jan 5
1. Drink atleast 2L (9cups) of water today.
2. Exercise for 30mins or walk 6000 steps through today.
3. No soda today.
4. Add vegetables to your diet.
5. Get atleast 6hrs of sleep.

RT for others It’s important to note that a lot of things influence the amount of water u take or u should take.
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Jan 4
So this man whose genotype was AS was dating a woman whose genotype was also AS and they had no idea. Nobody cared to ask. Love was too sweet. It was when they were deeply invested in each other and were already planning to get married and how many children they were going to- -have that they ran genotype and other tests. The woman was AS and the man was AS too but he hid it, he told her he was AA.
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Jan 3
A professor slumped in his office & was rushed to the hospital where he was placed on oxygen for 3months. His family were paying hundreds of thousnd naira every wk throughout his stay in the hospital for 3 complete months. He later came dwn with stroke. It was even more work for- -his wife and family. Carrying him around and all, last year he died.

What really happened ?

He was overly stressed, he worked very hard to become a professor and when he did he stil continued working giving himself no breaks. He lectures. He marks his scripts.
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Jan 3
Alpha male ≠ Treating women badly
Alpha male ≠ Harassing women
Alpha male ≠ Taking advantage of women
Alpha male ≠ Posting screenshots
Alpha male ≠ The number of girls u control or sleep with

Being an alpha male goes beyond all that. Take a look at the wolves for example- -the alpha stands out, they are dominant, they are leaders, they lead the pack. They protect the interests of the pack, they are not about taking advantage, they are first leaders and protectors.
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Dec 15, 2021
Femi’s mother called his phone, it rang but he didn’t pick & he never returned the call, that was unlike her son, she called him the next day and it was the same thing, the third day his number was off, she was alarmed and spoke with her husband about it & he was worried-

THREAD His parents set out on a search for their son, his mom suggested they go to where their son lives first if he is not there then they have to report to the police immediately.
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Dec 15, 2021
5 free and tested tips on how to get her on your bed this dec without stress. 👇🏿 Go and drink water now
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Dec 14, 2021
Mrs Kim saw an ambulance pull up in her house and medical practitioners in full medical gears rushed in and were like where is her son, where is her son ? She said her son is playing in the backyard. They said what ? They went to the backyard and truly, the boy was there- -playing and they were shocked, how is this even possible ? Some were like is this sorcery or what.
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Dec 14, 2021
A woman went for IUD (Intrauterine device) after having her second child, she didn’t talk with her husband about it. 7years past, she even forgot about the IUD. It was when she started suffering from serious abdominal pain and fever, weight loss, difficulty in walking and- -her husband was carrying her from one place to another, from one church to another, and finally they landed in a good hospital that the doctor there spotted what was wrong with her.
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Dec 13, 2021
I have a lot of reasons to be merry this year but I am most grateful for the life of my mother because I don’t know how life would have been for me if anything had happened to her. Early this year she wasn’t feeling fine, I had no idea, nobody told me about it, they felt it’s- - a normal stuff and she will get better with medications, but that night she slipped and fell on the ground.
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Dec 6, 2021
1. Don’t use bleaching creams on babies
2. Don’t use organic creams on babies
3. Don’t let strangers/relatives kiss your baby on the lips
4. Don’t use mentholatum on babies
5. Don’t put tight fitting shoes on babies
6. Don’t feed babies honey
7. Don’t lift babies by their hands Using bleaching creams on babies can increase their risks of skin cancer, cause liver and kidney damage.
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Dec 5, 2021
My girl had a very stressful week so I invited her over for a wkend treat.
I was shuttling from the kitchen to the bedroom. Those were the only two rooms I know😉. Served her breakfast in bed,she smiled,looked at me with a big smile on her angelic face &said, “husband material”☺️ Tobe, let me come and help in the kitchen. I be like, nope, remember I said I was gon treat you through the weekend.
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Dec 4, 2021
A THREAD of some of my most interesting tweets:
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Nov 26, 2021
1. If you are pregnant don’t get a new cat.
2. If you urinate frequently at night then there is a problem.
3. Diarrhea lasting for a day is a good thing.
4. Wet dream is not a spiritual attack.
5. Sleep paralysis is not a spiritual attack. Nobody is pressing your neck. Diarrhea lasting for a day is beneficial for you and your entire body. It helps your body remove toxins and toxic materials out of the body.
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Nov 26, 2021
Let me make Rhesus very simple
Rh factor:
Father Mother Baby Precaution
+ + + ✅
- - - ✅
- + +/- ✅
+ - +/- ‼️ 1. There are four main blood groups: A, B, AB, and O.
2. Each of the blood group can be either rhesus -ve or +ve eg A-, A+ B-, AB-, O- etc. This is determined by the presence or absence of the rhesus antigen on the surface of the red blood cell.
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