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I write about how tech is changing our morals/media. Words: @TheAtlantic, @WIRED Book w/@HachetteUS about how to fix our outrage machines coming soon.
Apr 25, 2022 14 tweets 4 min read
I have mixed feelings on @elonmusk's Twitter purchase
Pro: Elon is a very smart guy, who tends to find ways to fix broken systems, make them work better than before.
Con: Twitter isn't rocket science, it's social science, which is messier and more complex. A small thread: Con: Elon's philosophy around this to date are only that free speech is important, not at all about the inherent tensions between virality and accuracy. As @aza and @noupside have eloquently said: Freedom speech isn't freedom of reach.
Mar 31, 2021 18 tweets 6 min read
In this new piece for @WIRED, @noUpside and I put the history of misinformation in context, and share how we might fix it. Thread:… Social media didn't create misinformation. You don't need to look back very far in history to see that we emerged from a fog of fairly constant misinformation, where rumors and falsehoods were arguably *much* more common than facts. 2/
Nov 15, 2019 9 tweets 3 min read
In this piece for @TheAtlantic, @jonhaidt and I explore how social media has upended our institutions in the last 10 years. We seek to answer: Why does it feel like everything has gone haywire? And what can be done to fix it? 1/x… @TheAtlantic @JonHaidt The founders of the United States thought a lot about human psychology, and included mechanisms in the Constitution to let passions cool & encourage reflection and deliberation. Many of social media’s features today do exactly the opposite. 2/x
Jan 24, 2019 15 tweets 4 min read
How Twitter stole the mantle of being one of the most harmful tech companies in the world today. Thread: 1/ Twitter has been hungrily picking up the scraps of outrage-attention that Facebook left on the table when they changed the news feed algorithm last year.