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Partner @a16z - games, media, & education. Ex product @RiotGames | @Tencent. Loves dark souls & orange 🐈. Husband & father of two voracious zerglings
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1 May
Thread/ I often get asked to explain how Tencent has such a great track record in games. Their portfolio includes hits like Riot Games, Epic, Discord, Supercell, etc. Here are a few lessons I learned in 4 yrs @TencentGlobal investing & publishing some of the top games of our time
1/ Product is king👑– the first thing we looked for is product innovation⚗️, something that enables a game to break out and become #1-2 in a genre. This could be a new mechanic like @dots Squares, a new system like @PUBG Battle Royale mode, or new tech enabling the above
1a/ While obvious in hindsight, ‘innovation’⚗️is hard to identify in development unless you’re really familiar with the problems of the category. That’s why almost everyone in Tencent senior mgmt is a core gamer with thousands of hours under their belt. Eat your own dog food🐶
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8 Apr
👇Thread: New blog on @Twitch @Youtube @caffeine!
Myth: Livestreaming is about games
Truth: Livestreaming is about personality & community
We're seeing the rise of a new class of ‘lifestyle streamers’ for which games are only 1 way to engage fans
1/ This trend of non-gaming focused 'lifestyle' streams is playing out across the industry, with @Drake doing battle rap shows on @caffeine and @FlavCity hosting live cooking shows on @Youtube
2/ On Twitch, non-gaming content has actually been the fastest growing category over the last two years. Since 2018, the non-gaming channel Just Chatting has grown ~4x as fast as Twitch overall. See chart:
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14 Jan
New blog post! The promise of cloud-native games -> a new class of cloud games is emerging that will upend the entertainment experience as we know it and bring us closer to the Metaverse. How?…
1/ Myth: cloud gaming will succeed by "killing the console," thus expanding the TAM for games (no hardware needed to play)
Truth: cloud-native games (software) exclusive to the platform will be cloud gaming's true killer app
2/ Cloud-natives are games designed specifically for the cloud where client/server are hosted in the same architecture. These games will enable entirely new gameplay experiences and business models - changing not only how we play, but what. A few examples:
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16 Oct 19
Thread: Next-generation games will be bigger than anything we've seen yet. Forget 100M MAU, tomorrow's MMO will target 1B+ MAU (Facebook scale). Why?
Here are 6 key ways next-gen games will be different -> Image
1/ Games are the new mall. Fortnite looks more like Facebook than it does a traditional FPS: millions of players just hang out in squads & custom games. huge communities form around esports and in-game events like Marshmello's concert (~11M attendees) and #fortniteblackhole
2/ Games live for years. No longer Hollywood-style hits, live service games today can thrive for decades: @LeagueOfLegends just celebrated its 10-year anniversary yesterday with a franchise-high 8M concurrent daily players
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