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9 Jun
πŸ’ŽNew small cap gemπŸ’Ž

#WaultSwap (WEX)

Just another DEX on BSC? not really...

Circulating Supply: 1993M
Burned Supply: 213M
Max Supply: Uncapped (like most DEXes)
Price: 0.045$

Let's deep dive into it πŸ‘€
Let's look at the chart before we go deep into it:

Launch price: 0.001$
Peak: 0.38$
Current price 0.045$

Insane no-stop run from launch to peak, lot of people FOMOed in and that caused the dump when investors started to take profit.

Currently we are in a range .025$-0.06$

The project was launched on 27th April in the already established Wault ecosystem (all in one DeFi Platform).

Bonus: the team has always been concerned about security and they have several security audits.
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9 Jun
BTC Analysis 9/6/21

"BTC is dead" again? wait a minute πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Everybody was looking at this pattern.
Whales know that really well and they use it against you.
What happens when we lose a support? Downtrend right? LOL

Take a seat, I'll tell you the story of the Whale and the Rekt
Whales are using TA against you, they know you will short/close positions under support, they will actually make sure we lose that support (look at the 5 min candle when we lost support, volume of that candle specifically, u think that's an organic move? no, whale dumping).
This is the candle that i'm talking about, this is the event that will trigger fear, this is how whales make sure to generate liquidity for their entries.
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8 Jun
New small cap gem: #Lossless (LSS)

First DeFi hack mitigation tool:
freeze hacker's address, revert funds, share a part with LSS community

Circ/max supply: 11M/100M
Price: 0.5$

Huge need, good solution, no competition, good token utility, ridiculous valuation, partnerships
IDO price: 0.077$
Post launch peak: 1.45$
Current price: 0.5$

before BTC started to drop LSS was pushing from 0.4 to 0.77 overnight. this seems to be extremely undervalued + ready to pop. Keep an eye on it πŸ‘€πŸ“ˆ
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