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Sep 7, 2023 26 tweets 5 min read
I've been watching this type-checked / dynamic language battle for <ow>years\h\h\hdecades</ow> here are my useless thoughts: I can't make head or tail of it.

I'm a non-type-checked guy from the get go. Early C with Lint, worked great for me. Never liked when C got into the
type checking business. Then REXX, Prolog, Smalltalk, Ruby.

Did learn Pascal. I refused to touch C++ from the very beginning and learned why over time.

since forever, I have been hearing that type-checking will "do something good" for me.

Jan 4, 2023 4 tweets 4 min read
because you peeps are both fans, sharp readers and fair critics, I'll post here the pages I have so far for comment
This is 1st draft, so It shows what's in my head.

Comments on tech content or intention, etc welcome.

Probably can leave typos alone, so much will change.

tia ImageImageImageImage pp 11-18 ImageImageImageImage
Apr 3, 2022 18 tweets 4 min read
if you want some hard reading:
"Elements to a Theory of Software Development" (2016)… as an experiment, I'll put the key sentences from there in a thread, slowly over days, so you only have to read one sentence a day, most days :) heehee.

Starts w a mouthful tho:

Jun 16, 2021 26 tweets 8 min read
@Rubberduck203 @agileschools @JonAlb @DPradko @paul_boos @ClayDowling @Attila226 I'll write a long thread w my knowledge of the background and the history, will I hope clarify a lot ... hoping it will reduce the general hostility around the topic - I expect you will see some surprises in there :)

can't now, but later @Rubberduck203 @agileschools @JonAlb @DPradko @paul_boos @ClayDowling @Attila226 so here goes (taking a minute to warm up his fingers...) (and take off all the respondent names...
Aug 15, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
This is the sort of historical revisionism and weak reporting that seriously pisses me off. Sutherland did not invent Scrum in the 80s, Scrum is not the founder of agile, there were 17 people involved, etc etc. That HBR is passing this along is seriously bad history/reporting ps wrote this in the article comments: This is the sort of historical revisionism and weak research that seriously pisses me off, me being one of the authors of the agile manifesto. Sutherland did not invent or use Scrum in the 80s, it was in the 90s, Scrum is not the founder...
Apr 26, 2020 6 tweets 20 min read
@tpierrain @JuanMGarridoPaz @DDDesignFR @duchessfr @DorraBartaguiz @Audrey_Neveu @estelandry @JeromeAvoustin @lucas_courot @JulienTopcu @Lilobase @BodySplash @pauline_io @jgrodziski @brunoboucard I had a LONG conversation w Thomas about this
Two things showed up.
1) he is writing a data-driven meta-model application. The inputs are data defining the data that will be received. So he needs a module that catches model inconsistencies... he calls this an adapter (i don't)
@tpierrain @JuanMGarridoPaz @DDDesignFR @duchessfr @DorraBartaguiz @Audrey_Neveu @estelandry @JeromeAvoustin @lucas_courot @JulienTopcu @Lilobase @BodySplash @pauline_io @jgrodziski @brunoboucard I consider it part of the domain (maybe), for sure not part of "the technology of the world that will be swapped out".

however, we are not done with the discussion, nor do I have a modified, better arch to show him .. :))

2) more significantly...
Sep 3, 2019 8 tweets 5 min read
Happy to tell the story, @Heart_of_Agile supports Mónica Delsouc reaching the summit of Elbrus, highest mountain in Europe:
(thread w pics) Monica (from Mendoza, think Malbecs you love) had already climbed Aconcagua, the highest peak in North and S America. I decided to support her, she, already a supporter of the #HeartOfAgile, offered to carry the Heart of Agile banner to the top.
This pic St Pete Beach, FL
Sep 7, 2018 54 tweets 14 min read
1/ You all helped so much sort through the design options for the @Heart_of_Agile logo. Some have asked for the design story. It is long, but I am happy to tell it.

You might need a beer or threee while you read it. :) 2/ In Feb 2015, Craig Brown told me to get off my ass. “Your needs a logo, a phrase, and a certification program.” Craig is remarkably correct on many things.