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12 Jul
Hm. This “overwhelmingly” isn’t what I am seeing from families in my own corner of the education universe.
Here’s what I am (yes, largely anecdotally, and not exhaustively) seeing:
None of the below is a monolith, of course.
First: there are lots of teachers who are also parents.
There are lots of educators who are parents.
That’s why these Battle of the Titans framings always strike me as odd.
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4 Jul
My #MAEdu list of things DESE could be doing rather than drawing up and arguing floor plans for *our* buildings that we know better than they do:
I'll be adding to this.

(All of these submitted under my firm belief that there *is* actually a role for the state here, and...
... further that there *are* people who work in Malden who want to do right by kids and educators, and who have real skills on which we should draw. I know those views aren't shared by all, but they are mine.)

Not in any particular order:
1. Go back to Vice Chair Morton's question from May and say YES, we need a firm push from the Board (we have one for a reason) on actual full funding of school districts NOW. Having us all play these planning games in the dark is ridiculous and impractical.
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4 Jul
I'll put together a post on this, but let's be entirely fair and just share the material:
Each week, the #MAedu Commissioner sends out an On the Desktop message to all superintendents in the state along with all DESE staff. It then is posted on the website the following week.
Note that by virtue of both the Commissioner's position and the positions of those to whom he sends it, this communication is a public document.
This week, the Commissioner included the following presentation regarding classroom arrangements under the state guidance. I have posted it here:…
Again, it is not yet on DESE's website, so you're going to have to take my word that this is what it is.
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3 Jul
Quick thread on schools and finances under COVID conditions for a minute before we get too far away from Worcester's vote last night
#WorcSchools #MAEdu
Because these are schools, I am quite certain we'll have an inevitable backlash that "we've gotten money" for managing coronavirus.
(insert here observation of how much backlash corporate funding gets)
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20 Jun
Ok, #Worcester folks, gather round, because it's time for another round of one of @niccommawoo's and my favorite subjects: knowing the #worcpoli official rules.
@niccommawoo We'll reference here the Worcester City Council Rules (voted each term) found online off the City Clerk page here:…
@niccommawoo Councilor King helped us out here by citing the rule he's using; it's Rule 30, which is reconsideration.
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12 Jun
chapter 6 is "A New Center"
it opens with George McGovern speaking to the Association of Technical Professionals at Bentley in April 1972, just before the Democratic primary
(he won in Massachusetts in the primary, which won't surprise those who know where this election ended up)
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29 Mar
How is it that I haven’t read this til now? #mapoli must read! Green book cover with white...
(Okay, I always intended to tweet about this!) #amreading
What’s it about? Route 128
“...demonstrates the reorientation of modern liberalism and the Democratic Party away from their roots in the labor union halls of northern cities, and towards white-collar suburbanites in the postindustrial metropolitan periphery.”
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8 Nov 19
Since the conference committee will not, it appears, release an agreed-upon version of the #StudentOpportunityAct this week, here’s an #FBRC thread from yesterday’s #70on70 presentation, #MAEdu
(This isn’t all the slides, just the SOA ones):
I do think that it is crucial to note that the main source of disagreement LAST session—which was both most of the money and most of the equity—was simply agreed to this session (and if you are not writing about that, you in my opinion are missing the story):
I can’t emphasize enough that all the goal numbers are PRE-INFLATIONARY, so these are not going to be the actual FY27 dollar amounts.
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23 Oct 19
H. 4137 House deliberation thread starts here:

The bill is here:

#FBRC #MAEdu #mapoli
warning you in advice that I cannot identify most members of the House. Sorry.
I do, however, spot @RepJimODay on the floor in his usual sartorial splendor.
My phone is plugged in behind me, so if you need me, please use something that will come to my laptop.
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23 Oct 19
A couple thoughts from the train on last night’s #Worcester School Committee forum.
First, you read Nicole, right?
Also, @ScottOConnellTG’s article has the video imbedded so go use one of your T&G articles on that.…
My major hope (not just as a candidate, but as a resident of Worcester) is that voters actually listen to what people say, not go by theories of who people are or connections they have.
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10 Oct 19
Good to see @RepMcGovern @MayorPetty @Sen_Chandler @SenMikeMoore @RepJimODay @RepDanDonahue and many others at the #Worcester Education Equity Legislative breakfast
And Rep @DavidLeBoeuf and @dante4schools and Jack Foley and Councilor King.
I’m going to ask for this full presentation (@WorcesterState sociology department), as the breakdown on access to advanced coursework was in here. This is graduation.
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3 Oct 19
I'll thread livetweeting the #StudentOpportunityAct off of this post, so the two stay together. I'm only promising the use of #FBRC, though.

We have a few more Senators coming in, including Sen. @SoniaChangDiaz.
Believe it or not, there's also still seats in the gallery.
the Senate has been called to order and they're passing resolutions honoring people
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3 Oct 19
As one who sympathizes with the "tell us all of it right now" types, let's talk through why the Governor thought this #MAEdu spreadsheet drop was going to be a bombshell and why we shouldn't let it be.
First, as has repeatedly said by many, including both @RepAlicePeisch and @SenJasonLewis (and me), local REQUIRED contributions are, yes, going to go up.
But check your budgets: the number of districts in the state that aren't ALREADY well in excess of foundation can be counted on about one hand.
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19 Sep 19
S. 2348

It earns the sticker.
First things first:

Health insurance: average rate of growth of employer share in GIC over prior 3 fiscal years
(that's a check on #FBRC)
in-district sped to 4% of most districts/5% voke

out-of-district sped goes to $35,547 by the end of the term, so 78% of approved costs on $45,793 in FY20 (and it's tied to inflation)

(that's a check on #FBRC)
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18 Sep 19
First up, this is the Governor with his same bill. Same thing as January:…
TBH, I feel as though no one ever has tackled the dual nature of his bill (aka: there’s some reasonable language changes in there that clearly are DESE Finance not wanting us to have to pass the language in the budget every year) BUT the Governor doesn’t, either, so—
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8 Sep 19
Okay, a few #MaEdu school finance notes before MA twitter becomes awash in 🏈 and ⚾️ for the evening...
(This tweet was immediately followed in my feed by the Patriots warm up. The Sox also play tonight. I thought there was some sort of cosmic agreement that we didn’t do that.)
First, if you were following the Joint Committee on #MaEdu earlier this week, you may have caught this:
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21 Jul 19
With soundtrack (beach pickup) #mabudget
Page 278...
Senate numbers, almost entirely, including the higher low income rates (decile 10 tops out at $4589).
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17 Jul 19
Okay, my best guess on what the Education Committee’s discussion is on the #FBRC bills.
Caveat: I genuinely have no real information from the committee. This is an educated guess.
And this is nothing official, of course. Just me.
This is also going to get wonky, so please do ask if any of this doesn’t make sense, #MAEdu.
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22 Jun 19
Right, so:
Last night, the Worcester School Committee passed the FY20 budget: $421M including grants.
Here’s what maybe you don’t know:
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15 Jun 19
Blog post to come, but a couple of things you may want to look at on the Worcester School Committee agenda…
Executive session minutes of the superintendent’s contract negotiations are on here; a few interesting things here:…
These are the ones from the marathon session, which are pretty vague:…
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8 May 19
7035-0002 for adult education is $38,295,000, which is a $195K increase over the House, but it's an earmark
the $73,856,506 for regional transportation reimbursement (7035-0006) is the same as the House
7035-0007 is vocational transportation; the House didn't fund; the Senate has $250K, same as the Gov.
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