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16 Oct
My last 30-days of trading has been absolutely awesome.

I started trading more seriously and working harder in May, but hit a rough patch from mid-August until mid-September.

I had to take a step back, recalibrate, and reevaluate my strategy. Here are some things I learned.
First, my trading is heavily options focused. It’s been that way since May. But I noticed that I’m great at identifying solid setups but not great at honing in on when exactly they’ll breakout.

Until a month ago I was still trying to trade weekly (or the next) expirations.
Most of my trades were also slightly out of the money contracts.

My wins were strong enough to balance out my mediocre hit rate. That wasn’t really the problem.

It was when the market went against me. My losses would mount quickly and I couldn’t afford to wait out turbulence.
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