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Mostly data protection and security. Trying to embed respect for human rights. Simplifying GRC at scale. Very interested in 'AI'. Here via IT & InfoSec.
30 Oct
@tiffanycli @AnnemarieBridy I think you just nutshelled the neverending fight between trusting to ‘ethics’ or regulating.

Stuff produced in the most narrowly focused crucible known to mankind (let alone humankind) “Can we?” designed to trump “Should we?” 1/2
@tiffanycli @AnnemarieBridy These are businesses mainly born in white heat of investor ambition. Odds of success making Hunger Games look like a middle school race where everyone gets a participation prize.

Then we dish out praise for post hoc mea culpas while they dry their eyes with spare $100s
@tiffanycli @AnnemarieBridy Where is motivation to moderate for potentially harmful use once a thing launch? Where is persistent accountability? Why is an official using big data to get re-elected going slam on those brakes.

This is no longer about microwaving pets, or road safety
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16 Oct
I need to read this. Context is queen. What skill and data is needed to re-ID folk? Is it looking for people they know? Do they have source data? Do they have rich profiles to correlate? How likely is it that VR data is exposed to a person with that knowledge, data, and skill?
I’m with the folk defining ‘anonymous’ very narrowly. If you can single folk out to a small area, or small group, and have any historic or future sight of place / date / time, there’s no way it stays anonymous, but that doesn’t mean that there’s intolerable risk of harm.
If it’s:

I want call it anonymous so I can duck regulatory requirements ignore data subjects, do what I like with data, and share willy nilly

It’s different to:

We worked hard to minimise data and risk of re-ID, stop unauthorised re-use, and we continue to protect data
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13 Oct
#MapCamp is crazy. I keep spotting people I know, follow, or want to meet. To present was fabulous and daunting, but most of all a great way to see all the different ways folk use #WardleyMaps.

Not had lots of time for other sessions, very pleased it's recorded!
As a long-time GRC person, this really does feel like home. Risk management is mapping uncertainty. Where we cannot quantify exposure we work to transparently clarify our current location, things influencing that position and trajectory, and how we can move to a better place.
Needless to say that just makes me want to get the crayons out again :-)
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1 Aug
I fought “because I say so” tooth and nail.

With mine I break things down into 3 pots. As soon as they were old enough I made sure they knew which kind of convo it was.

Ofc it all hangs off having good info and best interests of kid at heart. Plus your idea of good not diverging horribly from theirs.

1. Crisis: orders to act, or not act to avoid immediate risk of death and/or risk of physical and other injury. 2/4
2. Rule: keepIng them safe and healthy, with a ‘why’. Take or leave, but I stick by it until evidence changes and strongly incentivise and selectively sanction.

3. Guidance: Give me a good reason to shut up, or a better alternative and I will often modify or back off 3/4
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18 Jul
Just like every conspiracy theory and prejudice based pitch: stating what could have been, then blaming X for getting in the way.

It is impossible to prove the non-existence of a delicious fiction, that’s why they win.
Now apply this to all the favoured Vote Leave memes.

We’ve only lost out on blitz spirited, sunlit, free-trade, wealth boosting, benefit from immigrant ejecting, £350m for NHS gifting, global power regaining, parliamentary power restoring Brexit cos of media and remainder scum
As opposed the the fact all that was made up and sold to people who desperately needed hope, desperately wanted change, or desperately needed a socially acceptable hook on which to hang their prejudice.
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17 Jun
One to watch VERY closely. Can they confirm the immigrant threat? Does it justify proposed activity? Where will data come from?
So our COVID app will now get built on decentralised Apple / Google foundations. But as this thread rightly says, don’t lose sight of how useful any app is for this purpose and the tech precedent now in place

This government makes more U-turns than my granny with a broken sat nav

Help @openDemocracy @Foxglovelegal @medConfidential and others to hold them to account.
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16 Jan
This is incredible. My first instinct was to share. My second: what data did they have to give away to get this?

Sad right? Absolutely, so instead of bleating about stuff you can’t change I’ve scribbled a bit about what you can 1/14
First a plea to worth spare a thought for #DataProtection #InfoSec #Privacy and all other related crews, who work to keep these folk accountable for protecting the data you share to access the necessary, fascinating, or fun stuff you do online. /2
Worrying about this stuff is exhausting and we all compromise privacy for access because the machine is designed to win that way. It is a war of attrition. But you can do small things and change a few habits to keep you and yours safer while we tackle the gnarlier stuff /3
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28 Nov 19
Looking for a DNA Test bargain?

In advance of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday I wanted to crowdsource #Privacy #Cybersecurity and other risks to consider before buying and doing a consumer DNA test kit.

Using tag #DNAdont a couple to kick us off:
If results show nasty surprises it can be hard to handle.

If data is compromised every close relation can be impacted.

The firm might respect and protect data, but who are their partners, will they one day work with govt or insurers, and what if they get bought out? #DNAdont
Would love Medical Twitter to offer views on consumer DNA test cost vs benefit with big player move to health focus from basic curiosity about genetic relations and roots?

Is quality / potential gain outweighing alternatives and risks? #DNAdont #DNATestKits
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