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Sep 2 55 tweets 17 min read
The RAAC thing has completely broken my head. The timing has to be a decision, unless it was forced by a leak. This government that did everything not to shut schools doing this? What is going on? I suspect more will come out Perhaps close enough to the election to guarantee the cost is a problem for the next administration. @bylinetimes reporting in June, to go with what you know about Gove cancelling the school building programme in 2010. It's a 'Why now?' not 'Why? question…
Gareth Davies, head of the NAO said: "At present, 700,000 pupils are learning in schools requiring major rebuilding or refurbishment. DfE has, since 2021, assessed the risk of school building failure or collapse as critical and very likely, but it has not been able to reduce this risk. More widely, it has an ambitious strategy for decarbonising the education estate but no plan for how it will achieve this or how much it is likely to cost." Conservative MP Philip Dunne, chair of the Commons' Environmental Audit Committee, said the NAO's report is "raising alarm bells on the co...
Aug 13 14 tweets 4 min read
Why is our human rights act and ECHR inconvenient for government? Not just about people on small boats. What could a government do to you and your family if there is no backstop to appeal elsewhere and laws can be changed and passed with little consideration of human rights? That is the frustration driving this move. The NHS data reuse and AI ambitions are central here, as are the plans for deregulation. If done carelessly and workers rights and consumer rights are run roughshod over, the equation is 'Will we get caught and can we be sanctioned?'
Aug 11 24 tweets 7 min read
We are being turned into a foreign owned industrial estate, with a wealth management outfit in London tacked onto it What gives me that impression?
Aug 10 20 tweets 5 min read
Matt heaping on the easy to agree with nostalgia, with a nascent movement entirely dependent on social media and targeting people to foster grievance at some poorly defined blob of 'new elite' people Free Speech Union, as the main partner organisation, is run by an Oxford graduate who has spent most of his life as contrarian loud hailer. All about the terrors of wokeness, diversity, and lack of race science in public policy. What exactly is fought for against and for here?
Aug 10 26 tweets 7 min read
A nominally new sovereignty fight to congeal around for the election. Won't happen, for good reasons, but that simply adds grist to the mill for arguing 'EU' interference (it's Council of Europe, not part of the EU body we left) If this government can pull off getting people to vote against their own Human Rights, then we would see rights in domestic law erode for all in the next parliament. What would weaker human rights do? Sure you can treat migrants how the heck you like, but same for everyone
Aug 9 34 tweets 9 min read
This is like letting NHS backlogs grow and staff leave so we hate that enough to tolerate NHS private rescue packages. These people are that utilitarian about lives. Suck it and see, fatally Do you really see different?
Jul 30 25 tweets 8 min read
I read it so you don't have to: TL;DR bank and other regulations should go. Know Your Customer is a waste of time. All will be well when we diverge from international standards and lay out the welcome mat to anyone with money - do tell me if you see different Liz Truss & @trussliz Read my @Telegraph piece on @CouttsandCo and @Nigel_Farage. Companies should focus on making money. Regulators should drive competition. And politics should be left to politicians. Coutts The Telegraph Complacent, unelected bureaucrats are the ultimate enemies of economic growth Are we still taking advice from Truss? Quoted is immediately post fiscal event
Jul 27 89 tweets 25 min read
Something else beyond GB News, Andrew Neil, Farage fury worth investigating? More smoke here, IMHO, than the things precipitating the fall in NatWest's valuation A bit sick and tired of these things being dismissed, when we have a lot of profiteering from crises part engineered by those with shorted positions. Odey with hard exit, then again with Truss / Kwarteng budget
Jul 1 13 tweets 4 min read
@katyballs the Spectator writer makes farcical call to conflate the ECHR only with immigration for @officialinews_ - you need to ask yourselves about how the ECHR protects your rights as journalists If Balls ever stops for a moment and sees some kind of future where it makes sense to support a cause that the government doesn't. For example right to protest, or curbing surveillance overreach, it would be too late
Jun 15 8 tweets 2 min read
Why share this now you wonder? We await still await any news about the outcome of this ask for evidence linked to another potential court case
Jun 15 20 tweets 5 min read
One thing I will not miss when it is gone is Rees-Mogg's patrician drawl. His vision for the country is quite the opposite of freedom promised for almost everyone A thread with perhaps useful context
Jun 15 6 tweets 2 min read
One has to wonder what kind of constant fear some will live in knowing the secrets that Johnson had access to via WhatsApps, official briefings, and various international contacts What bets they may be taking on who has been demonstrably loyal enough not to fall foul of his wit in upcoming writing. People who helped him make the bed we lie in and then, perhaps belatedly or only in private, realised the post hoc implication of his malleable loyalties
Jun 15 25 tweets 8 min read
Houchen has been one of the very staunchest Johnson supporters He believed everyone wants to move on from talking about how Johnson broke rules most followed
Jun 15 20 tweets 5 min read
Do we need to school children to accept the status quo and historical definition of morals? Do we force agreement with the prevailing ethos that they are rejecting? An ethos that has shaped them, their parents and their peers for 13yrs and the lion's share of the 50yrs preceding I abhor the culture wars and the moral panics about curricula and schools while so many are struggling. Millennials (oldest now 40+ with most of their adult life under this government) and the internet native gen Z are not stupid. Trust your young people
Jun 15 5 tweets 2 min read
This is the kind of conduct that leads me to doubt government focus on representing the people The opposite of the aspired to accountability, integrity, personal responsibility, and transparency
Jun 15 9 tweets 3 min read
This while working to weaken the rights and oversight bodies upon which AI safety would hinge is quite extraordinary. Deregulatory fervour had been the theme of the last 7 years We are hunting unicorns while a lot of the infrastructure to support growth is in need of investment. Higher education harder to access while we need a workforce and environment that can power change
Jun 14 19 tweets 5 min read
The latest entirely rational running battle between Yorkshire Post editor and MP Simon Clarke over Teesside Freeport. Simply screams 'nothing to see here' More here. There has been a total refusal from all to answer press questions while the investigation convenes and conducts work
Jun 14 6 tweets 2 min read
No, Dorries using data protection to fact check herself is not lost on specialists watching progress of work she started to weaken all of our data protection rights Quite a few of our ministers are finding out how handy a right to privacy might be. Along with some other useful human rights
Jun 14 13 tweets 3 min read
We are being governed by high schoolers #GeneralElectionNow No, that is an insult to most high schoolers. Most look out for each other and don't constantly blow things up because they need to cover for horrendously selfish misconduct. That they think they are well placed to reinvent education to get kids to agree with them blows my mind
Jun 14 4 tweets 1 min read
Duh, de, de, dah... duh, de, daah I guess there are no fans of the crack commando unit, or folk for some reason didn't get why I was gibbering at a tweet about a font 😏
Jun 13 23 tweets 7 min read
Did Hunt just pitch Reaganomics? This is pitching for eroded state services to do more with less. I am appalled by the thread. His prior tenure is going to be the focus of the first part of the #CovidInquiry, staff attrition speaks for itself, along with latest labour supply figures