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9 Apr
1. This is "FloraWilliamsDr".

From Bristol.
2. Flora Williams Dr is not a fan of @BorisJohnson, she posts lots of negative comments about him and the UK government in general.

Using unusual sentence structure, for a Bristolian.

"He's a wrong politician for leading the UK!!"
3. Bristol based Flora Williams Dr is a strong advocate of Scottish independence.

- Borat Voice -

"Choose the best politician for leading your country!"
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8 Apr
1. This is Abbey Caoimhe.

Which is unique, because Caoimhe is normally a first name.
2. Caoimhe posts to Twitter regularly with a lot of comments about race, and other stuff.
3. Like "The War", national service, flags, etc.
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27 Mar
1. This is Samantha.

She’s a social critic and British affairs analyst, based in the United Kingdom.

2. Samantha is usually pro Scottish independence.

She posts edited videos of Nicola Sturgeon gunning down Boris Johnson as a way of showing her beliefs.

Although she calls Nicola Sturgeon a "He".
3. Except her English is a little ropey.

And her pro SNP messaging doesn't look like its been approved by anyone in Scotland.

"Vote for the independence of the duty of the people of scotland"
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27 Mar
1. The @FBI have released their 2020 Internet crime report and there are some interesting nuggets, for geeks.
2. The amount of money reported lost due to cyber crime rose to $4.3bn in 2020.

From "only" $1.5bn in 2016.
3. Phishing* is the biggest growth sector for cyber criminals.

*Fake emails or SMS purporting to be from banks, online stores, government sites, that trick victims into entering their details using criminal clones/copies of those sites.
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26 Mar
1. This fake, provocative, tweet went a bit viral.

2800 likes means that it was probably viewed somewhere between 750,000 and 1,500,000 times on Twitter.
2. It's obviously an infantile and crude fake.

Nor did Floyd did “rob a pregnant woman”, but debunking that won't stop provocateurs repeating that claim.
3. The George Floyd memorial in Manchester obviously wasn’t “vandalised again", either.

Unless we're now counting iPhone scribbling, or Snapchat crayon, as "vandalism in Manchester".
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19 Mar
1. This is Doctor Diana Jones.

An oncology fellow at the Richard Verney Health Centre, Edinburgh.
2. Also known as DOKTOR FIKLARARI
3. And also Dentist in Lower Saxony

Dentist Les Houches


Dentist in Onsbach Baden Wurttemberg.
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9 Mar
1. This is SocialM85897394.

He's built a brilliant Britain.

Let’s Keep it Brilliant for Our Kids Too.
2. Mr SocialM85897394 says he lives in London.

But he is very, very, interested in the SNP (Scottish National Party) and tweets about them a lot.
3. He’s also focused on Sadiq Khan and Donald Trump election conspiracy theories.
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1 Mar
1. This is someone called “Miles Anderson”.

He’s a “Socialist". "Pro-eu, Blacklivesmatter, he/him”
2. Except, not really,

He’s also Sergei Ivanov.
3. Or Greg Miller, who works at Google.
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1 Mar
1. This doctored viral photo, featured in a recent @TrollZoo thread, has been seen by 10,000,000s of times, on Twitter and elsewhere.

This one Twitter personality has had over 70,000+ likes for his viral post.
2. But many 10,000s of 2nd and 3rd tier trolls have reposted and shared this extremely popular viral fake.

It's impossible to know how many have seen it, but based on the engagement, more than 10,000,000 views is a conservative estimate.

Doctored image:

3. Debunking doesn't help. It's been debunked.

The main people "benefitting" from the viral post and exposure, have no consequences, don't remove their post, or clarify anything.
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28 Feb
1. This is the official Twitter page, for Doctor Adam Aneevit.

He’s a doctor, from three places.

Melbourne, Iowa and also from Dublin.
2. Doctor Aneevit says that Covid-19 is fake.
3. Dr Aneevit says that vaccines against disease will probably kill you, because two people died during a trial, in America.

(NB 6 people died in the trial, 4 of the 6, received the placebo. More people died in the placebo group than the vaccine group.)
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18 Feb
1. Meet Clara Welch, or ClaraWSparkles.

She’s a young entrepreneur from the Cotswolds and London.

Who loves both politics and theatre.

2. Clara has some firm political views.

She says she knows a lot of Muslim people, for example.
3. She also claims that her husband bumped into @David_Lammy.
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11 Feb
1. This is "Hollie The Card".

She's a Doctor, Physician, PhD, MA, Clinical Psychologist, Hospital Consultant, PTSD consultant, Long Covid Consultant.

(Thread) Image
2. Although sometimes she’s also an AUTHOR and English Academic. Image
3. A Hospital Consultant and ex Gymnast.

(Pinterest public profile) Image
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5 Feb
1. This is Bella Ding Ding.

Bella joined Twitter last month and has tweeted a few times.
2. Her fourth Tweet referred to her Mother dying of Covid.

More than 5,000 likes means it was seen at least 2,000,000 times, at the least.

(90% or more people who see a Tweet don't like or comment).
3. Her next, and only 5th, Tweet lays the groundwork for raising donations via Gofundme.

From some of the supporters who saw her viral Tweet about her mother.
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4 Feb
1. Compare the chief troll's, pre-capitol, warm up rally:
2. And the opening scene from George Orwell's 1984 movie adaptation.

3. And footage from when 20,000 American Nazis came together for a 1939 rally in Madison square garden, NYC.

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1 Feb
1. Youtube is being flooded with "cute" and "lively" videos about Uyghur life in Xinjiang, posted by very real and genuine people.


"How cute these Uyghur kids are! The video # Pompeo​ most interested in." Image
2. "What a lively Uyghur girl!
The video Pompeo​ most interested in."

The "lively Uyghur girl" in one video, tells viewers about the "paradise of the chinese people".

She says that if you don't agree it will "make you a known clown". Image
3. Another woman says she is unhappy with "XinjangRumours" about genocide and Chinese concentration camps.

She shows a video of her apartment as well as her grandma to prove it. Image
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30 Jan
1. Hundreds of comments appear below Boris Johnson's twitter account repeatedly spamming:

"Boris we love you and stand by you, your doing a great job, keep working hard and doing as your doing! My prime minister❤"
2. They're fake, in a way, they're not "Bots" though. Image
3. It's coordinated by a group of nationalistic / nihilistic football fans, a group of Man Utd (?) supporting trolls called "LUHF".

Presumably the accented letters used to avoid automatic word filters, that they imagine might look for homophobic content, which is pretty lame. Image
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28 Jan
1. This is "Sir" Chris Cottle.

International property investor.

His official twitter account.
2. Except not really.

That's a picture of a (apparently former) Australian helicopter pilot, called Nathan McClymont.
3. McClymont used to have an instagram profile (Nate_RM), showing his cool chopper rides, but he's deleted it now.

(Internet archive snapshot)
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20 Jan
1. This is "Phil Kane" or "PhilKane15". He's been on Twitter for almost a year.
2. "Phil" is a creature of habit, he visits Twitter every day, always from his computer - never his phone.

Which isn't too common these days.
3. Phil likes to reply to the same few people, over and over again.

What would be a reasonable number of times that a sane, genuine, person would tweet an insult, to someone they don't know, on Twitter?
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17 Jan
1. What do Russian government trolls tweet about?

Ten_GOP was fake Russian government troll account, that pretended to represent "Tennessee GOP", they had over 100,000 followers!

(Mentioned in the Mueller report) Image
2. The account was suspended, but the tweets have been released.

And now, anyone can search the archive of Russian troll tweets, here:
3. Hmm.

Wonder what the Russian government trolls wanted to say about...

Nigel Farage?

Half-praise, half-sinister threat? Image
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14 Jan
1. Trump is off Twitter, but his followers are active on other platforms, like Telegram.

Moderation there is non existent, scams, Nazis, porn, fraud, anything seems to go.

Some Trump channels (groups) on Telegram have 100,000s of comments.

Like this: Image
2. Or this kind of creepy Donald Junior fan group. Image
3. Anyhoo, they're not shy about announcing their ideas about violence. Image
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10 Jan
1. This beautiful and thought provoking piece of 21st century art was shared widely in anti-EU Facebook groups, Twitter replies to journalists and elsewhere online, in 2016.

Is it an untrackable, untraceable, Cambridge Analytica-style, fake?
2. The design is obviously substandard, to be charitable .

But look a bit closer, it appears intentionally bad.
3. A lightning strike blended through a Union Jack is not the work of a beginner, in Photoshop.
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