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1 Jul 20
Madeleine Albright, secret Nazi?
"Ask for it by its official name, the 'Liberty Eagle,' and most local jewelers need a description. Ask for it as the 'Hillary pin' and they quote prices and availability. The golden bird, perched defiantly atop a pearlescent sphere..."…
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23 Jun 20
President @RealDonaldTrump is visiting Arizona today to see the Border Wall.

He’s also taking executive action to protect American jobs from foreign workers to speed up the recovery.
President Trump will always stand for 🇺🇸 First!…
In response to the coronavirus crisis, President Trump has:

✅ Tripled the size of the immigration pause
✅ Taken steps to stop granting work permits to migrants
✅ Raised salary requirements for guest-workers so Americans can compete!
Ken Cuccinelli of DHS @HomelandKen: “The point here is to put American workers first when businesses are rehiring.”

Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA: “No matter where you are on the skill level, you’re going to have a better opportunity to find your next job.”
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9 Jun 20
Why is @MeghanMcCain falsely claiming President Trump “hasn’t given a long-form interview, he hasn’t given an address to the nation” about #GeorgeFloyd, the need for justice, and the violent riots?

That’s flat out false. Here are the facts:
Right after the horrific video of George Floyd’s death went viral, President Trump said on May 27 it was a “very sad event” and he was going to get a full report. He also announced the FBI and DOJ were investigating it at his request.
On May 30, President Trump addressed the nation at length, saying, “The death of George Floyd... was a grave tragedy. It should never have happened. It has filled Americans all over the country with horror, anger, and grief.”…

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5 Jun 20
On the anniversary of the #TiananmenSquareMassacre, Joe Biden's record on China is more appalling than ever.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to return to the days of China getting a free pass.

Biden has spent his entire career ignoring China’s human rights abuses and fighting to enrich Communist China at the expense of American workers.

Biden even once went out of his way to promote China’s interests in outer space.

Joe’s son Hunter Biden personally profited from his father’s friendly relationship with the Chinese, landing a lucrative deal with the Bank of China just days after visiting the country with his father via Air Force Two.…
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4 Jun 20
At the end of Biden’s 44 years in Washington, 69% of Americans – an all time high – said race relations were mostly bad.

Biden has a long history of trafficking in fear and division for political gain.

In 2018, Biden claimed Republicans were responsible for “Jim Crow sneaking back in.”
In 2012, Biden told a Black audience in southern Virginia that Republicans like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would “put y’all back in chains.”
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3 Jun 20
🚨 THREAD: Joe Biden says nothing as police officers attacked by rioters.

While Biden may be staying silent on the sacrifices made by these brave officers, we won’t.

These are the officers who were brutally attacked for protecting innocent Americans:…
David Dorn, a 77 year-old Black police captain, was murdered by looters in St. Louis.
Officer Dave Patrick Underwood was shot and killed while watching over a protest in Oakland.…
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30 May 20
Joe Biden now supports everything crazy leftists demand, but 30 years ago he wanted more police officers and more prison cells so he could put “thugs … away for a long time.”

Now he can’t even condemn violent left-wing rioters burning and looting!
"Thug" seems to be one of Joe Biden's favorite words...
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30 May 20
🚀THREAD: President Trump is putting the USA first in Space! 🇺🇸…
Today – for the first time in nearly a decade – American astronauts are launching into space aboard an American rocket from American soil.

The Obama-Biden Administration neglected NASA for years and cut its budget, forcing America’s space program to rely on Russia.
Thanks to President Trump, space exploration is once again a top priority.

In a "clear departure" from the Obama-Biden Administration, the Trump Administration directed NASA to orchestrate a human return to the moon and then to Mars.
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30 May 20
🚨THREAD: President Trump is protecting America from China’s efforts to steal technology and intellectual property.

“Protecting the innovations, creations, and inventions that power our country are vital to our economic prosperity and national security.” – President Trump 🇺🇸
🇺🇸 President Donald J. Trump is dismantling China’s ability to use graduate students to steal intellectual property and technology from the United States.
🇺🇸 President Trump has issued a proclamation to block certain graduate level and above Chinese nationals associated with entities in China that implement or support China’s Military-Civil Fusion (MCF) strategy, from using F or J visas to enter the United States.
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28 May 20
🚨THREAD: President Trump’s whole of government approach to combatting the coronavirus is prioritizing underserved communities.…
✳️President Trump directed the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council to refocus on assisting underserved communities impacted by the virus.
✳️The Trump Administration is taking steps to protect high risk Hispanic and African American communities by investing approximately $2 billion in community health centers, helping their 28 million patients receive the care and testing they need.
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26 May 20
🚨THREAD: Joe Biden & his Democrat allies are putting politics over the well being of the American people.

They're rooting against the economy because it means they lose.…

Politico reported today that some Democrats are now actually worried that the economy could quickly recover.

Instead of celebrating Americans getting back to work, Democrats are more concerned about hurting the President.…
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace suggests 'silver lining' of coronavirus outbreak is it'll hurt Trump.…
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24 May 20
BREAKING: We got our hands on the leaked questionnaire the Biden Campaign is using to vet women to be his VP.

Some of these questions are tough.
Question 1: Have I smelled your hair?
Question 2: Have I given you or one of your relatives an unsolicited hug, sniff, or kiss?

(This would already disqualify a lot of people.)
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22 May 20
This is disgusting.

Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't Black."
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21 May 20
THREAD: Biden’s Bright Idea During Coronavirus: Let’s Hurt the Hospitals

While President Trump has moved quickly to secure emergency funding, Joe Biden has been pushing a plan that would slash revenues for health care providers & push them to the brink.…
Financial issues plaguing hospitals were compounded by coronavirus.

Elective procedures are the financial foundation for many hospitals & when they were forced to stop, hospitals “immediately started hemorrhaging revenue”

Hospitals have been forced to lay off staff & cut hours.
President Trump acted quickly, working with Congress to secure nearly $200 billion in emergency funding for hospitals.

The Trump Admin was able to quickly distribute an initial $30 billion to provide immediate relief.
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21 May 20
After China falsely accused the U.S. military of starting the coronavirus, President Trump pushed back by calling it the "Chinese virus."

Now Democrat Sen Kamala Harris introduced a resolution condemning “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” as racist – China must be so proud of her!
In January, Joe Biden's top coronavirus advisor Ron Klain called it the "Wuhan virus" & the "Wuhan coronavirus."…

In February, Dr. Irwin Redlener – a member of Biden's public health advisory committee – called it the "Wuhan virus."…
Then, after President Trump used the phrase to hold China accountable, Joe Biden and his campaign started calling it racist.……

Biden never defended America's military men and women from China's smears. He stayed silent.
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20 May 20
@kaitlancollins WATCH: Ballots found in Nevada trash cans as Democrats sue to eliminate signature verification
@kaitlancollins At least nine people were charged with voter fraud involving mail ballots and “vote harvesting” in Rio Grande Valley, TX.

The fraud is often victimizing the poor and vulnerable.…
@kaitlancollins A political operative was convicted for stealing and fraudulently submitting absentee ballots in Troy, NY.

He said he selected low income voters because they were less likely to complain or notice they’d been victimized.…
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20 May 20
FACT CHECK: When President Trump was briefed on coronavirus by the intelligence community, he acted.

Joe Biden likes to claim President Trump “ignored” intelligence briefings about coronavirus, but he’s wrong.…
On Jan 23, the Intelligence Community briefed President Trump for the first time about COVID-19.

The briefing said the coronavirus from China is poised to spread globally, but the good news is that it is not deadly for most people.
The next briefing, on Jan 28, President Trump was told it was spreading outside China and the deaths remained inside China.

He was also told China was not sharing key data.
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20 May 20
Joe Biden falsely claims President Trump "is not going to allow President Obama's picture to be hung in the White House."

Actually, NBC News reported Obama is skipping the unveiling.

You'd think Biden would know this given that he claims to be such good friends with Obama?
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19 May 20
WATCH: Joe Biden forgets the name of the coronavirus.
It's not the first time he's done this...
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19 May 20
🚨REMINDER: President Trump and his Administration are prioritizing underserved communities in their #coronavirus response.…
President Trump’s whole of government approach to combating the coronavirus is America’s greatest mobilization since World War II.

President Trump is ensuring Americans of every race, religion, color, & creed receive the assistance they need to get through this global pandemic.
✳️President Trump directed the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council to refocus on assisting underserved communities impacted by the virus.
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18 May 20
🚨 THREAD: It’s been one year since Joe Biden held his campaign kick-off rally.

He’s racked up some great endorsements. Here are some of the biggest Joe Biden hopes you forget (and that he probably forgot himself) ⬇
"Look, I've listened to Joe Biden over the years and often thought there were times he was going on or was meandering in his speech…

"but there are definitely moments where you listen to Joe Biden and just wonder." - Cory Booker
“You don’t have to do this Joe, you really don’t.” – Barack Obama
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