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We support a network of #foodbanks across the UK to provide emergency food to people in crisis, offer additional support & campaign for change #StopUKHunger
4 Apr 20
During these unprecedented times, it can be difficult to know where to turn for support. So we’ve put this thread together to help you find what you need and answer some of your questions >
Q: What’s going on in #foodbanks? Are they running out of donations? Are they closing?
A: #Foodbanks are working hard to continue supporting their local communities safely. Many have changed how they operate, looking at new ways to distribute food to people in financial crisis. We’re working closely with every food bank in our network >…
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5 Jun 19
#UniversalCreditUncovered Week 3: this is what the DWP’s ad campaign says people should do while waiting for #UniversalCredit. But an advance is a loan that has to be repaid. It’s not the solution to the wait - in fact, repaying it can push people further into hardship. 1/5
We're working with debt charity @StepChange as part of the #5WeeksTooLong campaign so this week we’ve joined forces to highlight why so many people are forced into needless #debt because of the 5-week wait. Read our new joint briefing here: 2/5…
Why is repaying an advance a problem? People’s ability to afford repayments isn’t taken into account; even small deductions have a big impact when people are living on a knife edge; & people can be hit by multiple repayments. This can push people further into #poverty. 3/5
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