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22 Jul
Nine days ago the CCP said, "there are more than 140 dead or missing" from the floods in China.

Today, nine days later, mainstream media says, "The death toll rises! There are now over 150 dead or missing."

This is what China looks like today, July 21st, 2020.
Flood update: July 22nd-23rd

Many cities in China are completely under water. Some are several meters deep.

Meanwhile, the official death toll reported by Chinese state media remains at 142.
At 8:30 am on July 22nd, a dike burst on a river in China and 7 villages began flooding. By 12:45 it was out of control. In a desperate attempt to plug the leak, the rescue team sacrificed 3 excavators.

Notice the communist flag going down with the last one.

Foreshadowing? 🤔
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19 Jul
To try to save big cities like Wuhan, the CCP is intentionally flooding smaller towns & farmland along the Yangtze River.

This video shows them breaking dikes at four different locations near Poyang Lake. Chinese state media is silent.

Yongxiu County, Jiangxi. July 14-18, 2020.
In the dark early morning hours of Sunday, July 19th, the CCP secretly blew up two dams on the Chuhe River, flooding nearby farms and villages without warning.

This was likely an attempt to mitigate flooding in the nearby city of Nanjing.

Quanjiao County, Anhui Province.
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13 Jul
When the Three Gorges Dam was completed in 2006, China proudly claimed it could hold back the worst flood in 10,000 years.

Today the dam is at risk of collapse with 400 million lives in danger.

The CCP recently opened all floodgates - what happens next is out of their control.
NTD News explains why the dam might collapse.

Since this video was released on June 23rd, the CCP has been steadily opening floodgates, flooding cities downstream w/o warning.

They wouldn't have just opened all the floodgates unless there was no other option to protect the dam.
BREAKING: July 19th, 2020

The CCP officially announced that the Three Gorges Dam has suffered "displacement and deformation" within the last four days.

Official photos or video of the deformation have not been released.

This video shows the floodgates opening at 10 am today.
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30 Jun
The Hong Kong National Security Law was just released and it is worse than anyone could have imagined.

"Non Hong Kong residents in violation of this law outside Hong Kong are under the jurisdiction of this law."

China has claimed jurisdiction over the entire world.


- The law takes precedence over all other HK laws

- Suspects can be tried in secret

- Suspects can be tried without a jury

- Life in prison possible for any of the offenses

- The National Security Committee works in secret and is immune to judicial review

This part of the law seems to be a warning to foreigners who would speak out against the CCP or help HongKongers in violation of the law.

Make no mistake: under this new #NationalSecurityLaw, if you piss off the CCP & step foot on Hong Kong or Chinese soil, you will be arrested.
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16 Jun
1. There is a spike of new #coronavirus cases in China centered around Beijing.

2. Only Chinese nationals have been allowed into China since March 28th.

PREDICTION: China will blame this second wave of #COVID19 on foreigners, claiming it was imported.…
As of right now Chinese state media states, "The strain originated in Europe, but that doesn't mean the virus came from a European country and it is not sure that salmon is the source of the spread."

P.S. As a matter of principle, I will never tweet a link to the Global Times.
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8 Jun
"Norway Scientist Claims Report Proves Coronavirus Was Lab-Made"

This article 👆 was published by Forbes last night and almost immediately taken down. I compiled the entire original article in these pictures.

The key details are...

THREAD (1/3) #coronavirus
🔹The virus's proteins contain sequences that appear to be artificial.

🔹The virus has not mutated since it was discovered, suggesting it was already fully adapted to humans.

🔹The virus has properties never before seen in nature.

🔹The former head of MI6 believes the virus was accidentally released and China tried to cover it up.

🔹The scientific report was rejected by multiple journals "to avoid angering China" before it was finally published.


#COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus #coronavirus #ChinaVirus
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24 May
May 24th, 2020

Hong Kong Protests against the CCP's plan to bypass the #HK legislature and make it illegal to say anything negative about the Chinese government, even online.

Ongoing coverage of today's protests will be tweeted here.

First arrest: Activist Tam Tak-chi was arrested after #HKpolice accused him of causing a group gathering during his anti-epidemic talk.

Before the arrest, people raised their masks to signify they are not violating social distancing rules because it is a "public health lecture."
Hong Kongers chant, "Hong Kong independence, the only way out!"

Location: Great George Street, Causeway Bay, in the central northern part of Hong Kong island.
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18 May
BREAKING: Political coup, Hong Kong, Monday, May 18th.

Security guards drag several pro-democracy lawmakers from the Hong Kong legislature.

After 9+ pro-democracy lawmakers are forcibly removed, the vote procedes. Pro-communist Starry Lee is unanimously elected as chairperson.
Pro-Beijing security guards hold the doors shut as the illegal vote continues and pro-democracy lawmakers bang on the doors from the outside.

Lawmakers arrived to find pro-Beijing politician Chan Kin-por sitting in the chairperson's seat, surrounded by security guards.

Pro-democracy lawmakers arrive and surround the podium with signs reading, "CCP tramples HK legislature," among others, shouting...
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2 May

What we all suspected has been confirmed by the independent 5-country alliance #FiveEyes:

"China deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of the #coronavirus outbreak in an 'assault' that cost tens of thousands of lives..."

"...the Chinese government covered up news of the virus by silencing or 'disappearing' doctors who spoke out, destroying evidence of it in laboratories and refusing to provide live samples to international scientists working on a vaccine..."

#CCPVirus #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
"...It cites the Wuhan Institute of Virology's work discovering coronaviruses in a cave in China, along with their research synthesizing a bat-derived #coronavirus that could not be treated. At least one of the ­viruses in the lab is a 96% match to #COVID19."

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2 Apr
China is the most racist country on earth.

What you see in this video is not an exception. This is the norm all across #China today, and not just for medical supplies (see thread👇).

Can you imagine any other country banning foreigners from stores, restaurants, etc?

In this video a foreigner stands outside a shopping mall and asks the guard,

"I cannot enter? I cannot enter?"

The guard responds, "No, foreigners are not allowed in."

This is on or about March 24th, 2020.
A non-Chinese woman is forced to eat outside a restaurant while her family eats inside.

Can you *imagine* what would happen if a restaurant in America decided to only let white people in?!?

Meanwhile, the Chinese government supports this!

This video is from March, 2020.
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30 Mar
This is what happens to people who spit on produce during the #CoronavirusPandemic.

#coronavirus #CoronaVirusUpdates
FULL DISCLOSURE: This happened years ago.

But if it happened before the #CoronavirusOutbreak, it sure as hell should happen during the pandemic. So the warning still stands. 😉

The man allegedly spit on oranges and yelled, "I'd spit on your face" in Arabic.
For those of you who don't know, people spitting on food or other items is a big problem right now, which makes this tweet particularly relevant during the pandemic.

Here is one example of a lady spitting on bananas in a supermarket one week ago (March 23rd).
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29 Mar
A thermometer manufacturer in China told other manufacturers:

"Produce some fake thermometers and sell them to the US. They should read 36.5ºC (98ºF) when the actual temperature is 39ºC (102ºF). So more and more Americans will be infected [with #coronavirus]..."

...he continued:

"Let's see if they (America) still have people left to go to other countries to harm others! Isn't that a great idea?"

Here is a video showing one of the fake thermometers reading about 36.5ºC no matter what temperature it is actually measuring...

The instigator of this act of biological warfare is Zhang Xuandong, owner of Haofeng Electronic Technology Co. in Dongguan, China.

BEWARE of products #MadeInChina!


#CCPVirus #ChinaVirus #ChineseWuhanVirus #Covid_19 #COVID19
#CoronaUpdate #CoronaVirusUpdates #BoycottChina
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27 Mar
There are MASSIVE protests developing right now on the Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge that joins the Hubei and Jiangxi provinces in Eastern China.

The situation is rapidly evolving.

Civilians overturning a police vehicle...
...and another.
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