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30 Nov 20
In July, hospitality sector agreed the tightest COVID secure protocols in the world to allow reopening. Mitigating measures proposed in them address all SAGE risk factors - close, face to face contact in crowded loud poorly ventilated places - so here is what we did ..
Firstly, we reduced our occupancy and capacity to ensure social distancing at all times. Secondly, we made it all seated, with consumption only at table. Thirdly, we moved to side by side or back to back seating and 2m for face to face - plus face masks for staff & customers
Fourthly, we put in place staff to enforce one way controls, ensure seating and maintain social distancing. Those measures mean you cannot be in close face to face proximity with strangers for any prolonged period of time. Only people you are close to are the group you are with
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21 Nov 20
A reminder that the current tier 3 restrictions mean 94% of hospitality businesses become unviable by March. In Tier 2 it is 75% and even at Tier 1 it is still 25% - if there is any strengthening it cannot be at the expense of hospitality. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-550294…
We need to see an easing of the ban on mixed household socialising and he inclusion of a dispersal period after last sales. Wales has shown this can be done within the context of other tougher restrictions on other parts of the economy without jeopardising health
If this is lockdown in all but name then businesses will need further support - jobs will be lost as 1 in 3 hospitality businesses now at risk of failure.
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21 Nov 20
This article and the scientists comments in it are misleading as they seem to suggest restrictions on pubs, hotels and restaurants only exist at the highest Tier 3 controls. They don’t, many like curfew and table service apply to all across the country dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8…
The restrictions on meeting friends and family apply in tier 2 - NE, Yorkshire, London, Essex, Birmingham and Midlands and tier 3 means effective closure for pubs, restaurants and hotels in Liverpool and Greater Manchester. It isn’t just semantics, it matters to millions of jobs
Without more support 25% of businesses think they will be unviable if Tier 1 restrictions apply Dec-March. That rises to 75% in Tier 2 and 94% in Tier 3. Operating under the July-Sept constraints imposed tightest social distancing controls in world but biz just broke even
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