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"Universal Credit is an expensive, badly organised, error-strewn, easy to defraud shambles."
30 May 19
Today on Universal Credit:
I believe the system has now collapsed.
All day spent answering calls about payments that are missing or wrong.
The phone rings again before I can finish fixing each one.
Put myself into 'not ready' to finish the work and I'll have a manager whingeing.
There is no mechanism to pass that work to someone else
At one point I have five different claims open at the same time
I leave the office, well after finish time, with work not done. More for tomorrow

I've had two claimants who've suffered heart attacks
One with a brain tumour.
And a single mother, heavily pregnant has been sanctioned and she's in bits.
I do my best, within the rules, to help her.
The help is limited. I hope the decision maker I've sent this to isn't a bastard.
Another claimant told they've been overpaid by thousands of pounds, so...
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