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22 Nov 20
Why Scott Frost's Offensive Concepts Grew Since UCF, But He's Still in Trouble & Headed To Getting Fired. A thread.

As OC, you have 3 primary goals. Find a great C, great QB, & dynamic playmakers. You do two of those, you can have a great offense. 3 & you're PJ ELITE. But why?
(1) Your C is one of two primary ballhandlers on every play, & he sets the line calls with your QB. IOW, he's one of your two hubs, & so he has to be secure with the ball & above average with his positional intelligence. If not, it looks mucked up.
(2) Your QB is your other primary ballhandler, he's responsible for adjusting the plays on the fly through audibles, & he controls the tempo of the offense. Just like the center, he needs to be ball secure, smart, & accurate distributing the football.
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21 Nov 20
Why You Don’t Talk a Metric Ton of Shit Before You’ve Won Anything Outside of the American Athletic Conference.

The Nebraska Edition in a thread. And boy do we have receipts.
Remember when Bill Moos hired Scott Frost & took a “victory” lap about it? Ohio State & Michigan running scared and all?
I certainly remember. Let’s check in on that. Not going well Bill. Not going well at all.
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