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Oct 18, 2021 7 tweets 3 min read
William Henry Gates III = 56
Covid Nineteen= 56
Event 201 was held 2 years ago today, 10/18/2019. This was a Friday. Friday is the day of Venus.
Venus = 18 (Full Reduction)
Venus Day = 1440 (Jewish)
…👇🏽 1440 is an interesting number because Venus supposedly makes a series..👇🏽 Image of movements every 8 years that is called the "Pentagram of Venus" or the "Flower Of Venus."
The total number of degrees in a Pentagram is 1440° The root shape of the Pentagram is a Pentagon which is 540° which is accompanied by five equilateral triangles.
Oct 12, 2021 8 tweets 3 min read
Yesterday, October 11th, 2021, former head coach of the Las Vegas raiders Jon Gruden resigned due to an email scandal where he made homophobic and misogynistic comments.

October 11th leaves 81 days in the year, and has date numerology of 26 and 42.
Masons = 81 / 81 Las Vegas Raiders = 101, the 26th prime number.

Freemason = 42
Head Coach= 42
Homophobic = 42

October 11TH can be written 10/11 like 111.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 111
Sep 10, 2021 15 tweets 6 min read
Workers on a scaffold in August 2001 ... They are applying explosives to cut the plane shaped holes.
911 false flag hologram “Witnesses heard explosions but didn’t see any airplanes
1 month before 9/11
……1 fucking month A large group of Israeli student artists were given space and construction access
to the World Trade Center in the four years leading up to 9/11

E-Team (Hajoe Moderegger,
Franziska Lamprecht, Dan Seiple)
127 Illuminated Windows
First photo from March 2001
2nd photo 9/11 ImageImage
Sep 10, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
For The Q Tards; Liz Crokin the Other Q character shill breakdown; a prominent figure in the Q psyop
Trump = 47
Republican = 47
DC = 47
Wonderland = 47
Liz Cronin = 54
White rabbit = 54
Conservative = 54
Illinois = 54
University of Iowa = 201 Image Liz M Crokin = 59
Lana Burke = 59
Michael Flynn = 59
Out Of Shadows = 59
U.S. State Department = 59
Black Hat = 158
Out of shadows = 158
Red-pilled = 158
Michael Flynn is a Freemason, rose to the rank of lieutenant general over 33 years in the U.S. Army. Image
Sep 4, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
Drake’s Album Certified Boy-Lover Cipher matches
Way 2 Sexy = 124
A pedophilia code = 124
J-Cole Had the same pedophilia symbolism in his music videos
All Perversion in Drake’s new video disgusting piece of shit. Of course we got the Masonic duality symbolism checkerboard floor. Fallen Angel, Luciferian Baal-Zebulon Worship “February” Lupercalia….Cupid hearts (Royal arch prince hall masonry)
Boy love = 96
February = 96
Pedophile = 90/54/153
Child Love = 90/45/153
Sep 3, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Dat Playa Twon - Ridin High Hayward (1996)
Too much focusing on researching truth/ negative bullshit 🍁💨
Smooth side Records Y’all do your thing tho imma be chillin ignoring these temptations / agents
Aug 28, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
🎥 Like Mike 🍿 released July 3rd, 2002, the 184th day of the year, with 181 days remaining.

July 3rd can be written 7/3 or 3/7 like 37.

LosAngeles = 37

Red and Blue = 184
Cambridge = 181 / 44
Starring LilBowWow = 44

Story is about 14-year old orphan CalvinCambridge making his way to the NBA, playing for the LA Knights after discovering magical shoes owned by Michael Jordan.

Let’s not forget about how deceptive the NBA is, and it’s connection to the number 113, just like Michael Jordan.

The National Basketball Association = 113
Aug 26, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
Gladys Berejiklian announces the Fully Vaccinated can come out to play on 13/9 like Freemasonry = 139, on a Monday of all days which is named after the Moon which is on a 19 year Metonic cycle, meaning every 19 years the Moon is in the Same place in the sky it was 19 years ago, ImageImage Astrology is very present study within Secret Societys - 19 Hijackers on 911 ✈ Covid-19, 19 years after 2001, from today to Sep 13th is 19 Days 💥 19 is the Chaos number just like Virus is 26 this story comes out on the 26th of August - this is all RITUAL! Image
Aug 25, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
"Experts warn" 🤣.
Covid-22 Reported exactly 86 weeks after Wuhan Issued it’s urgent notice that became coronavirus (Dec 30 2019 - Aug 23 2021)
COVID 22 = 86
A HOAX = 86
CRASH = 86 ImageImage COVID-22 Reporter (4)months, (6)days before the eve of 12/30/21
(Aug 23 2021- Dec 29 2021)
SACRIFICE = 46 Image
Jul 22, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
“The supporters of the armorial ensigns of royal arch masonry , according to Cross'n chart, are two figures representing the god Pan”

“He was generally represented with the body and head of a man, and the lower part were those of a goat” ImageImage taught that the universe was governedby a good and evil power, who were perpetually engaged in contest with each other, and as each in turn prevailed, the world was characterised by a corresponding succession of happiness and misery ;
that uninitiated and immoral men were
Jul 15, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
The ruler of the world and the creator of mankind is the subconscious mind (which has had many names over the millennia) The subconscious mind is the roaring current that transports everything into what is the truth.

However, within this roaring current is an immesurably large ImageImageImageImage amount of Human stupidity.
Are we as a whole, going to let the Georgia guidestones be another footnote in history of mass destruction or are we going to rewrite what is being presented to us as the final solution. ImageImageImageImage
Jun 24, 2021 16 tweets 4 min read
Isaac Kappy Died May 13th (the 133rd day of the year), 2019 at 7:22 am on Route 66 in Bellemont, AZ.
Isaac outed Seth Green on July 22nd OR 7/22 at 1:33 pm in the afternoon.
Isaac’s death is an exact reversal of time and date. I do not believe this to be coincidental in the least Isaac’s Gematria
Isaac = 33 Septenary Cipher / 911

I-ssac : I = 9
K-appy : K = 11
IK = 911
There are exactly 122 days between May 13th and September 11th.
122 days is 3 months + 30 days. OR 330 OR “33”. (In Numerology the zero is always dropped when factoring numbers.)
Jun 24, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Here’s what I got from the numbers CNN Decided to post this at 12:33
number 133 is the signature or sanctioning of the event and has to do with the Freemasons. This is because there are both 13 and 33 degrees within the Masonic orders. 13 for the York Rite, and 33 for the Scottish Rite.
Apr 23, 2021 13 tweets 4 min read
Article from: International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, 13:
by RICHARD B. SPENCE Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley and British Intelligence in America, 1914-1918
PDF file: ia801705.us.archive.org/1/items/secret… “Aleister Crowley was an employee of the British Government … in this country on official business of which the British Consul, New York City has full cognizance”
Apr 22, 2021 15 tweets 4 min read
Mason’s Recruiting Commercial ; Subconsciously Manipulating U to join their Oath/initiation ; All a theatre stage and It even shows the police department involved in plain sight nothing new "You were met by the high priest or high priestess at that time, usually with a sword to your chest". “enter the Lodge, a sharp object was put to the left breast. They warned that should I reveal any of the secrets of Freemasonry, to know what to expect".
Apr 22, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
🪐 “Brother” Malcolm X 🙅🏽‍♀️......🤦🏽‍♀️🥴 He was in the brotherhood alright....
Nation of Islam = 58

Gunshot wounds = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Fake history = 56
Saturn black magic = 56

Im just teling you the matches THINK WHAT YOU WANT - Domino So Mote It Be
Christian Bernard
Ritual Phrase used by occultist / Masons/ Rosicrucians
Apr 21, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
girl named BRYANT is killed 450 days after Kobe BRYANT —

“Incite Fear” “Black Peoples” & “Thorah Tanak” all = 45

She was killed exactly 330 days after George Floyd to the date of the exact verdict... ImageImageImageImage George floyd ImageImage
Mar 31, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
“The Circle Of Life” ❌⭕️ #LifeandDeath Corona on The Back cover of Madonna’s album - Madame X (Released 2019)
Mar 30, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
“Things don’t happen to U… All things happen for you… You have a duty to fulfill here on earth, you better find the point in your heart and get on your path or level down and repeat…Better luck next life.. Injoy the rollercoaster ride… -XY 🎢 🎭 ♻️♾
Spiral In To Spiral Out It takes time to think to escape the Labyrinth
Mar 13, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
Ian Somerhalder (Brother’s Bond Bourbon Whiskey) (Instagram) today’s post: blood on hands
“Caught Red Handed” = 470
1047 posts
Ian somerhalder = 470
Seems very cabalistic to me... ImageImageImageImage Brother’s bond = 47
Loosh Trap = 47
Small Disclosures to what they really do behind closed doors...don’t wanna give my energy in to their game. ImageImage
Feb 10, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
They Didn’t Create Lucifer Trust The Spiritual Foundation Of United Nations For Nothing!