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Nov 14 5 tweets 2 min read
Now I am flat out sobbing. Vivian Silver was such a remarkable person. So dedicated to making the world better. Oct 4th she was leading a peace march--she founded Women Wage Peace. Oct. 7 she was abducted by Hamas from a closet where she was hiding. Vivian Silver worked constantly with/for people in Gaza. She drove Gazans to Israeli hospitals. She fought for wage increases. She was dedicated to a two state solution and put herself out there every day. She embodied tikkun olam.
May her memory be a blessing and a revolution.
Nov 11 9 tweets 2 min read
Last night I read this lovely post by @LibyaLiberty who so generously opened her a space to people who disagree with her on Israel-Hamas and it was such an aspirational post. And I already admired Hend who I have followed for years and who I am fortunate follows me.
1/🧵 Hend is doing a better job of living her faith than I am. She blesses people all the time. She challenges people without being too sharp or too harsh. I am failing Jesus every day because I am in a state of rage over the complexity and the clarity of this war.
Nov 7 4 tweets 2 min read
Elijah McClain was a young sweet Black man with disabilities. He played violin. He loved cats. He was murdered horribly on camera and we all witnessed it. Another of his killers went free Monday because people with disabilities and young Black men are always suspect to police. Elijah McClain playing violin. More than half of all victims of police killings are people with disabilities. Black men are 7% of the population and 40% of victims of police violence. The intersection of disability and Blackness raises the odds of being a victim. It's a crisis.…
Sep 18 8 tweets 2 min read
The list of MSM journalists of longstanding who have given Trump a pass is disturbingly long. Every time a new one is revealed, the same people get outraged and the same people don't care. Yet the books get sold,the ratings go up. Which means a lot of that outrage is for show.
No one gets cancelled. Rather the opposite: they get advanced to new positions and to better book deals. Legacy media and access journalism are inseparable. No one stopped watching Chuck Todd, they just complained about him.
Sep 4 5 tweets 2 min read
This relentless effort to show us both sides of issues that only have one actual side is exhausting. IT'S NOT JUST RHETORIC, IT'S HUNDREDS OF LAWS.

How a Gay Republican Sees the Rise in Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric on the Right… tbh, how f*ing dare Brad Polumbo, Republican podcaster, claim that "both sides over-reach." Are you out of your mind? Where's the "over-reach" on the often tediously and maddeningly centrist Democratic side? People are literally being killed and this guy thinks it's ok to be GOP.
Sep 2 15 tweets 3 min read
Another woman on here with #cancer died tonight,leaving a husband & child. Her cancer was metastatic, just everywhere. Her tweets over the past weeks were hard to read. Cancer is so terrible. We absolutely must do more to lower the body count & lessen the suffering.
1/🧵 The Wife suffered so much the last year of her life. For months we didn't know what was wrong with her and I was using all my journalistic skills to get a dxd for her. Then I found that specialist and he told us she'd be dead in two weeks without intervention. Gobsmacking.
Sep 1 6 tweets 3 min read
How on earth did I get sucked into reading that grotesque piece in Current Affairs when actual real life gay, lesbian and trans people are being murdered? And it doesn't make you a "prickly academic" to rewrite the history of Matthew Shepard's brutal murder like you're freaking Ron DeSantis claiming slavery was a job corps program. It makes you a homophobic toady catering to the worst elements in this country. JFC stop this crap, really. It's not an academic exercise. You know who thinks that piece is terrific and is promoting it? The Daily Wire who wants queer and trans people "eradicated" and Breitbart which remains one step behind Daily Stormer when it comes to LGBTQ people. So you're not edgy, you're a collaborator.
Aug 13 4 tweets 2 min read
This should be a front-page story nationally. Marion city police and the county sheriff’s office shut down a newspaper.

Raid on Kansas newspaper is an intolerable overreach by police | Editorial
1/… Police raided the offices of the Marion County Record and the home of its owners, Eric Meyer and his mother, Joan. Police seized company-owned and personal computers and cell phones, and photographed personal documents on tables in the Meyer home.
Aug 8 8 tweets 2 min read
So I just read a series of tweets from a woman upset that she was ostensibly fired from her doctor's practice for abusing the trans receptionist, who she told offended her by....existing and having a trans flag at her desk. The woman wants an attorney to help her.
So y'all realize that this is what you want public services to do to LGBTQ people? This woman could have just not said she felt the flag was offensive to and targeted her as a woman (WHUT?!). What's her legal standing? She created a hostile situation in a doctor's office.
Jul 4 5 tweets 3 min read
Jack Shafer is getting ratio'd for this, though it's doubtful those commenting have actually read it. I did so you don't have to. Whenever incumbents have been primaried they've lost. Start there. But Shafer's premise is that Biden will "prove" he can take on a debate.
1/ Biden already proved that. It's why he's POTUS. Also, Biden's opponents are, to be kind, not serious candidates for president or anything else. Biden debating them would actually make him look weak and desperate, neither of which he is.
Jun 26 9 tweets 3 min read
THREAD #LongCOVID, about which I have reported extensively over two years, is trending. This is a mass disabling event that has yet to be addressed as such by CDC. Biden declared the pandemic over in February, so pandemic funding stopped in May and over 1.5M lost Medicaid.
1/🧵 This is a 3-part series I did last year which won the Keystone Award for medical reporting. The suffering of people with #LongCOVID is massive, variable and still largely dismissed by providers and by healthcare systemically. We need a mass response.
Jun 22 10 tweets 2 min read
No one ever talks about the breadth of trauma and how it just freaking obliterates you. We pretend the pandemic--a collective trauma-- never happened when 1.3M people just died and disappeared and we never got to say goodbye or mourn properly. We need to address the suffering.
Our kids are a wreck and the GOP wants to blame LGBTQ kids when it's actually them and their oppressive bigotry. Everyone is angry--you know it, I know it. Some of us control it better than others but our lack of patience and empathy is trauma-based.
Jun 20 4 tweets 2 min read
The GOP talks ceaselessly about the Southern border and the "flood" of refugees, but in point of fact, the US isn't even in the top 10 host countries and migrants from South and Central America are not the largest number of migrants here.
2/…… The GOP talks ceaselessly about the Southern border and the "flood" of refugees, but the US isn't even in the top 10 host countries and migrants from South and Central America are not the largest number of migrants here.
Jun 15 5 tweets 2 min read
Ignore the clickbait headline--this is a long, thorough, smart deconstruction and likely refutation of GOP claims about the "Biden bribe" and it's REALLY good. Bookmark to read later.

What Does the FBI Have on Hunter and Joe Biden?… THIS: "Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican who has played the most footsie with conservative conspiracy theories, tapped the brakes on the speculation around the audio tapes...This could be coming from a very corrupt oligarch. He could be making stuff up."
Jun 3 5 tweets 2 min read
I have a little story to go with this. When my wife died suddenly a few months ago just days after the oncologist told us she had another year or more, the chemo was working, @LeslieStreeter DMd me and gave me advice. I was shell-shocked and out of my mind with grief and pain.
1/ I'd followed her for a long time. We both worked on Baltimore newspapers. She told me her story. She told me how to act. A few times she talked me off the ledge at 3am and 4am. She even made me laugh for a minute. She was a godsend. She told me someone had done this for her.
Jun 3 4 tweets 2 min read
Important reminder.
Last time I did this I was on over 700 lists of mostly abusive people flooding my mentions with harassing tweets. And at first glance here's the crap I am currently on thanks to MAGAs and others. Wow. No wonder I am getting all this homophobic and anti-Semitic harassment. Image
May 27 11 tweets 4 min read
One of the most personal stories I have ever written appears in Sunday's @PhillyInquirer. I hope you will read/RT/QT.

E. Jean Carroll was a painful reminder of my rape in North Philly 20 years ago, still unsolved
1/… "It took mere seconds for him to grab me--so fast,it took my breath away. As he locked my arms behind me and shoved me forward,he told me if I screamed, he would kill me. He pushed me into my neighbor’s ivy-covered yard, which is totally hidden from the sidewalk and street."
May 26 8 tweets 5 min read
May is #MentalHealrhAwarenessMonth and one of the MH issues we never discuss in the US is #grief. It sent me to the hospital two weeks ago. I wrote about that and more here, and got some experts to explain the impact.

Grief: A Mental Health Crisis… A trauma explained how #grief is impacted by social norms: men are expected to hide/control their feelings. This makes #grief even more dangerous. Men who lose a spouse are more likely to choose suicide. #Grief also leads men to substance abuse.
Apr 27 5 tweets 2 min read
Cancer is so unbelievably brutal and we don't talk about how nearly half of all Americans will get cancer and of those more than a third will die and so people are unprepared for how terrible it is. It took months for The Wife to be dxd with her rare aggressive cancer. She was already in Stage 4. It had already metastisized to her bones. But they thought because it wasn't in her liver or lungs,they could get it under control. Give her another year or two. We got 6 months.💔
Apr 24 5 tweets 2 min read
"Lemon, one of the network’s most recognizable stars, had been under scrutiny since an uproar over on-air remarks he made about women and aging in February."

Don Lemon Ousted From CNN in Move That Left Him ‘Stunned’
1/… “'Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime, sorry. A woman is considered to be in her prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe 40s,' Lemon said. He dismissed the objections of his female co-hosts by responding, 'I’m just saying what the facts are — Google it.'"
Apr 24 11 tweets 3 min read
I am so sick that I may have to take the whole week off from work, which is something I didn't even do when The Wife died, and now I'm thinking I'm completely falling apart physically because I haven't dealt with anything about the last year and it's made me really ill.
1/🧵 I think we all deal with grief differently and I deal with everything by working hard. I took three days off when The Wife died. I wrote and wrote and cried and tried to write my way out of crying and out of the worst pain I have ever felt, that I thought might crush me