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Dec 3 10 tweets 2 min read
Why is the Matt Taibbi story called "The Twitter Files" when it's actually just "My Agenda-Driven Hunter Biden Story"? As I have said before,the Hunter Biden story is indeed a story, but it's a story that should have proper investigation, not a politics-based agenda.
1/🧵 Taibbi jumps from "Twitter was great" to "Then in 2020 the Biden cabal did X and it was sinister and wrecked Twitter." Twitter launched in 2006. Along the way it became a vehicle for activists globally as well as in the US. Twitter was actually built on this left activism.
Nov 29 4 tweets 1 min read
Being read the long domestic violence clause by the not-very-pleasant male caseworker made me start crying thinking about women trying to escape and he did not stopped talking,which is surreal. Then he mentioned The Wife's name and I had to say deceased and that was gutting.
1/🧵 So then the caseworker notes that I am African American. And for the bazillionth time had to try to change my race to white. My zip code is in a 99% Black neighborhood, so it's definitely true that there are Black zip codes. The caseworker was dubious that I am not Black.
Nov 23 4 tweets 3 min read
Oh,burn in freaking hell.

#ClubQ shooter’s father: “They started telling me about the incident,a shooting...And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew…I am a conservative Republican.”
“I praised him for violent behavior really early. I told him it works... You’ll get immediate results."
His son killed five people and wounded at least 24.
Nov 23 7 tweets 2 min read
Left here this morning for work, upset after a series of exchanges with people trolling me off #TheWife's obituary in which I noted that she died suddenly. This blew up after and some journalists contacted me to talk about it. I said it had defiled her memory and my grief.
1/🧵 I also said that these people with their anti-vaxxer agendas are not just benign cranks. These are dangerous people who don't care that their conspiracy theories could literally kill people--and in fact have.
Nov 21 11 tweets 3 min read
I got a text to do pre-check-in for #TheWife's chemo scheduled for Monday as I always did. A glitch in the system that sent me into a paroxysm of sobbing, calling to her and feeling as if I my heart would explode from the searing pain of her loss. Grief is an undertow.
1/🧵 Sunday has been the hardest day. Sundays have been hard for me since childhood, but this Sunday was excruciating. There was no one here all day. Just me and the vastness of the empty space where The Wife should be. Her presence was so huge, even sick she was so dynamic.
Nov 20 4 tweets 3 min read
7 days, 18 hours, 39 minutes ago my beloved, known on here as #TheWife, died suddenly of cardiac arrest. Many knew she was valiantly fighting a rare, aggressive cancer. I wrote this obit in tribute to her and us.
1/ 🧵

Madelaine “Maddy” Gold: 11/12/2022… Many have already read this, but others have not. Friends, family, students and colleagues--please post on the site if you feel able. The messages are amazing and comforting. I am adrift in my grief and so grateful for everyone's support. Y'all are THE best. Thank you.
Nov 18 7 tweets 2 min read
Navigating widowhood --what a peculiar 19th century word--is itself shocking. I reached out to a widow and a widower I know from us following each other on here. Both famous, both incredibly generous with their counsel, each trying to keep me from being pulled under.
1/🧵 Grief is an undertow. She should be in the bed next to me. She shouldn't have left me. She promised she'd beat this. I promised I'd protect her. I said I'd take care of her, that I wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. But if I'd protected her, wouldn't she still be here?
Nov 17 10 tweets 4 min read
Spent the evening with my sister packing up The Wife's medical supplies for donation. My scientist niece found us a place that can use them that would also make The Wife happy--American Ukrainian Relief Association.
#TheWife The surgical supply place wouldn't take them back and credit her account. They weren't covered by her health insurance because apparently having a tracheostomy is a whimsical thing. So now,hundreds of dollars of supplies will get used by people who need them. What a relief.
Nov 15 4 tweets 1 min read
This poem by W.S. Merwin is the perfect evocation of what happens when one loses a spouse–the missing piece leaves you riven. There is nothing that one doesn’t want to share with that person who was supposed to be there, always. Solidarity to all who are grieving.
1/🧵 All the daily things The WIfe and I did together–the quotidian daily things. How much would I give to do those chores with her again. All of it. For even one more day. I shall love you and miss you and long for you always. Until we meet again, my sweet darling girl. xxx
Nov 13 5 tweets 2 min read
It is with heavy heart and incalculable grief that I announce the sudden and too-soon death of my beloved and adored wife, Maddy, who I always called The Wife here. It’s impossible to articulate the depth of my pain at the loss of her. I am riven.
1/🧵 Many of you followed The Wife's cancer journey here. Your messages of support and love, your prayers and messages of healing I read to her and she loved y'all for your kindness to her, to me, to us. I am meeting with the funeral director at 3pm, but I wanted to let you know.
Nov 9 6 tweets 1 min read
In his speech, Biden struck a balance between cautious optimism and laying out what his agenda is for the next two years to help the American people. No doubt this enraged GOP leadership, but this is what he ran to do: move the US forward. Biden also said he wants to continue to build the economy "from the bottom up & the middle out."That's how you get people out of poverty,he said. He also said he will not compromise on abortion rights or Social Security. He was succinct. Nor will he compromise on Climate Crisis.
Nov 6 4 tweets 1 min read
Some folks I know on here who I like a lot were already paying Twitter monthly pre-Musk for Twitter Blue or to be Super Follows. I'm living at the poverty level, so I was not doing either.
🧵 Pre-Musk, I would not have been opposed to paying $8 a month to maintain my connections on here in what for me has been a truly amazing experience of connecting with other writers, journalists and activists globally. 🧵
Nov 5 4 tweets 2 min read
Lois Curtis has died.

May the remarkable disability rights activist Lois Curtis, who altered the lives of millions, rest in peace and power and may all of us who loved her, and are so grateful for her, hold her memory to us as a blessing. 🕊️… It is impossible to fully articulate the import Lois Curtis had on the disability community. Her pleas to attorneys to be taken out of the institutions she spent her teens and 20s warehoused in as a person with intellectual disabilities finally resulted in landmark legislation.
Nov 3 4 tweets 2 min read
Democrats say @DrOz can't relate to ordinary Pennsylvanians. Voters' trust could be a crucial factor in deciding a tight U.S. Senate race.

Mehmet Oz’s Senate run has stripped the gloss off his TV image. That could weigh on him in a tight finish.… "After a lifetime of success,Oz’s first foray into politics has been weighed down by a deeply negative image. Both Republicans and Democrats have turned his background against him,challenging his authenticity, questioning his ties to Pennsylvania,and accusing him of opportunism."
Oct 21 5 tweets 1 min read
So the phone rings as I'm emailing an editor because I am late with a story, so I answer without looking and it's the mortgage company. An hour after the gas company. I explain about The Wife and I am crying, again. The agent is gentle --she really wants me to stop crying.
1/🧵 But I am crying hard,like a tired toddler. I can feel my chest tightening. The agent tells me of a Biden COVID program to help borrowers (that the GOP wants to end). She signs us up, tells me she will send the paperwork. It will give us a reprieve. She wishes us well.
Oct 19 4 tweets 1 min read
When you can name 10 life-altering benefits the GOP has attained for Americans like the Democrats have that we all depend on,we'll listen. But every single law passed and program created to improve our lives came from progressive Democrats. So it's not dogma,just historical fact. Receipts:
19th Amendment.
Social Security.
Federal Loan Housing Act.
Civil Rights Act.
Voting Rights Act.
Unemployment insurance.
Affordable Care Act.

There an endless number of others. So stop lying about who the Democrats are. They save lives.
Oct 15 4 tweets 2 min read
Wow is this stunning, even by Trump standards. (See outtakes in thread).

Trump Reacts to Pending Jan. 6 Subpoena in a 14-Page Letter… "Trump boasted about the size of the crowd..." Of course that's Trump's takeaway from January 6.
Oct 15 6 tweets 2 min read
If you missed the Georgia Senate debate with Rafael Warnock & Herschel Walker, this is a good play-by-play that will leave you aghast again that this race is tied. Walker is a total lying dullard and Warnock's frustration with Walker's lying is palpable.… What's incredible is that Walker just lies about everything which leaves Warnock at a disadvantage. Walker lied about the abortion issue, lied about access to Medicaid in Georgia,lied about Warnock's position on defunding police, lied about his past run-in with police.
Oct 14 10 tweets 3 min read
We do a horrible disservice to victims of violent crime and their families by maintaining the death penality in some US states. The death penalty has been banned in most of the developed world. The US stands alone in maintaining this blatant violation of the 8th amendment.
1/🧵 According to the FBI, the average length of time between conviction & execution is 18.9yrs. Extended appeals processes + the fact that the death penalty is inactive in a majority of US states keeps executions on hold in all but the most dedicated execution states: TX,FL, GA.
Oct 12 8 tweets 6 min read
So Pennsylvania Lt. Gov and Democratic Senate candidate @JohnFetterman had an exclusive interview with @NBCNightlyNews reporter @DashaBurns. Like 37.5 MILLION hard-of-hearing Americans, Fetterman, who had a stroke in June, used closed captioning.
The GOP has been pushing the narrative that @JohnFetterman isn't fit for office, yet it's Fetterman speaking to reporters and campaigning across the state--not his opponent, @DrOz.

Oct 11 5 tweets 1 min read
L.A. City Council meeting going on right now is so brutally emotional and rage-filled, it's too bad that the men and woman who caused this, who harmed several communities so deeply, left the chamber. They should have been forced to listen to all this pain, in two languages. One woman said the meeting itself was illegitimate. A Black woman pastor said that no Black child is a "monkey" and noted that the first human was a Black woman. Several people have said they are with "the Blacks." EVERYONE is calling for all three Council members to resign.