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8 Sep
Folks on here complaining about #HillaryClinton are wildly out of touch with reality. Hillary Clinton warned you about who Trump was and what he would do. You fked up and let your misogyny get in the way. And now nearly 200k Americans are dead & the courts are stacked for 30yrs.
Third party voters are as much to blame as Trump voters for Trump's presidency. #Hillary lost PA, WI & MI by a mere 77k votes. 3rd party votes in those states were 800k. HRC won the same number of votes as Obama 2012. Trump was ensconced by a few dozen party apparatchiks.
#HillaryClinton warned us about everything: that Trump was "Putin's puppet," that his verifiable #racism dated to being investigated by Nixon's DOJ for racial bias, that he was a virulent xenophobe who'd harm immigrants and a misogynist who'd set back women's rights, and more.
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4 Sep

Obama got rid of Kelly and Flynn because they were insubordinate, went off the rails and couldn't be trusted. Obama actually warned Trump about both men. We know what Flynn did. And we witnessed Kelly's overt racism, misogyny, Islamophobia & xenophobia first hand.
John Kelly's personal tragedy of his son Robert's death does not mitigate his vile history. It is not an excuse for his allowing torture at Guantanamo nor his virulently cruel approach to immigrants when he controlled the southern border. Kelly behaved like a monster. Obama knew.
John Kelly believes Islamic terrorists come into the US via Mexico. He was Q before Q. He believes Black and brown people are less intelligent and more prone to violence than white people--he pushed the narrative of MS13 and other dangerous immigrants to Trump.
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2 Sep
Writing about the election in PA and noting how thousands of ballots were tossed from the June 2 PA primary due to missed deadlines or failure to sign. There're nearly 800k more registered Democrats in PA than GOP--but Dems have lost 136k voters & GOP have gained 165k.
Legally, mail-in ballots cannot be counted before Election Day. It took weeks for all the votes to be counted in the primary and there were far fewer votes than there will be for the general. Gov. Wolf and Sect of State Kathy Bookvar are hoping to overturn that this month.
But the PA state legislature is GOP-led.
Complicating factor: Philadelphia, the blue stronghold of the state with 1.1 registered voters, is among the cities hardest hit by the USPS, with more mail sorting machines removed than in any other city.
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20 Aug
So Wednesday morning I complained about mansplaining and this guy targeted me for harassment. First he said I couldn't be an expert because I am a journalist and they aren't experts at anything, according to him. Then he demanded to know what I was an expert in.
I got creeped out by his repeated tweets in which he engaged some other women followers of mine who had come to my defense. (TYVM 👏😘) When I went to block and report him, I discovered he had tweeted me 27 times in a couple hours. 27. Before 7am. Stalkery af. And entitled.

But I have been thinking about his demands ever since and how women are expected to prove who they are and why they deserve to be listened to. Not just me, of course. This guy had fixated on the fact that I did not have a PhD, so how could I possibly be an expert on anything?
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1 Aug
Friday morning a man told me to stop talking about my illness. He said it was "attention seeking." So I've started to write a column about this, because this is a common attack hurled at women raising issues related to women's health --it is meant to silence us.
Thursday Kamala Harris proposed legislation to address fibroids. I've written about fibroids before. Two close friends developed uterine cancer related to theirs. 1 in 4 women of reproductive age have them;they can interfere with fertility. 80% of post-menopausal women have them.
In 2015 I had a pulmonary embolism. I was working to finish a book, got a blood clot I thought was just leg cramps, spent 3wks in ICU recovering. I wrote about it later because as I read up to understand my lungs going forward I found PEs are a leading cause of death for women.
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31 Jul
This has been a difficult day. The homegoing for John Lewis was beautiful and powerful and passionate as befits an elder statesman and human rights icon. But for me--and I am sure for millions of others--it tore a new piece out of my heart. The losses we've endured under Trump.
There is the loss of John Lewis, which will hurt for a long while. But listening to Bernice King, Bill Clinton & most especially Obama was like returning to a parallel universe we used to inhabit where there were empathic people who led this country with the best of intentions.
Bill Clinton reminded us that we owe Lewis a debt and that we owe the nation our service in his honor. President Obama showed us again that powerful men can be passionate, commanding, emotional--and all without a hint of toxicity or narcissism.
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10 Jul
Conspiracy theorists of Twitter forced me to spend 2hrs of my life I will never get back investigating their latest invented narrative they found on Reddit and dragged through the swamp to Twitter: That @Wayfair is trafficking children through WFX Utility cabinets.
Spoiler alert: Everything Reddit posted is false.
It is actually not hard to go to an actual website and input the details of what you believe to be true to check it out for yourself. #Wayfair sells the WFX Utility line. It is vast and is made for homes and corporations.
Individual collections have female and male names--a common practice in all furniture design. Prices range from $100 to $1,500 for different pieces. There is nothing at WFX via Wayfair or Latitude Run, which is an affiliate of Birch Lane, that matches the Reddit cabinets.
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26 May
Yikes. This is the kind of racism we claim only exists in the Deep South. But listen to how hysterical her voice gets when she calls the police. We can plainly see she is not at risk, not being threatened AND she is harming her own dog, rather than leash it as requested. So ugly.
When black men are repeated targets for police abuse, we know she knows what could happen to him when she calls--and she does it anyway. When we talk about white supremacy, we aren't talking KKK--we are talking this kind of power: her words--her lie--could have gotten him killed.
It's unnerving to me that so many white folks in my mentions are concerned about the dog but seem to have missed the fact that this woman, under absolutely no threat, called police, acted hysterical and claimed a black man (she put his race there for a reason) was harming her.
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23 May
In 2016 Hillary Clinton became the first woman nominee. She called out white supremacy and structural racism and misogyny. Democrats should have fought for her and for the equity she promised in her administration--reflecting her staff of 50% women, 50% BIPOC.
Democrats had the opportunity in 2020 to fix what they broke in 2016 and vote for a black woman nominee who would break that 244yr gender divide. Instead they chose the oldest white man in history. Some say it doesn't matter who he chooses for VP--all the women are superb.
And it is true that all the women being vetted are accomplished and stellar. But the VP must be a black woman for reasons that go beyond simple résumé: Only a black woman VP will break the back of white supremacy AND gender supremacy--a white woman can only do half that.
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16 May
I never graduated from high school because I was expelled for being a lesbian and then got put through conversion therapy and attempted suicide. So my 16 year old self is going to listen to Obama's commencement speech tonight.
I feel compelled to add that I did go on to college and made a little something of myself, publishing a couple dozen books and doing some banging journalism. But I have such empathy for the 2020 graduates who are being kept from the pomp and the comraderie. This is a hard year.
In reading through responses to this tweet of mine which wenr unexpectedly viral, I was so saddened by how many women said they had been deprived of their graduations because they got pregnant. (No boys were, though.) I hope they all were able to take some comfort in Obama, too.
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9 May
This is very helpful. 36M Americans live alone. Be sure to read this if you are among them. I would add that this timeline is short and you will likely have a resurgence of symptoms at about week four.

How to Ease a Mild #Coronavirus Infection…
One of the most critically important things the author says is "acknowledge that you are sick." I am positive that I made myself sicker and my symptoms worse by spending the first week in denial and "barrelling through" working instead of resting. Don't do that. Give in to rest.
Also, chills and/or night sweats are common. Keep another shirt or PJs--whatever you generally sleep in--on the bed so that you can just sit up and change without exhausting yourself going searching and changing. And be sure to hydrate, and keep a 3x daily record of your temp.
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8 May
Why didn't Reade make this request in April2019 when Biden announced? Or any single month prior to his becoming the nominee in March? Were I covering this story (I am not), that's a question I'd ask.

Reade calls for Biden to drop out of presidential race…
Has Reade filed complaints about death threats she says she received? Has she made reports on Twitter about verified accounts who are Biden surrogates who she claims are harassing her on here? I would ask for names and call up those tweets to put in my reporting, if they exist.
I take screen shots of attacks I get on here and file reports if a tweet is violent, homophobic, anti-Semitic or ableist. Is Reade doing this? It is a fairly easy record to keep. These are basic questions. Did Megyn Kelly ask them? Did she see the tweets? Put them up on screen?
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7 May
This is the best piece written thus far on Tara Reade. (Ignore the bad headline.) It is long, because McGann has been reporting on this story for over a year.…
Unlike other stories--and I have read a dozen, including ones from journalists I know and deeply respect--this one has zero political axes embedded. This is a very genuine reporter's log of how we do real reporting in this biz. It is a serious investigative record, not opinion.
I have not written any articles on Tara Reade nor do I intend to. I wrote a piece last year on Biden and other women's claims about him which included four women. Reade was not among them. Reade's is a fraught story made more so by the timing. Why 2020 and not 2018 or 2019?
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6 May
Why did it take two months for this story to become national news?
I know--#pandemic--but did we stop thinking #BlackLivesMatter?
That last is, of course, rhetorical.

What We Know About the Shooting Death of #AhmaudArbery…
The #CoronavirusPandemic has in fact schooled us YET AGAIN that the lives of black & brown people (let's not forget--like our entire leadership has--that kids are still in cages) have diminished meaning and worth to our society. Black & brown people are dying disproportionately.
On Monday Nikole Hannah Jones won the Pulitzer for her astounding work on the #1619Project and a bazillion white people who never even heard of it lashed out. Concomittant with her prize was a posthumous one to #IdaBWells, a brilliant black journalist (1862-1931) long overdue.
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3 May
It is so fucking hard to go to police and report a sexual assault or rape. There is no Olivia Benson, there is no team that is going to track down your rapist and hold your hand while doing so. You are going to be made to feel like slutty scum who somehow brought it on herself.
So all you folks inventing narratives to push your political agenda? You are harming real victims. You are harming women who are already having to fight a misogynist patriarchal narrative that the real liars are women victims, not the men who rape us.

Nicely done.
When I was nearly killed by a serial rapist, the detective who interviewed me said that if I was lying, police would prosecute me. Then he saw the extent of my injuries. This is what victims face. This is my story of how the system fails us.[TW for VAW]…
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30 Apr
Many of you have kindly asked after my health. Thank you. I am finally doing a bit better. I had a bad weekend and Monday, but Wednesday I started to feel like I have turned a corner. It has been 22 days since I got sick. I've had fever, coughing, GI symptoms, headache.>>>
I lost my voice mid-point. Last week I developed blisters on my lips and in my mouth, like with chemo. I did not have hallucinations but I did have vivid dreams. I did not have the "frostbite" on my hands and feet. I had intense night sweats the 1st ten days, but they stopped.
I've had a lot of emotion, but tbf, I started menopause a few months ago & that's an emo torture. Hard to discern which is that & which is the virus. I think the worst part is the shortness of breath, the fever & exhaustion. (GI stuff was terrible as long as it lasted, tho.)
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28 Apr
Today has been such a terrible day that pre-#pandemic I would have asked for cute animals. But I know all of you are also having superlatively bad days and also deserve cute animals. We are all living in a time of wrenching grief and loss and collective trauma. It's gutting.
Years ago, when she was far too young to die, I watched my mother suffocate to death. It was brutal. She wasn't really conscious, but I knew she could feel it. I am heartbroken for everyone who has lost someone to this disease and to that kind of death. We all deserve better.
It's a terrifying time. It'd be slightly less so if we had a leader who put the country 1st. It would be slightly less so if we were told our losses mattered. I held my mother's hand. My sister sat with her through the night. My mother didn't die alone. We don't have that now.
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25 Apr
So how many new stories are going to trickle out on Tara Reade? And has any one calling themselves a journalist followed up on what Reade told Krystal Ball a couple weeks ago--that Reade contacted Harris, who she says refused to respond & Warren who she says sent a form letter?
These seem to be real-time questions as Reade purposefully chose the two women mentioned most frequently as VP picks for Biden and only one could be her senator. I am not covering this story. But other major outlets are and today's pieces are not minor.
I just really want answers about Harris and Warren. And I am surprised that this part has not been pursued. I want to see the copies of the letters Reade sent Harris and Warren and I want to see the form letter Reade says Warren sent her. Why aren't those in today's stories?
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15 Apr
In 2018, I wrote Abrams was the most inspirational candidate of the midterms. Anyone claiming she's not qualified is not looking at her resume or her amazing energy.

Stacey Abrams on Biden: "I Would Be an Excellent Running Mate"…
While I might have a different fave for VP, I love that Abrams is campaigning for the post--she's managed to get more press for Biden than Biden has, which is itself a selling point.

Stacey Abrams says she would be an 'excellent' running mate for Biden…
Folks WILL find anything to attack a black woman for, though, won't they? How on earth is it "arrogant" for a woman to do what men do every day?
Here's Abrams' speech from midterms. She is electrifying.
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14 Apr

So I wrote at Midterms 2018 why Biden & Bernie would be bad choices--one-term presidents always harm their party. But white male ego + misogyny and here we are. Bernie decided to endorse the nominee this time, unlike in 2016. Better for his legacy and best for Biden.
In 2016 and 2020 Bernie attracted surrogates who have harmed his campaign and his message. They are doing damage to it now. His former press sect is making headlines. Why can't she just step out of the way as Bernie works Biden for commitments to issues essential to millions?
MILLIONS of us are disappointed in the outcome of what began as the most diverse slate of candidates in history. But we have committed to voting FOR the Democrats and AGAINST Trump. It shouldn't be hard to choose the #SCOTUS; the Constitution; women; POC; #LGBTQ; healthcare.
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10 Apr
And STILL haven't. Sanders lost in a LANDSLIDE in 2016, but misogynist revisionism keeps reframing that FACT. In 2016 Sanders lost at the end of March. He just refused to leave. You insult 66M Hillary voters every time you re-write that historical fact.…
In 2016 Sanders was crushed by his lack of outreach to black voters. A trillion #ButHerEmails articles subverted that fact about Sanders' run. This time the virus forced his hand. But the MSM that never laid a glove on Sanders in 2016 demanded his exit as the virus spread.
Pundits lauding Sanders for changing narratives never once lauded Hillary for shifting the entire American political system to FINALLY consider a woman. That she was wildly more qualified than Sanders didn't stop him from calling her unfit and unqualified.
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