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25 Oct
A little🧵about supply chain + USPS + healthcare + poverty: I have been waiting for oxygen tubing for nearly two months. It's likely on a container in some port because it's mostly made in China. My healthcare provider doesn't pay for tubing, even though I'm on oxygen 24/7.
People on oxygen get tanks for travelling and an oxygen generator for daily use, which is large, loud and you're tethered to it. Insurance will pay part of the rental, but won't pay to buy it. So I've paid thousands of dollars to rent it over the past decade. Madness.
And they won't pay for tubing which should be changed every month or so but most people only change it once or twice a year because of the extra expense. But the plastic canula on your face gets hard and brittle over time. 3/🧵
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15 Oct
A woman was raped on a SEPTA el train in Philadelphia. The rapist threatened her, tore off her clothes and sexually sexually assaulted her. Instead of intervening, other riders filmed the rape and posted it on social media.
Fishton Ngoy, 35, has been arrested and charged with rape and other offenses in the attack. Police commented that the train was crowded and someone should have intervened to help the victim.
This terrible story reminds me of Kitty Genovese, a young lesbian raped and murdered in NYC decades ago. Her screams went I responded to. I wrote about her for Curve magazine on what would have been her 80th birthday.…
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14 Oct
Ignoring decades of scholarship and data on the topic, Netflix claims that perpetuation of stereotypes of marginalized people has no real world impact.

⚡️ “Netflix co-CEO doubles down on defending Chappelle amid mounting controversy over comedy special”…
Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos went well beyond the Chappelle special to broaden his wrong messaging out to include excusing violence against women, and it's extraordinary Sarandos never heard of Birth of a Nation or Triumph of the Will, both of which caused immeasurable violence.
Regardless of what you feel about Chappelle's The Closer, Netflix has gone way beyond staring up for Chappelle to refute the impact of on screen violence on marginalized groups generally. Which is utterly irresponsible and ahistorical.
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12 Oct
I am a paraplegic.I've been talking about #CliffordOwensby's story for days.
More than half of all assaults and killings by police are of #disabled people.
Derrick Forward, president of the Dayton ACLU, says they are not calling it racial because the police officer is also Black.
But Derrick Forward says that this was a "pretextual context," for police profiling #CliffirdOwensby alleging that he was involved in drugs. There were no drugs in the car. BUT THERE WAS A CHILD IN THE CAR with Owensby.
#CliffordOwensby says he is still in pain from this horrific assault. Let me say, as a paraplegic, that you are in pain most of the time anyway. Being pulled from a car to the ground and then dragged to a police car is an egregious human rights violation.
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9 Oct
Big fight in South Philly over the Columbus statue which Mayor Kenney boxed up last year. Friday a judge said the box must come off. Kenney said no. He is appealing the ruling. But folks have jumped the fence to take the box down. Police have stopped that.
The head of the Italian-American community says Kenney is in violation of the court order and thus in contempt of court. He tells media that the box will come down tonight in advance of Sunday's Columbus Day parade. Police are now lining the fence in front of the boxed statue.
Meanwhile, there are numerous celebrations of #IndigenousPeoplesDay throughout Philadelphia.
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28 Sep
Watching #Hoarders and I understand not being able to let go of family heirlooms or books, but this hoarding garbage thing is so hard to comprehend. I mean how do people live with the stench?
This grandma had 60,000 pounds of stuff removed from her house. And her granddaughter CiCi who she raised had to grow up in this hellhole. She's now in high school and just "wants a real home." Hoarding really hurts these kids. This girl slept on boxes. It's so sad.
This other family, the mom is the hoarder and the dad is a fireman.There are five kids and nowhere for them to sleep because of all the stuff. How could you put your kids through this? The trauma is so much.
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22 Sep
I've been writing about this for a few weeks--and, as an immuno-compromised person--living it throughout the pandemic. This piece has open access. Read it.

Hospitals overwhelmed by covid are turning to ‘crisis standards of care.’ What does that mean?…
"Physician Kristen Solana Walkinshaw told The Washington Post last week that her team had four patients who needed continuous kidney dialysis and only two machines available."…
"The resource crunch could also force healthcare workers to give beds or ventilators to those most likely to recover. If resources become tight, they can consider universal DNR orders for hospitalized adult patients who go into cardiac arrest."…
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21 Sep

So Monday I was informed that a PT would be coming today. I ceased being able to get in-home PT at the end of March 2020 when the country locked down. I was not allowed to change the day (Tuesday is a deadline day for me).I asked for late afternoon and was told no.
I was told the latest visit would be 2pm and that the PT would be here then. I organized my work day around that time, which was very difficult, and rescheduled some work for Wednesday morning. It has been stressful and energy-depleting.
It is now nearly 4pm. The PT has not arrived nor called. I have been in stasis for two hours, unable to do work that involved interviewing because what if the PT shows up? Also, their day ends at 5pm, so the "two hour intake and session"won't be happening, either.
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19 Sep
If 1 in 500 people have died of COVID, close friends and family members *of someone* *have* died of it. This is a shockingly off-key comment from Ross Douthat, who had COVID himself. Yet the quote in the piece is much worse than this as he says no one*he*knows died.
This is a badly--even bizarrely--argued piece that contends that the number of dead is a Goldilocks number: just right. Not as many as some predicted, but enough to be a big number. Douthat--who is much smarter than this piece--says that mostly people in nursing homes died.
And while Douthat says it's not good that so many people (he forgets about disabled people) died in nursing homes, but...well...shrug. Douthat seems not to know any POC. POC--young folks--have died disproportionately. And even though he had it,he also shrugs off #LongCovid.
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14 Sep
After 12hrs of grueling work, the #MetGala is the coolest of cool drinks.
Such gorgeousness and elegance.
My favorite #MetGala2021 dress. AOC looking fabulous.
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8 Sep
AOC is doing a good job of supporting Democrats and Biden's expansive bill that includes the #GND, while also calling out "fossil fuel lobbyists who brag about having members of Congress on speed dial." She is calling out Manchin by his actions. "We have to choose the science."
AOC says members of her community have had to remove bodies of people who died in basement apartments during flash floods and that this cannot continue. She cites the stats on how the overwhelming majority of Americans are ready to.address #ClimateCrisis.
Asked about Greg Abbott's comments on rape, AOC says she finds his comments "disgusting," and that "he doesn't understand biology 101," that it's six weeks before a menstruating person knows they have missed a period.
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5 Sep
This disgraceful headline is evocative of the inhumanity many Americans have adopted during the pandemic. Politicizing grief, be it Biden's for his beloved son, or that of the 640k families who lost someone--including young children--to #COVID, is itself pandemic.
1/🧵 Image
Too many are bored by grief and impatient with suffering. We call it "empathy fatigue," but how have we come to a point where we tire of being compassionate? After 4yrs of a self-absorbed narcissist who felt nothing for anyone else, shouldn't Biden's raw humanity be welcome?
Trump could not have cared less when Americans died. He famously was shocked to discover from Bob Woodward that it was the thousands of dead that mattered in the COVID crisis, not the stock market. Biden was gutted by the Kabul massacre and what it meant for the families.
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3 Sep
Some personal news: I just had a two-hour in-home visit from my spectacular nurse practitioner who I last saw at the end of March 2020 when everything shut down. She's a specialist in chronically ill patients with serious health issues. She is a remarkable
There's no substitute for hands-on healthcare. She was able to go over every physical issue from the decompensation brought on by lack of physical therapy to how much worse my lungs are due to my 2020 COVID experience. Full work-up including mental health discourse. Crucial.
She also spent time talking to my wife about caretaking and balance. And she will be arranging for me to get physical therapy again, which is fantastic. Since we have been working together for 5yrs, we have a trust relationship. This is essential to all healthcare.
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3 Sep
So a trans woman who has been to hell and back, says she's afraid of a powerful journalist known for bullying, after their relationship went south and now he is doing the political equivalent of revenge porn, releasing their private correspondence? Shameful and dangerous. ImageImage
I actually joined Twitter to write about Chelsea Manning when I was reporting on her over a decade ago. I was one of the left journalists pleading with Obama to release her and get her out of the torturous conditions she was in where she was kept naked with the lights on 24/7.
This turn of events is disturbing and painful to witness. The plethora of people calling Manning "unhinged" and financially predatory of the very wealthy Greenwald is truly shocking. How many of these folks want Manning back in prison? (Greenwald is RTing the likes of Redsteeze.)
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2 Sep
Major Flooding Of Schuylkill River Forces Road Closures In Philadelphia, Disrupting SEPTA Service – CBS Philly…
This is what I have been tweeting about for the past couple hours: the flooding in Philly is historic and devastating. The first two pics are Center City. That is the brand new Giant on 23rd and Cherry. ImageImage
Main Street in Manayunk in Northwest Philly where the Schuylkill is actually running through businesses and homes. ImageImage
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2 Sep
This is pretty unsettling. #Philly is a Mid-Atlantic city. This is historic flooding in a city which doesn't--or didn't used to--get extreme weather. But when you get 8inches of rain in a few hours. This is "unprecedented"according to PFD Commissioner Adam Thiel.
The Schuylkill has only been this high one other time: in 1880. And at the other end of the city, the Delaware has flooded. Over in Manayunk everything is underwater. The river is literally running through some businesses--shops, restaurants. The clean-up is going to be brutal.
I am grateful that we are on high ground, but the flooding has literally turned sections of the city into islands. Including 30th Street Station, which is a major Amtrak hub. The Schuylkill there is several feet above crest, which is why the Vine St Xpway is flooded out.
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1 Sep
Everyone always talks about the slippery slope of judicial activism.
We are officially on it.
The trajectory from banning abortions despite Roe being law leads inevitably to an assault on other right-to-privacy laws,many of which devolve from Roe as the foundational argument.
I was first assigned to cover the Supreme Court the year Bowers v Hardwick was decided. Justice Harry Blackmun, who authored Roe, was furious and wrote a blistering dissent, all predicated on the right to privacy. Destroy that, destroy civil liberties. That is where we are now.
Griswold v. Connecticut was about privacy of birth control.
Lawrence v. Texas overturned Hardwick--in part on privacy grounds set in Roe. The two decisions on same-sex marriage flowed from that; The United States v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges. This is death by 1,000 cuts.
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30 Aug
Every time we oust one purveyor of COVID disinformation from this site another one morphs to take their place. We got rid of "Dr." Naomi Wolf and Alex Berenson. But Robert Malone is on here claiming to have invented mRNA (he didn't) and that RNA is a drug (it isn't).
Stop taking advice from people who can't even be honest about their own resumes. Malone is also conflating proof of vaccination, which we all have needed since grade school, with Nazism. And a trip down his TL is harrowing, as are the folks posting replies. Be wary.
Malone *was* involved in mRNA research. But tangentially. There are numerous health sites debunking him. And his pinned tweet is a takedown of Fauci. Caveat emptor.
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30 Aug
Shocked to hear the audio tape of the mother of the youngest Marine killed in the Kabul massacre as she called into a Sirius radio program after she was notified of her son's death. Kathy McCollum's grief turned into a political invective against Biden.
Kathy McCollum called Biden "dementia-ridden," and said that "he still thinks he's a senator."McCollum said Biden "had months and months" to evacuate Afghanistan & decried the withdrawal strategy that killed her son, due to be a father in mere weeks. Pure pain and rage. Very sad.
Democrats should expect to hear this mother's impromptu outpouring of grief and rage in GOP midterm ads. Everything she said invoked the patter we've heard from the GOP since Biden took office. She may or may not regret it,but sadly, the GOP will use her loss to assail Democrats.
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29 Aug
This repugnant guest essay by Elliot Ackerman uses the Kabul crisis to self-aggrandize and distort. I don't have love affairs with politicians--no one should. And I've written countless pieces since 9/11 on Afghanistan & Iraq. But this is so wrong.
I wanted us out years ago. I voted for the promise of getting us out in 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020. Only Biden has fulfilled that promise. Do I approve of how? No. And I've written pieces explaining why I thought this exit was badly handled by Trump and then Biden.
But Ackerman's essay isn't about the issues I have raised--real issues with historical precedent. Ackerman's essay is just anti-Biden rhetoric. No blame for the deal Trump and Pompeo made with the Taliban. No blame for Trump's release of thousands of Taliban terrorists.
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27 Aug
Aug. 26, 2016 I was sent to the ER by my PCP for severe pain in my legs. The attending ignored my pain--caused by a bleed into my spine. 12hrs after I was released, I was paralyzed. A different hospital saved my life, but not my mobility. AND I have been in pain ever since. ♿⬇️
I was in the 1st hospital FOUR DAYS. The ultrasound tech saw the bleed and asked me questions that made me know something was very wrong. But the attending ordered no further tests. I'd have bled to death if paralysis didn't send me to a trauma center via EMTs. Pain is a symptom.
I would add to this 🧵 and what @mattbc wrote in his that women and LGBTQ people are regularly given less pain medication in both ERs and by PCPs. Black women get the least pain management. So gender, race and other biases impact pain care also. We must fix this.
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