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27 Nov
Shocking Connection Between The Vatican city (Italy) & Shiva Linga

The Vatican city is shaped in the form of a Shiva linga!
This shocking claim was made by historian P.N. Oak who said that the word Vatican has actually come from the Sanskrit word 'Vatika' Image
and that Christianity has come from 'Krishna Neeti'.

We have often heard that all the religions have emerged from one Sanatana Dharma. It does not matter which faith you follow because ultimately you are praying to the same God Image
The connection between the Vatican city and Shiva linga is quite interesting.

The striking similarities between the two symbols of the world's greatest religions is sure to make your mind blow away. Let us take a look at the shocking connection between them. Image
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25 Nov
Navagraha Deepam- Lighting the lamp for Nine Planets

Navagrahas ( Nine Planets) are important deities of the Hindu religion. The cosmic energy we receive contains different energies coming from these celestial bodies.
The Navagraha Deepam (lamp) is lit in the puja room of our house to inspire positive vibrations.
In this lamp, Surya Dev (the Sun), occupies the center place.

Surya is the source of life in our Solar System and represents the Light of Wisdom who dispels our darkness.
In the Navagraha Deepam, Surya is surrounded by the other Grahas (planets).

The nine faces of the lamp represent the Navagrahas. The face of Saturn is made of iron to please Shani Dev, who represents the inner strength that is founded in Truth.
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21 Nov
Modern science credits the atomic theory to an English chemist and physicist named John Dalton.

However, not many people are aware that a theory of Atoms was formulated approximately 2500 years before Dalton by an Indian sage and philosopher named “Acharya Kanada.” Image
Acharya Kanada, originally known by the name of Kashyap, is believed to have been born either around 600 BC . He was an ancient Indian natural scientist, physicist and philosopher

It was Kanada who first realized the idea that "anu"(atom) was an indestructible particle of matter

He called this indivisible matter, "anu” which literally means atom. He also stated that anu can have two states – “state of Absolute rest” and “State of motion.” He founded the “Vaisheshika School of philosophy”
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17 Nov
बिजली के आविष्कारक - महर्षि अगस्त्य

निश्चित ही बिजली का आविष्कार बेंजामिन फ्रेंक्लिन ने किया लेकिन फ्रेंक्लिन अपनी एक किताब में लिखते हैं कि “एक रात मैं संस्कृत का एक वाक्य पढ़ते-पढ़ते सो गया, उस रात मुझे स्वप्न में संस्कृत के उस वचन का अर्थ और रहस्य समझ आया जिससे मुझे मदद मिली” Image
महर्षि अगस्त्य एक वैदिक ऋषि थे। वे राजा दशरथ के राजगुरु थे। उनकी गणना “सप्तर्षियों” में की जाती है। ऋषि अगस्त्य ने “अगस्त्य संहिता” नामक ग्रंथ की रचना की। आश्चर्यजनक रूप से इस ग्रंथ में विद्युत उत्पादन से संबंधित सूत्र मिलते हैं
संस्थाप्य मृण्मये पात्रे ताम्रपत्रं सुसंस्कृतम्।
छादयेच्छिखिग्रीवेन चार्दाभि: काष्ठापांसुभिः

दस्तालोष्टो निधात्वयः पारदाच्छादितस्तत:
संयोगाज्जायते तेजो मित्रावरुणसंज्ञितम्॥

-अगस्त्य संहिता
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7 Nov
The Surya Siddhanta is a Sanskrit treatise in Indian astronomy in fourteen chapters.

It is the oldest book of Astronomy known to exist and It is startlingly accurate.

The Surya Siddhanta describes rules to calculate the motions of various planets and the moon relative to
various constellations , and calculates the orbits of various astronomical bodies.

The text is known from a palm-leaf manuscript, and several newer manuscripts. It was composed or revised c. 800 CE from an earlier text also called the Surya Siddhanta.
The Surya Siddhanta is an incredible testament to the advanced thinking of ancient Indians.

In this text, one can find the roots of trigonometry as well as essential mathematical inventions such as standard notation and the decimal system.
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3 Nov
Not In Our History Books But Forever In Our Hearts ❤️🙏🏻🇮🇳

Surya Sen, was a school teacher by profession and was popularly known as “Master Da” (22 March 1894 – 12 January 1934), he was a Bengali revolutionary who was influential in the Indian independence
movement against British rule in Bengal and Indian subcontinent and is best known for leading the 1930 Chittagong armoury raid.

He was influenced by the nationalist ideals in 1916 while he was a student of B.A. in Berhampore College.
In 1918, he was selected as president of the Indian National Congress's Chittagong branch.

Sen was known for recruiting a group of young and passionate revolutionaries known as the Chittagong group including Ananta Singh, Ganesh Ghosh and Lokenath Bal,
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2 Nov
Hanumad Ramayana: Ramayan written by Hanuman Ji !! 🙏🏻🚩

After the victory of Prabhu Ram over Ravan, Hanuman Ji went to the Himalayas to continue his worship of Shree Ram, There he scripted a version of the Ramayana on the Himalayan mountains using his nails,
recording every detail of Prabhu Ram’s deeds.

When Maharishi Valmiki visited him to show him his own wversion of the Ramayana, he also saw Hanuman Ji's version and became very disappointed.

When Hanuman Ji asked him the cause of his sorrow,
he said that his version, which he had created very laboriously was no match for the splendour of Hanuman's, and would therefore, go ignored.

At this, Hanuman Ji took those rocks on one shoulder and Valmiki on the other, and went to the sea.
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29 Oct
"जम्बू दीपे भरत खण्डे आर्याव्रत देशांतर्गते"

संकल्प के ये शब्द ध्यान देने योग्य हैं क्योंकि, इनमें जम्बूद्वीप आज के यूरेशिया के लिए प्रयुक्त किया गया है

इस जम्बू द्वीप में भारत खण्ड अर्थात भरत का क्षेत्र अर्थात ‘भारतवर्ष’ स्थित है जो कि आर्याव्रत कहलाता था
इस संकल्प के छोटे से मंत्र के द्वारा हम अपने गौरवमयी अतीत के गौरवमयी इतिहास का व्याख्यान कर डालते हैं

विद्वान एशिया महाद्वीप को ही प्राचीन जम्बूद्वीप मानते हैं उसी प्रकार अन्य ७ द्वीप भी थे जिनमे अलग-अलग देश थे जहाँ विभिन्न राजा शासन करते थे।

ये सात द्वीप थे: 👇
जंबू प्लक्षाह्वयौ द्वीपौ शाल्मलश्चापरो द्विज।
कुश: क्रौंच्स्तथा शाक: पुष्करश्चैव सप्तम:।।

आज पृथ्वी को ७ महाद्वीपों में बाँटने का कारण ये है कि हमारे पौराणिक ग्रंथों में भी पृथ्वी को ७ द्वीपों में ही बांटा गया है।
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28 Oct
India’s Unsung Women Freedom Fighter- Rani Chennamma

"If we live, we will live like free people"

This was Kittoor Chennamma's message to the British agent in South India.

The year was 1824.

As expected, the agent John Thackeray was not pleased, -
He marched to Kittoor with his army, surrounded the fort... and asked Rani Chennamma to surrender.

It is said that Rani Chennamma donned her warrior attire came out with her army. A fierce battle ensued and the British army was reportedly defeated... John Thackeray was killed.
This was a big blow to the Britishers.

Much before the revolt of 1857, there were several lone battles fought in the country and many brave women warriors led these battles and even defeated the British armies.
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26 Oct
The History and Mystery of Sanjeevani Booti

In the fierce battle that happened between Meghnad and Lakshman Ji, a deadly arrow had changed the course of the whole war. Lakshman Ji lost consciousness and Prabhu Shree Ram wailed in despair.

#JaiShreeRam #tuesdayvibe Image
In that desperate hour, Hanuman approached the Lankan Royal Physician Sushen for guidance. Sushen asked Hanuman to rush Dronagiri Hills and fetch four Divine Herbs - Mrutha Sanjeevani (For life), Vishalyakarani (For arrows), Sandhanakarani (4 skin) and Savarnyakarani (4 skin clr)
These medicines always emit light. Sushen asked him to come with those herbs at the earliest.”

On reaching Dronagiri, Hanuman ji was confused because of the infinite herbs available on that mountain,not able to pick the four from the multitude, he brought back the entire hill.
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24 Oct
Speed Of Light In The ‘Rig Veda’

As per Modern Science the speed of light is 186,000 miles/second

Now read it carefully & get to know the Power of Vedic Science👇

Speed of light was known to Indians in Vedic period and was determined accurately in Rig Veda thousands of yrs ago
It was further elaborated by Sayana ( An influential commentator on the Vedas) in the 14th century AD in his commentaries on Rig Veda.

Many years after that, The velocity of Light was calculated by Maxwell in the 19th century,
In Rig-Veda, there is a hymn which is incredibly close to the information about the speed of light.

तथा च स्मर्यते योजनानां सहस्त्रं द्वे द्वे शते द्वे च योजने एकेन निमिषार्धेन क्रममाण नमोऽस्तुते ।।
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23 Oct
मरुत उनचास ( 49 forms of wind) का अर्थ क्या है ?

श्री राम चरित मानस-सुन्दरकाण्ड
के 25 वें दोहे में तुलसीदास जी ने जब हनुमान जी ने लंका मे आग लगाई थी, उस प्रसंग पर लिखा है

हरि प्रेरित तेहि अवसर चले ‘मरुत उनचास’।
अट्टहास करि गर्जा कपि बढ़ि लाग अकास।।25।।
अर्थात : जब हनुमान जी ने लंका को अग्नि के हवाले कर दिया तो भगवान की प्रेरणा से *उनचासों (49) पवन* चलने लगे हनुमान जी अट्टहास करके गर्जे और आकार बढ़ाकर आकाश से जा लगे

इस दोहे में उनचास मरुत का क्या अर्थ है ?
49 प्रकार की वायु के बारे में जानकारी पर आपको सनातन धर्म पर अत्यंत गर्व
तुलसीदासजी के वायु ज्ञान पर सुखद आश्चर्य होगा, जिससे शायद आधुनिक मौसम विज्ञान भी अनभिज्ञ है ।

आपको यह जानकर आश्चर्य होगा कि वेदों में वायु की 7 शाखाओं के बारे में विस्तार से वर्णन मिलता है। अधिकतर लोग यही समझते हैं कि वायु तो एक ही प्रकार की होती है,
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20 Oct

This is simple yet intelligent,The Meaningful Clock in which every hour reminds 12 fundamentals of ancient Vedic philosophy, arranged as per their Numeric Value

Brahman is 'One' "एको ब्रह्म द्वितीयो नास्ति"

Ashwini Kumars 'Two'(The Divine twins -
Nastaya and Dasra)

Gunas are (satva, rajas, tamas) - 'Three'

Vedas are- 'Four' (The Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda)

Pranas (vayus) are- 'Five' ( prana vayu,apana vayu, samana vayu, udana vayu, and vyana vayu)
Rasas (tastes) are -'Six' (Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, Astringent)

Rishis are - 'Seven' (Agastya, Atri, Bhardwaja, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vashistha and Vishvamitra)

Major Siddhis are- 'Eight'
(Anima, Mahima,Garima, Laghima,Prapti, Prakamya, Ishitav Siddhi,Vashitab Siddhi)
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19 Oct
भगवान श्री राम को तो सभी जानते हैं लेकिन क्या आप उनके पूर्वजों के बारे में जानते हैं!

भगवान श्री राम का जन्म अपनें वंश की उन्चालिसवी (39) पीढ़ी में राजा दशरथ के पुत्र के रूप में हुआ था

श्री रामजी की पीढ़ी की शुरूआत - ब्रह्मा जी से हुई

#JaiShreeRam #JaiBajrangBali
1 - ब्रह्मा जी से मरीचि हुए
2 - मरीचि के पुत्र कश्यप हुए
3 - कश्यप के पुत्र विवस्वान थे
4 - विवस्वान के वैवस्वत मनु हुए.वैवस्वत मनु के समय जल प्रलय हुआ था
5 - वैवस्वतमनु के दस पुत्रों में से एक का नाम इक्ष्वाकु था इक्ष्वाकु ने अयोध्या को
अपनी राजधानी बनाया और इस प्रकार इक्ष्वाकु कुलकी स्थापना हुई

6 - इक्ष्वाकु के पुत्र कुक्षि हुए
7 - कुक्षि के पुत्र का नाम विकुक्षि था
8 - विकुक्षि के पुत्र बाण हुए
9 - बाण के पुत्र अनरण्य हुए
10- अनरण्य से पृथु हुए
11- पृथु से त्रिशंकु का जन्म हुआ
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18 Oct

The "Varnachitras" are Shlokas written with certain constraints on the use of consonants.

For example Here is a Meaningful Shloka where all the 33 consonants in Sanskrit come in their Natural Order 👇

#Sanskrit @LostTemple7 Image
कः खगौघाङचिच्छौजा झाञ्ज्ञोऽटौठीडडण्ढणःl
तथोदधीन् पफर्बाभीर्मयोऽरिल्वाशिषां सहःll

"Who is he, the lover of birds, pure in intelligence, expert in stealing the strength of others, leader among the destroyers of the enemies,the steadfast, the fearless, the one who filled the ocean!
He is the king Maya, the repository of the blessings that can destroy the foes."

**And here is a sloka which uses only three consonants out of the 33 द (da),व (va) and न (na).

देवानां नन्दनो देवो नोदनो वेदनिन्दिनाम्

दिवं दुदाव नादेन दाने दानवनन्दिनः ॥
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17 Oct

"NAK-KAATI-RANI" (Nose Cutter Queen) : The Invincible Queen of Garhwal


Rani Karnavati of Garhwal Kingdom (also known as Tehri Garhwal) was the wife of Mahipat Shah, The Rajput king of Garhwal.

The capital of Garhwal Kingdom was shifted from Dewalgarh to Srinagar, Uttarakhand by him, who ascended to throne in 1622
and further consolidated his rule over most parts of Garhwal.

Though King Mahipati Shah died young in 1631, after his death his Rani ( wife) Karnavati, ruled
the kingdom on the behalf of her very young seven-year-old son, Prithvipati Shah.

She ruled over for many years to come, during which she successfully defend the kingdom against invaders and repelled an attack of Mughal army of Shah Jahan led by Najabat Khan.
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15 Oct
दशहरा पर क्यूँ होता है ‘शस्त्र पूजन’,

और किस तरह शुरू हुई ‘भारतीय सेना’ में यह परम्परा और कैसे करती है ‘सेना’ यह पूजन 🇮🇳

ज्योतिषशास्त्र के अनुसार, आश्विन शुल्क की दशमी तिथि को शुक्र उदय होने के समय जो मुहुर्त होता है, उसे ‘विजय मुहूर्त’ कहते हैं.
स्वयं की दसों इंद्रियों पर विजय के लिए यह काल सर्वश्रेष्ठ है। दस से अभिप्राय है दस इंद्रियां। पांच ज्ञानेन्द्रियां और पांच कर्मेन्द्रियां। इन्हीं इंद्रियों को पराजित करने का प्रतीक है यह पर्व

दशहरा के दिन शस्त्र पूजन करने की परंपरा सदियों पुरानी है. देवी अपराजिता को देवताओं
द्वारा पूजित,महादेव सहित ब्रह्मा, विष्णु और विभिन्न अवतारों द्वारा नित्य ध्यान में लायी जाने वाली देवी कहा गया है. दशमी के दिन इनके पूजन का विशेष महत्व है

देवी अपराजिता शक्ति की नौ पीठ शक्तियों में से एक हैं. देवी जया-विजया से संबंधित बहुत-सी कथाएं धर्म ग्रंथों में प्रचलित हैं,
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14 Oct
TULABHAR or TULA-DAAN, is an ancient Hindu practice in which a person is weighed against a commodity (such as gold, grain, fruits or other objects),and the equivalent weight of that commodity is offered as donation

1929: PRINCELY INDIA: The Durbar celebrations at Alwar

#Bharat Image
MAHARAJA OF ALWAR being weighed against silver on scales. This resulted in a large sum being given to the poor

The Matsya Purana provides several requirements for a tula purusha ceremony. The text states, the donor should step into one of the pans of the weighing scale,
and the brahmanas should place pure gold pieces of equal weight in the other pan. After invoking the Goddess Earth, the donor should give half the gold to the guru, and the rest to the brahmanas, the poor and the helpless.
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12 Oct
176 yrs old Hanuman Das Baba: A living Sant (saint) of Vrindavan, who may be one of the oldest living Sant on earth

An Article by Jahnava Nitai Das
he wrote - Once I asked this Baba how old he was. He Replied he could not remember his age, but recalled that he was 12 yrs
old when Jhansi Rani fought the British. You can deduce his age from that. Jhansi Rani fought the British in 1857, so he would be around 170 years old.( in 2014)

He mentioned to me that he had grown a second set of teeth after all of his teeth had fallen out,
something that happens to some people after 100 years.I have seen and heard of some other babas who also grew second sets of teeth after 100 years.

When young,Hanuman Das left his home and came to Vrindavan to become a devotee of Shri Krishna.He founded a wonderful goshala there
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11 Oct
What Is The Significance Of The Snake Around Bhagwan Shiva's Neck!

The snake represents the Ahamkara (ego).When we poke a snake, it recoils instantly and spreads its hood to attack us

Similarly, when someone says something that we don't wish to hear,our ego spontaneously reacts
This ego lies inside the human body whereas,in the Gods and the Goddesses, the ego becomes powerless. It doesn't affect them because they govern it.
Hence, Bhagwan Shiv uses this Ahamkara as an ornament because it doesn't find space within his body.
Bhagwan monitors the Ahamkara or the ego that otherwise makes us hollow from within.

Shiva is also known as Vairagi, meaning he is above the mundane world. He doesn't fear anything as he is above all emotions. A snake that is deadliest to us
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10 Oct
Back in the day, Air India was a huge collector of art. In 1967, the airline asked Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali to create something, Dali agreed but for payment, he wanted a baby elephant and they accepted it.

#AirIndia #artwork #porcelain
Dali ended up creating an ashtray for the airline. The ashtray was composed of swans that if flipped upside down, it becomes elephant heads. The top of the ashtray was enclosed with a snake. Only around 500 of these were produced and they were presented to special passengers and
friends of Air India around the world.

Air India flew a two-year old baby elephant from Bangalore to Geneva, and from there it was driven by truck to the village of Cadaqués in Spain where it was presented to Dali by two Indian women in saris and the Indian elephant caretaker.
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