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23 Oct
#IEX Q2 22 Results Thread 🧵 CMP : ₹ 763

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➡️ During H1 22 there was 14% increase in power consumption with respect to last year.

➡️ Monsoon affected the coal supply. Imported coal prices increased from $25 to $120/ ton
➡️ LNG Prices increased 10x from $3 MMBTU last year to $30 MMBTU currently

➡️ On 17th Oct 2021 IEX received CERC approval to commence the Green Day Ahead contract as a part of the integrated Day-Ahead market.
➡️IEX Launched Value Added Services (VAS) for renewable energy generators - Generation forecasting & analytics solutions. Already onboarded Climate Connect as panel service provider

➡️ The 10-year long jurisdictional conflict related to power market between CERC and SEBI has
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18 Oct
Update on Antony Waste Meeting :
1. Kanjurmarg Plant Per day Processing 5000 to 5300 MT while capacity is 7000 MT. Due to covid capacity utilization got affected
2. Waste Processing is at developing phase in India. Only 25-30% waste is processed while remaining is dumped
3. Till now no plants are funded by municipal corporations, all the funding is done by antony.
4. As municipal corporations are not funding the processing plants, sometimes it becomes difficult for bank funding
6. Waste to energy plant will be operational till march FY 23 at Pimpri.
7. Operating margins in the processing segments are generally higher compared to C&T.
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18 Oct
Clinical Trial Process | A Thread🧵

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We have discussed the drug discovery process in a previous 🧵. In this 🧵 we will attempt to shed some light on the clinical trials process to enhance our understanding of the drug discovery process
Topics Covered :
1. What are clinical trials
2. Why are they conducted
3. Phase 0 Trials
4. Phase 1 Trials
5. Types of studies in Phase 1
6. Phase 2 Trials
7. Phase 3 Trials
8. Filing of NDA
9. Phase 4 Trials
10. Success rates
1. What are clinical trials ?
A type of research study that tests how well new medical approaches work in people. These studies test new methods of screening, prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a disease. Before doing a clinical trial, investigators conduct preclinical
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15 Oct
XELPMOC - Junior Info Edge in Making ? 📱📶
A Thread 🧵 CMP - 402

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Topics Covered
1. Company Overview
2. Industry Overview
3. Different From IT Companies ?
4. Business Model
5. Start-up Culture In India
6. H.E.A.L
7. Portfolio Companies
8. Value Of Portfolio
9. Products
10.Operational Highlights
11. Summary Of Financials
12. Key Highlights


1. Xelpmoc is a provider of professional and technical consulting services, offering end-to-end technology solutions and support.
2. They provide a wide range of services like mobile and web application development, prototype development, thematic product development and data science and analytics assistance.
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13 Oct
Antony Waste Handling Cell - Opportunity in Municipal Solid Waste?

A Thread 🧵 CMP - Rs 390

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Topics Covered:
1. Company overview
2. Industry overview
3. Business Model
4. Revenue Mix
5. Projects in Hand
6. Barriers to entry
7. Essential Nature of the Business
8. Sector Tailwinds

1. Company Overview: Antony Waste has been in the business of waste management for over 2 decades. They have experience in solid waste collection, transportation, processing and disposal services. Image
They primarily cater to Indian Municipal Corporations.

2. Industry Overview: The Solid Waste Management market in India was valued at ₹5000 Cr in 2020. It is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.4% to ₹9800 Cr by 2025. Developed countries such as Sweden, Image
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4 Oct
Thread on common terminologies one should know while researching pharma companies

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Topics Covered:

1.1 Acute Disease
1.2 Chronic Disease
1.3 Orphan Disease

2.1 Pharmaceutical Drugs
2.2 Biologic Drug
2.3 Biosimilar
2.4 Bioequivalence

3.1 Intermediate
3.2 API
3.3 Formulation

US FDA Terminology
4.1 DMF
4.2 VMF
4.3 NDA
4.4 ANDA
4.5 Orange book
4.6 Purple book
4.7 Green book
1.1 Acute Disease: These are the diseases that appear suddenly and last for a very short amount of time. They can be easily treated with medication. Common examples of acute diseases are influenza or the common cold.
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2 Oct
Thread on Drug Development process 🧵

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Topics Covered :
1.Introduction to CRO,CDMO,CMO & CRAMS
3.Clinical Trials
4.Commercialization and Surveillance
5.Success Rates
1. Introduction :
What are CROs, CDMOs, CMOs and CRAMS? How are they different from each other and what value do they add to the Pharma Value Chain? To understand these concepts, we took a look at the drug discovery process.
The APIs manufactured by our Indian players lie at the end of this value chain. There is a whole process that comes before it that takes a lot more time and costs a lot of money.
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23 Sep
Unique Business Model

CMP- Rs 1296

A Thread 🧵

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Topis covered:
1. Tips Industries Overview
2.Music Segment
4. Tips Business Model
5.Acquisition Cost
6. Tips Film Business
7. Tips YouTube
8. Why Should Artists Choose Tips Over Other Labels?
10.Future Growth
11.Content Acquisition
12. Conclusion

1. Tips Industries Overview
It was founded by Kumar S. Taurani and Ramesh S. Taurani in 1975.
In 1975, the Taurani brothers used to trade
in LP’s (Long Playing Phonograph Records) for three of the biggest companies in India – HMV, Music India & CBS. By 1977, they had become the biggest dealers for these companies in Western India.
Driven by the ambition of both the brothers started their own record label.
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22 Sep
Innovation in the Domestic Poultry Vaccine Business

Hester Biosciences - 2021 Annual Report Summary

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A Thread 🧵

Topics Covered
1. Company overview
2. New launches
3. Key innovation
4. Vaccine plant in Africa
5. Future Opportunities
6. Subsidiaries
7. Manufacturing facilities
8. Revenue Split
9. MD's message
10. Management Discussion and Analysis
11. Financials

1. Company Overview
Hester Biosciences is a leading poultry and animal healthcare company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of vaccines Image
and healthcare products. They currently have a capacity to manufacture 8.99 billion doses. They offer a wide range of high-efficacy vaccines, quality pharmaceutical medicines and affordable feed supplements that protect poultry and animals from diseases. The company has a range
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21 Sep
Pioneering oleochemicals in India
Fine Organics Limited 🧑‍🔬⚗️🧪

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Topics covered:
1. Company overview
2. Management
3. Oleochemicals
4. Palm Oil value chain
5. Business Segments
6. Financials
7. Risks
1. Company overview:
Fine Organics commenced operations in 1970 and is the pioneer in oleochemical-based additives in India. The Company has developed a range of 450+ specialty additives, which successfully find their place in foods, plastics, cosmetics, coatings and other key
applications in several industries. The company derives 45% of its revenues domestically and 55% from exports.

2. Management:
i) Prakash Kamat – Executive Director and Chairman : He holds a M. Sc. Tech- Master of Science & Tech (Oils) from Institute of Chemical Technology.
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20 Sep
Cost leader in Animal Pharma
NGL Fine Chem 🐕🐕‍🦺🐶
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@unseenvalue @punitbansal14

A Thread 🧵

CMP - 2820

Topics Covered :
1. Company overview
2. Management
3. Business segments
4. Business strategy
5. Backward Integration
6. Revenue split
7. Products
8. Manufacturing facilities
9.R&D expenditure

1. Company overview
Established in 1981, NGL Fine Chem manufacturers and markets APIs, Intermediates and Finished Dosage forms for human and animal pharmaceutical products Image
They cater to various Indian and global companies with high quality and reliable products. They acquired Macrotech Polychem for ₹7Cr in 2019 as part of a backward integration strategy.
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18 Sep
#Saregama 2021 Annual Report Key Takeways :

A Thread 🧵
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Topics Covered :
1. Music Segment
2. IP Creation
3. IP Monetisation
4. Social Media Platforms
5. Retailing Through Carvaan
6. Carvaan - Product to platform
7. Video Segment
8. Publication Segment
9.Changing media consumption
1. Music Segment
Saregama has India's largest music IP collection with more than 1,30,000 songs.
It has 15% of songs till 1960 contributing 5% of revenue, 27% of songs from 1961-1980 contributing 37% in revenues, 29% of songs from 1981-2000 contributing 28% of revenues Image
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18 Sep
100 years of Sulphur Chemistry
Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company 🧪🧑‍🔬⚗️
A Thread 🧵
CMP - 329

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Topics Covered :
1. Company Overview
2. History
3. Business segments
4. Key products
5. Revenue split
6. Manufacturing Facilities
7. R&D expenditure
8. Capex
9. Financials
10.Future Outlook
11. Risks

1. Company overview: The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company Limited (DMCC) is a fully integrated speciality chemicals player in sulphur, boron and ethanol chemistry.
They have over 100 years of experience in sulphur chemistry and have also diversified their operations across other downstream products. Their products find usage in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, detergents, dyes, fertilisers, pigments and cosmetics.
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16 Sep
#neogenchemicals notes with B&K securities :
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1. Products and contracts
During the lockdown the company received two long term contracts
i)Innovator pharma customer who is already purchasing some molecules from neogen
ii)International agro innovator with whom neogen is working for complex 6-7 stage molecules

After the VAM machines were introduced in India, Neogen was the first company to manufacture Lithium bromide required in VAM machines
Current revenue mix is 50% bromine 30% advance intermediates(10% CSM) and 20% lithium which will change to 40% bromine 40% advance intermediates (20% CSM) and 20% lithium.
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31 Aug
#Sequent 2021 Annual Report Details 🐕🐶
@unseenvalue @punitbansal14

Sequent Scientific just published their Annual Report for FY2021. Here are some of the key highlights.
1. 65% of revenue came from regulated markets whereas 35% came from less regulated markets.
Of this, 66% revenue was from formulations and 34% was from API.
2. Figures: ₹905Cr from Formulations and ₹456Cr from API
The business generated over ₹150Cr in cash from operations alone.
CFO/EBITDA for the year stood at 73.27%
3. Revenues for the formulation business were as follows : 46% Europe(3.8% yoy growth), 18% Turkey(37.3% yoy growth), 17% LATAM(78.5% yoy growth), 10% Emerging Markets(31.3% yoy decline), 9% India(98.4% yoy growth)
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29 Aug
#valiantorganics Update :
1. OA capacity expanded to 4800 MT
2. ONA (Raw material for OA) capacity increased to 7200 MT. It will increase the margins. (New Product)
3. #PAP #paraaminphenol Production started. 200 MT in Q1 and expected to be 2300 MT in FY22. Total capacity 9000MT
4. Increased the stake in bharat chemicals from dhanvallabh venture LLP ( from 40 to 50%)
5. #bharatchemicals capacity of #paracetamol increased to 9000 MT
6. Raw material price increased in Q1, which will be passed on in Q2. #OA,#ONA,#PA,#PNA,#PAP will started contributing
7. New capex for #apis (chemicals for APIs). Mostly for apis manufactured by #aartiindustries and #aartidrugs
Intermediates will be manufactured for following APIs :
1. Ranolazine
2. Benazeprill
3. Elagolix
4. Pranlucast
5. Moxifloxacin
6. Ramipril
7. Montelukast
8. Quinapril
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7 Aug
An analysis of #Sequent - India’s largest Animal Health Company
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A thread!🧵
1. Points covered :
2. Promoters and management
3. Company overview
4. Why is it different from human pharma
5. Opportunity size
6. Stability of business
7. FMCG like business
8. Barriers to entry
9. Manufacturing facilities
10. Summary of financials
11. Major acquisitions
12. Capex Details
13. Reduced Debt
14. Future Growth prospects
15. Valuation
Promoters and management
Carlyle Group - Private equity firm Carlyle Group acquired a majority stake in Sequent in 2020 and are the new promoters of the company. They have a lot of experience investing in the healthcare sector both in India and globally.
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7 Aug
Here are some downstream derivatives for #phenol
#Deepaknitrite will be doing 700 Cr capex for the products which are used in paints & coatings , lifesciences.
Check the following list & comment what can be downstream derivatives of #phenol ?
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