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Yes, things are happening. No, I'm not complacent. Yes, your own freedom is yours to grab anytime you want to reclaim your mind from those who manipulate it.
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22 Nov
When you stop wearing masks, go out when you want, and trade unofficially within your community.

They’re not just gonna stop. You’ve gotta stop.
Maybe there’ll be consequences, maybe not. That goes for everything in life and I’d rather accept the consequences of living than not living.

You either want to stop being a prisoner or you don’t. Nobody will let you out. You’re going to have to plan a jailbreak.
As long as there are people willing to be prisoners in this world, there will be a warden.

That doesn’t mean YOU have to listen to him.
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22 Nov
To understand reality, you’ll have to try on different reality tunnels. Method acting.

Try to convince yourself you’re a die-hard liberal for five minutes. Feel genuinely righteous about your beliefs.

Apply to any arbitrary box made for us.
Your brain will of course try to chime in and say, “that’s wrong, stop it, this is uncomfortable.”

Nothing to fear. It’s a meaningless label.
Adopt an Amish frame of mind for five minutes. Look at your phone and experience contempt, at how a beautiful world is being destroyed and robotized by the endless march of technology. About how a simpler life is blissful.
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22 Nov
Maybe dreams are the shutting down and bypassing of the logical mind that would usually explode at the prospect of such a radically different reality than what it is used to.
Dreams often have entirely different laws of physics. Different paces of time experienced.

Maybe they are “just as real” — but so foreign that the rational mind rationalizes it as a hallucination.
When you include that the observed is inseparable from the observer, the argument is valid that dreams are reality — just a big hope in channels like I was talking about earlier, rather than a series of tiny hops experienced when the rational mind is ticking.
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22 Nov
Yup. A bunch of viewers exerting energy in the field of will to experience the current channel.

Imo, convincing them to exert that energy is what “magic” is and is what “they” are doing.
The Newtonian dynamics of our world is more self-preservation than anything. If we randomly switched to a reality where chairs were liquid, our minds would implode from the dissonance. It is the path of infinite action.

See: schizophrenia.
But it’s funny to consider.

You pouring coffee in the morning is magic.

The exertion of will the rack the next reality into the chamber.
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22 Nov
Time is less of a march and more a switching of the channel.

All the channels are running at the same moment (the moment is all that is), but which are you watching?

In quantum physics, that’s the collapse of the wave function, driven by the observer (watcher).
Time is the result of the brain’s introspection. A quantum object seeking to model itself.
Time appears linear because the brain utilizes it’s current state to find the next logical state. One channel up or down. But people who have had near-death experiences will tell you that their entire world appeared immediately different. A bigger skip.
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22 Nov
Hatred is easy and often based on real transgression. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t exist.

Still must be overcome.
It is instilled in us from a very young age that we are slaves to our baser nature, which is why we need masters.

I reject that hypothesis.
We could continue hating and feeling righteous about it and remain on the same cycle that humanity has taken for thousands of years.

Or we could try something new.
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21 Nov
A semantic system solidifies a subject’s submission to it. It is by nature filled with arbitrary and meaningless “lingo” that gives the illusion of understanding, but shuts down the logic center of the brain.

It can be seen in law, finance, gender studies, etc.
It creates the illusion of an “in-crowd” and an “out-crowd”. Those who have been brainwashed to believe they “get” the meaningless nonsense of any semantic system are at war with those who “don’t get” the meaningless nonsense.
Finance folks get to be under the impression that non-finance folks don’t get the economy, an economy so far removed from the mutual trade of goods that the vast majority of it only exists on paper (semantics), and makes no sense.
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21 Nov
My world looks nothing like it did a year ago. Or a month ago. Or a week ago. Or a day ago.

I’d argue that it doesn’t just appear as a different world, but actually is a different world.
The observer cannot be separated from the observed.
The observer of this tweet, you, were not the observer yesterday. You were a different person yesterday. You observe it now.

And as such, our realities are interacting.
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21 Nov
How do you win? Find the will to be free, in its purest sense, no matter what your external circumstance. No matter what they can do to you. Even if they lock you up, as seemingly paradoxical as it sounds.

Then you win
Hope I never have to test this theory, but I intend to try. And by virtue of intending to try now, I am already free.
If you can smile with the barrel to your head, congratulations — you’ve won the game.
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21 Nov
Yep. Legitimately, starvation is a fake, manufactured problem.
I would. That their starvation was not necessary.

Knee-jerk, emotional reactions are not required.
I mean, Holodomor was literally caused be State withholding of plentiful food. That’s the point we’re making here.
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20 Nov
The way you experience the world writ large will largely be dependent on your own weaknesses.

If you are ignorant, the joke’s on you.

If you are filled with hate, the hate will be abundant.

If you are filled with fear, there will be no shortage of things to fear.
Think of it as a learning exercise.
It’s hard to change, though, because we get attached to the way we see the world. Doesn’t matter if it looks ugly to us, it seems to impart some order — we “know” it exists this way.

But if you want a better world, you’re going to have to destroy the earlier models.
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20 Nov
I’m not postponing anything. I’m collecting rainwater right now. And not wearing a mask. And having gatherings of more than 10.
This is about more than politics. As long as we continue to observe rule, we will be ruled. That’s the game.
As long as we beg for a rule to be lessened in the same system that created the rule, we will be ruled.
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20 Nov
If you don’t enjoy one man’s random dialogue with himself, you’re not gonna like following this account lmao.
You’re not gonna find hot takes on the news anymore, because I don’t care about it anymore. It’s fake. I’ve said it was fake but really believing it takes a lot of time.
I’m certainly not going to give the unreality anymore attention than I already have, which is a lot.

Torturing myself with endless, manufactured cycles of fear.

I’m disembarking the carousel.
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20 Nov
“Oh shit, they locked us down again. Tyrants.”

Says who? Some random dickhole in a big house upon whom we ascribe authority?
“They’re gonna wreck the economy. We won’t have food on the table. Bastards.”

What economy? Their economy? Have a yard? Have a bit of forest in that big ol’ world that nobody visits? Have a friend who grows potatoes? Have a skill? Trade. No taxes.
“They’re gonna make me do X in order to work for money. Pieces of shit.”

What money? Their money? If you can work for that Monopoly money, you can work for real value.

Don’t you see? It’s all fake. The system can only threaten to take away services the system provides.
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20 Nov
The best approach to knowledge is with playfulness, not dogma.

I’m right sometimes and wrong sometimes — both are fun.
Argue your point with ferocity, else you may never know you were right. Acknowledge a better argument, else you may never know you were wrong.
The feature of this world is that nobody wants to admit is that nobody will ever have the full picture.

A competition that everyone loses, when framed with dogma.

Might as well laugh at your folly.
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19 Nov
Lockdowns don’t exist.

One person says a thing from a place of authority that doesn’t exist and people choose to believe the thing that doesn’t exist under threat of a penalty that doesn’t exist.

So people “lock down” but there are no Lockdowns.
It may be semantics but our image of the world is constructed by semantics.
Even the basis for which you assign authority to the authority that doesn’t exist is nonexistent. The term “social contract” is interesting in that nobody signed it.
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19 Nov
The fundamental division tactic upon which all others are based are the Cult of Reason and the Cult of Intuition/Emotion.

Splitting up two fundamental aspects of the human condition and convincing folks they have to pick one. Together, they are human. Separate, cults.
Mirroring the microcosmic continuation of gender warfare, the two cults are encouraged to lob sociocultural nukes at each other until both are thoroughly impotent puddles of mush with no hope of recombination and a return to humanity.
He who views himself as belonging to a sub-type of the Cult of a Reason will view others as incomparable idiots, incapable of thought.

He who views himself as in the Cult of Emotion will view others as uncaring monsters.

Reconciliation and effective alliance becomes impossible.
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17 Nov
I’ve gone through it on my timeline and I should really make a pinned thread. But right now, go to events near you, have as many people as you want to your house, don’t wear a mask, buy locally, decrease consumption generally, reclaim dependencies on food, water, shelter, energy
... go to the range and talk to people, make connections and mutual defense agreements, barter skills, develop analog skills, buy remote land if you can swing it.

That’s what I’d consider phase 2. There are more phases if necessary. Basically, localize to fight globalization.
All of these things will make you much more confident and able to participate in less savory phases of the need arises.

Oh, and of course, health. Get outside, get in shape as much as possible. Eat better, sleep better. It REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Including spiritual health.
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17 Nov
The Reset provides a once-in-a-millennia opportunity in which the gray area is basically nil and the battle lines completely drawn.

The people or the rulers. Not wars between rulers at the expense of the people.

Nope, this is clear.
With friends still asleep, honestly, screw politics and just send them WEF posts. It’s not a conspiracy theory lol
Especially, “you’ll own nothing and be happy”
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16 Nov
If you feel hopeless, seriously, withdraw from the field. Spend the next month off of Twatter and reading Revolutionary War literature.

You have a deadline, and a bit of time, and there is no excuse for not trying to get your head right.
Because I can promise you that seeking to commiserate with folks online will give you no reprieve, but it may just spread the disease of nihilism to another soul.

At least become firm in your conviction that freedom should win, and recognize when your presence is not helping.
If you find the urge to write, “it’s over. We lost,” take a step back and ask yourself why you feel the need to post that. I can assure you it is for selfish reasons, and you need to be honest with yourself.

This is independent of politics. It’s ultimately our battle.
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15 Nov
Not willing to fight, get off my timeline.
I have zero time for any nihilists. None. You’re a detriment to the cause of freedom.
I’ve philosophically preached the insidious cancer that is the black pill. That time is over. The black pillers are getting left behind in the dust. They are of no fucking use.

We move forward or we die. Black pillers can sit in the fetal position for all I care.
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