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29 Nov
Want to build America back better than ever?
Sure, yeah, definitely.

How to fund the vast amounts of work that needs to be done and initiatives needed?
Tax the mo**erf***ers who enabled the demolition.
Without their tax-free money laundering shell “charities”, it wouldn’t have happened. They are exploiting the f**k out of 501c organization status and they are counting on you not having large enough testicles and/or ovaries to call them out on it.
They are prepared to use any “actually good” charity as a human shield. They’ll put on costumes of cancer research and orphan support to pull at your heartstrings.
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29 Nov
Eliminate all tax exemptions. All of them. If a charitable organization is truly worthy of existing, there are other ways to incentivize and supplement that charitable organization’s activities with oversight and transparency.
Allowing the wealthy to “donate” vast sums of cash to allegedly charitable organizations, and deducting that amount from the person’s owed taxes, is the same as allowing rich people to appoint themselves as a distributor of federal funds.
No one elected them to that position, no elected official appointed them to it, and they were not hired for it.
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28 Nov
A great case study in the power that words and narrative have over people is the IoT phenomenon.
Me: “so, you think there should be specific laws governing IoT devices, separate from laws governing ‘other’ computers?”
Lawmaker: “yeah, it makes sense and that will help keep things in their own lanes. Industry needs to know what rules apply to the products they make and the public deserves to know what level of privacy they are giving up or should expect.”
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27 Nov
Speed of thought while crunching through a complex problem-

Inside my own head: 100gb/s (lan)

However, when a solution is found and it must be *explained* to someone who spent 20 years shuffling paper in a bureaucracy, that bandwidth throughput hits 56k last-mile status.
Moral of the story is that people with deep levels of understanding and true, accurate, ability to swiftly pivot concepts from one knowledge domain to another are constantly bottlenecked in the explanation phase of communication.
But that is our burden to bear and should not complain about it. It’s the way things are.
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26 Nov
In reality, this robot does not actually allow humans to take on other tasks. It allows nearsighted companies to cut out human employees and replace them with minimally capable devices which do not require a paycheck, insurance coverage, or a lunch break.
I say “nearsighted” because if the companies buying these machines had any real ability to forecast with tech in mind, they would realize that robots like this are always made with a tons of connectivity “features” (both wired and wireless).
And, because they are sold by a modern for-profit manufacturer, restaurants will be forced into an ongoing software patch + maintenance service contract. This means your fleet will always be one bad patch away from all suddenly going offline (intentionally or otherwise).
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25 Nov
A Tragedy in One Act

Attorney: "The courts are not going to put up with this monkey-business much longer. You have to start limiting the propaganda bots on your platform."
CEO: "I don't wanna!"
Attorney: "Then I have to resign and they'll put you in prison."
CEO: "Fine!" *frown*
Manager1: "Ok team, CEO says I'm going to prison unless we start doing something to control the propagandatreasoning we're knowingly allowing to happen for profit."
Engineer1: "We could spend a fortune appropriately developing the Super-AI moderation software we claim to have."
Manager1: "Hmm, I don't want to spend a lot of money. That would eat into my end of the year personal bonus fund and I really want a third yacht."
Engineer1: "We could farm it out to third-world slave labor. They'll probably just clone a wordfilter off github though."
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24 Nov
Things like content alteration, MitM attacks, and traffic injection would be much less likely and much more easily detected if the mindset of network developers actually was to build *from* security and integrity rather than trying to add them in later on.
Existing example: Developers of vital software these days often publish the correct hash ("signature") of a software download. The idea being that an end user who downloads the file can independently calculate the resulting file's hash and compare to make sure it's identical.
Which is a way to feel somewhat protected against a malicious network hop in between you and the server having the ability to alter the content of what you thought you were downloading (or your isp, or your compromised modem, or some trojan backdoor running on your computer).
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23 Nov
It’s really strange how a company can just invent a cost that does not actually exist and charge people for it. That’s the exact kind of thing the FTC is supposed to punish companies for doing.
To clarify- Cable company bandwidth caps are fraud. There are laws against fraud going unenforced against cable companies. That seems wrong. Doesn’t it?
Remember the few months earlier this year when the biggest cable companies removed all bandwidth caps due to the raging pandemic forcing everyone to stay home?

How many internets came to a grinding halt due to the sudden overwhelming bandwidth usage strain?

None? Oh yeah. None.
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22 Nov
Every person on Earth of ≥ average reading comprehension must re-familiarize themselves with the concepts of Classical Conditioning (aka Pavlovian Conditioning)…
If you use the internet today, you are being targeted and subjected to Pavlovian Conditioning.
This was not always the case, but it is now.

Until approximately 10 years ago, online marketing and advertisement still primarily involved wide broadcasting of words and appealing imagery. In today's world, this is not longer the case.
The most powerful players in marketing now masquerade as if still serving that past purpose in order to maintain an appearance of legitimacy. It is camoflage.
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21 Nov
The election manipulation cabal uses an array of words for the purpose of signaling their involvement. Similar to the concept of a “secret handshake” or inside-joke/meme (but with addition of underlying malicious intent to cooperate toward similar goals).
Those words include:


and others.
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20 Nov
Note regarding “Patrollin”:

I did some very basic overview of "patrollin[.]com" and it is highly suspicious. I'm currently assuming it's an intentional trap. Whoever is running it has created patrollin[.]com in a way that the page...
...source clearly establishes it is serving resources from a location of patrollin-cdn[.]com (which normally would indicate a site's Content Distribution Network endpoint).
patrollin-cdn[.]com does exist, but appears to be intentionally imitating the appearance of a public AWS S3 bucket. But, I attempted to verify its existence within AWS, and there does not appear to actually be any aws s3 bucket with the name patrollin-cdn[.]com...
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19 Nov
I am not thrilled by this paper. It reads as if authored by smart network enthusiasts who do understand the past, but are not particularly gifted at forecasting the future of interaction with evolving fields of tech.
It lacks the wisdom and insight one hopes to see on display in this level of publication. Some pointers:
-Artificial Intelligence is not Machine Learning. Machine Learning is not necessarily assistive to a human operator unless intentionally directed toward that purpose.
-The "Cyber Kill Chain" concept needs to dropped. It is narrow minded tunnel vision and limits the public understanding of important security concepts outside of that one relatively small category of pre-meditated purpose driven action.
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19 Nov
Do you have a pet dog or cat? Did someone pretty much force you to have them chipped? ("it really would be a shame if that little fluffy loved-one got lost... let's put a tiny microchip in them.")
And you said "Ok" because they exploited your fears, correct?
Congratulations! That's not just your pet's identification tag, it's yours, too!

If a smartphone is close enough to your pet, it can read that little rfid tag. But, hey, let's all post some more lolcat pictures, right?

Technology never spoils anything :(.
If anyone (company, organization, person, agency, etc.) remotely utilizes a smartphone or other device, without informed consent of subject, to gather information about a surrounding environment of a person, we must prosecute mercilessly. Fines and jail time *per* victim.
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18 Nov
Remember when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a $10 million Rewards for Justice offer for information about election meddling/hacking/fraud/etc back in August 2020?

Their poster says to submit an email to info@rewardsforjustice[.]net. I sent an email on August 5th.
One single auto response asking about the nature of my "tip". I already explained the "nature" of it in the original email. If they need to see *everything* up front, they are going to need to set up some sort of large file hosting. Email attachments don't cut it.
The validity of my information can be easily verified by, for example, contacting any of the government entities I already listed in the original email who know of these events or already have copies of portions of this evidence.
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18 Nov
This is a well worded letter written by intelligent people. Notice that it does *not* say "hey u guys there were no hax and elections r fine."
But it *does* correctly point out that no evidence has been provided to support any claim of "hacks" changing this election's outcome.
News anchors and political journalists need to study this letter. That's how you should portray that trump is a desperate liar and the public should not believe him.
It's the correct way to do it because it does not involve phrases like:
-"There were absolutely no fraudulently cast ballots at all in the election and nobody has ever hacked an election machine in any way. That's crazy conspiracy talk."
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17 Nov
Watching Senate hearing currently featuring Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Mark Zuckerberg (FB).

It is very easy to recognize the vacuous, bad faith, faux-outrage chaff of people like Sen. Mike Lee.
He just now asserted social platforms are disproportionately suppressing statements expressing his party’s viewpoint.

But then Sen. Lee asked if there is a way to get a “list” of accounts who have had their tweets/posts suppressed.

This does not logically compute.
If Sen. Mike Lee is so certain that social media companies are acting with political bias in content moderation, to the point he is comfortable stating it as if fact in a Senate hearing, he *should* already have that kind of list on hand and the statistics to prove it.
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16 Nov
Forget about slowly cobbling together a federal data privacy law. Just start enforcing the laws against online harassment, inducement of distress, and cyberstalking.
Seriously. You have the actual brochures from Cambridge Analytica literally planning out how to intentionally induce emotional distress at the individual level, across our entire nation, in exchange for payment.
Robert Mercer is one of the deepest pockets imaginable. He bankrolled CA and now Mercer money is running Parler. Is there really no line of personal injury lawyers lined up to take the entire list of US citizens, that CA determined as "neurotic", on as clients?
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16 Nov
Perfect example of why conventional advertising is GOOD and better than microtargeting & personalized ads:

This was shown to me today randomly on Twitter. I have opted out of all possible personalized advertising on Twitter, on my hardware, with ISP and phone service carrier.
Which means, as you might have guessed, that ad was *not* aimed at me. I have never heard of PROS disorders or the human PIK3CA gene.

And, you know what happened when I saw that ad? I became curious! I then googled for “PIK3CA” because I wanted to learn!!
It did not make me angry to see an “irrelevant” ad. It made me curious.

I definitely would have been angry if a creepy, specific-to-me, personalized advertisement had been there instead.
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15 Nov
Listen, we need an authoritative voice to put the country on notice that:
-The election is over. A winner has been determined by sufficient measure and there is no reasonable likelihood of a legal challenge by trump changing that result.
-Campaigning is over.
-Therefore, financial contributions made now and in the foreseeable future cannot be considered political donations.

-Which means, starting right now, clicking on a “donate” button in order to transfer funds toward trumpian efforts is equal to handing a cash envelope to donald.
-That’s called a personal gift and there are rules to follow there if you don’t want to violate laws.
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11 Nov
This response by @HelloWo15928736 is an example of the current enemy tactics. It is a flurry of faulty arguments replete with false equivalence and ends with a statement that is actually true for a different reason.
The attempted mind-screw assault on display there can be explained ultimately as an attempt to discredit my comment through sabotage of his own statement.

It is foolish to reduce voting security down to banking transactions (e.g. buying lunch at a food truck).
But if I am not careful in pointing out bank fraud happens all the time, people reading will blindly summarize my sentiment as disagreeing with 100% of what “Hellowo...” has tweeted.
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8 Nov
Time to be more specific about this tweet from July 17th, 2020-

The election is now decided. That is a good thing. A new administration will hold the reins on January 20th. That is also a good thing, but the nightmare will not be over and done at that point.
As new officials, appointees, and staff roll in they will settle in and begin the work which must be done to both carry on for our nation and to repair the harms.

They will also learn of some very dark, disturbing, and unsettlingly horrible events of the past four years.
Those people must start preparing themselves for this *now*. Right now. This very minute.
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