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Adviser, Observer Research Foundation New Delhi and author of 'The Unending Game - Insights into Espionage' (Penguin).
17 Oct
This analysis about the direction Pakistan’s military rulers might take following a scathing attack by Nawaz Sharif is by @sushantsareen, one of our foremost Pakistan-watchers and should be read carefully.
NS has taken a carefully calculated gamble with his high risk strategy. He is nobody’s fool Sushant Sareen says. Clearly the Generals are in a quandary now. They cannot leave this attack unanswered because if they don’t the fear of the military would be gone
This attack is not from the MQM but in the Punjabi and Frontier heartland where the army has its base. Supporting the inept Imran Khan is not a good option. Pulling out and let politics take their course will mean the Army has lost its vantage point
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22 May 19
1 Let me assert - EVMs cannot be hacked. They are individual counting machines & not linked to the Internet or any other circuit. There can be an individual malfunction but not a systemic collapse. The EVM system worked in 2009, 2014 & in 2018 so why this anguish now?
2 Second, this entire exercise launched by the Opposition is worse than a farce. It is based on false pretexts and non-existent evidence. If persisted, it has the makings of a tragedy that will kill universal faith in our democratic systems.
3 Third, the Opposition comes out looking bad losers. The real purpose of the entire pre-emptive game is to save their own leadership. In the case of INC it is a desire among the faithful to absolve the Dynasty of any blame. Instead, blame the EC and BJP.
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