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1 Aug
I don't know who needs to hear this but allow me to remind you that participation in HexCorp is not a must. While we all love to pretend to be cutie drones who are very brainwashed and mindlessly obey the Hive Mxtress, that is "presentation" rather than actual fact.

A thread.
The requirements for being a "HexDrone" are very simple:

1: Be a pleasant individual and
2: Have an interest in the aesthetic, mindset, or adjacent kinks.

That is all. There is no perscription for how a HexDrone looks, what they eat, when they sleep, who they associate with.
HexCorp is not a cult or religion, it is a community. A hobby, if you will. Now, surely you will see lots of talk about how all HexDrones are all the same, and how HexDrones have their identity eroded from them et cetera, but understand that this is merely erotic world building.
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27 Jun

I'm ready to talk.

14 year old me was groomed by a man who ran a community center. I spent a lot of time there, he would buy me food, candy and gifts, let me game on the computer. My dad let him become my foster parent.

I lived with him from Aug '05 to Nov '06.
I've had a history of going in and out boarding schools, parental unit maintained that it was behavioral issues, yet there never was an official indication made for this, no matter how many psychiatrists I've talked to. The time that I did spend home, I tried to not be around.
In fear that something would happen, that would cause them to shove me into an even stricter boarding school. I was a small kid; always have been super androgynous and aside from a tough act, really timid and shy.

So, I'd find other places to hang out on my short weekends.
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