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Award-Winning BLM Activist. Writer. Organizer. Youth Adv. Mental Health Advocate. Philanthropist. #SaveFlintChallenge | Surrogate @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris
17 Oct
Disagreeing isn't an attack. Both interviews were painful disasters. @IceCube was unprepared plain and simple. Nothing about him exudes reliable leadership and his stupidity is amplified with each of his tweets. Truth is NWA poisoned the hood & Ice Cube did nothing to correct it.
.@icecube You put out toxic music with aggressive messages about survival in the streets you assisted in polluting. You abandoned Black people for decades to chase Hollywood checks, and now you want Black America to buy into your bullshit days before our most important election.
.@icecube In four years you've done nothing to assist Black activists and Black people. You don't even amplify other Black voices. Instead of that Big3 basketball bullshit, you should've been more involved with Black America, maybe then we'd take your little contract seriously.
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16 Oct
Just you, we got us. Did you go door to door for your candidate? Are you phone banking? Are you in the barbershops convincing Black men who gave up on our government to vote? Are you taking Black voters to polls? Are you even amplifying unheard Black voices? What are YOU doing?
.@jemelehill Give the angry black woman stereotype a rest, it's not attractive. This should be a moment for unity, understanding & growth. You're trying to compete while energized Black men dedicated to ending this political disaster are trying to represent.
Is it just me or is her mother REALLY one of the Black women I should be trying to educate on how she's a poison to the Black community.
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15 Oct
How it started: How it's going: Image
.@icecube went about it all wrong. He should've backed the candidates positioned to remove the racists instead of embracing anything associated with Trump. If he were patient, Cube could have made Hip-Hop history like Eazy-E visiting the White House...
...and properly presented a plan that works for Black people. Structural inequality isn't something you treat like a two for twenty deal at a Compton Swap Meet. If Blacks held out on voting and listened to O'Shea Jackson, Craig or whatever you wanna call him, Trump would win.
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24 Sep
September 23rd 1955: Emmett Till's murderers are acquitted.

September 23rd 2020: Breonna Taylor’s murderers are acquitted.
In 1944 a 16-year-old black student in Columbus, Ohio, won an essay contest on the theme ‘What to Do with Hitler after the War’ by submitting the single sentence, “Put him in a black skin and let him live the rest of his life in America.” Nothing has changed for Black people.
This picture is 55 years old.
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18 Sep
The petition to Boycott Kanye West is gaining more signatures than Kanye's petitions to get on the ballots. 7.5k and counting! Sign & Share the #MKTHM petition until he ends his campaign. Dedicating this one to @taylorswift13 & @MTV.…
Yo @kanyewest, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but life proved Taylor is a better artist than you & you're running one of the worst political campaigns of all time.

“Betty” Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards is out now Image
Shut the @kanyewest news cycle down immediately. He's a pointless waste of time, energy and votes. Nothing about him is qualified to lead the United States of America. #MKTHM
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18 Sep
While Baby Putin is pissing on @RecordingAcad Grammys, calling himself 'New Moses,' having a bromance with Jared Kushner, using Trump associates to create fake ballot signatures, and praising Candace Owens— our #BoycottKanye petition is growing. Sign here.…
Shut the @kanyewest news cycle down immediately. He's a pointless waste of time, energy and votes. Nothing about him is qualified to lead the United States of America. @donwinslow #BoycottKanye
Told you we were going to throw his paperwork in the trash. The Supreme Court of Virginia has rejected an attempt by Kanye West to be placed on the state's general election ballot. #BoycottKanye
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16 Sep
Kanye West called himself the 'New Moses,' has a bromance with Jared Kushner, uses Trump associates to create fake ballot signatures, and indicated that his campaign is designed to hurt Biden & Harris. #MKTHM

Sign & Share the #BoycottKanye petition:… Image
Shut the @kanyewest news cycle down immediately. He's a pointless waste of time, energy and votes. Nothing about him is qualified to lead the United States of America, and his new music is trash. #MKTHM
Any Black man who praises Candace Owens is a disease to the Black community & threat to correcting our country. He's using religion to manipulate the people and mask his toxicity. Let's be honest and end this clown shit, God wouldn't even cast a vote for @kanyewest. #MKTHM
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10 Sep
Let me paint a picture to help people understand our situation. Now keep in mind what I'm about to say is just a visual to compare, and I'm not suggesting violence. Police operate like gangs, now imagine this. What if street gangs were rolling up on family members of police.
Just roll up, escalate a confrontation with their unarmed family members. The gangs end up beating them, shooting them, or killing them. Videos of the family members death by gangs are all over the internet & news. Few gang members get charged because they normally win in court.
And it keeps happening over and over for years. Police family members always afraid. And these gangs are backed by gang unions that have kingpins who make sure the gangsters have immunity & the cops never receive justice. If this happened the govt. would do everything to end it.
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9 Sep
.@jack @biz @ev Can you please start verifying more Black organizers and activists, starting with me? We help thousands of people. We get tear gassed. We win awards for community work. Why is it so hard for Twitter to value & verify us? #VerifiedSoWhite @astrostarbright
.@jack @biz @Larakate @ev Twitter makes it harder for Black people to get @verified, it's been this way for years. I'm accepting that regardless of how much work I do, my odds of being shot by police for being Black are greater than my odds of getting verified. #VerifiedSoWhite
.@verified @Larakate @jack @biz @ev Just tell us how many petition signatures we need to get our account verified. If you won't respect our work, at least give us a chance to earn it. Black creators & innovators matter. #VerifiedSoWhite #RepresentationMatters
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2 Sep
No amount of legislation can grant you equality if a nation doesn’t value you. #SurvivingAmericasPolice
Dear White people. When I share these stories of police assaulting & killing unarmed Black people it gives me hope seeing your outrage and dedication to protesting for BLM. It's been a problem for many generations & they've been ignoring our videos since the Rodney King beating.
The United States justice system is designed to humiliate, oppress and execute Black men & boys.
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30 Aug
A Christian website raised $200k for the Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse.

I've been helping Flint get clean water for two years, lost 3 family members to COVID, now I'm trying to save my business. Our goal is only $60k.

Please RT or consider donating.…
In America, we don’t turn our backs on our neighbors when they need help. After witnessing COVID take my family & leave me struggling, I decided to create my own campaign to help citizens & business owners suffering during this pandemic. #ValueUsAlive #COVIDSmallBusinessCrisis
Earlier this year I spoke with @levelmag about the rise of vigilante white supremacists. During Black History Month I was forced to relocate my business and residence because the Ku Klux Klan was recruiting people in our area.

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28 Aug
Dear @KamalaHarris and @JoeBiden. I've suffered so much loss during this current administration. Three of my family members have died from COVID, lost a brother to gun violence & my small business is crumbling. Neither of you may see this, but this is a Black man's plea for help.
When you become president & vice president real things must be done to protect Black people. There is no more room to pacify the racists. After Trump pushing racism his entire term, America needs the total opposite. Denouncing racism must be the backbone of your administration.
.@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Breonna Taylor deserves justice. Jacob Blake deserves justice. Elijah McClain deserves justice and we all deserve to breathe. If elected will you do everything in your power to end the police executions of Black people & unarmed citizens in America?
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28 Aug
Dear white people. Don't just tweet about black men when we're getting beat or shot by police in a video on Twitter because it'll get you retweets.

Tweet about us when we're alive, and in the community doing positive things too. If you really care about helping us.
We must combat the negative racial stereotypes in media, and continue accentuating the importance of positive representation. Positive Black men are underrepresented. #ValueUsAlive
An actual study showed, seeing positive images of Black people helps reduce racial bias in older White and Asian children. Telling stories of Black people "contributing positively to the community" was successful in reducing implicit racial bias in children aged 9 to 11.
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28 Aug
We're marching for George Floyd and Trayvon Martin, while shedding tears for Martin Luther King Jr and Emmett Till.
This is our time to not only be a megaphone for black ancestors, but be the light that leads new generations on the path black ancestors wanted us to go. That same path where if you look back off into the darkness, you see torches & pickup trucks chasing you while you're jogging.
That same path where if you look down for too long you'll stumble over police officers kneeling on a black man until he's yelling out for his momma, because America refused to dismantle a racist machine—that's interfering with dreams of life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.
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27 Aug
Something for anyone suffering with depression. You're not alone. ImageImage
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. To anyone who is struggling: please know that you are not alone.

To reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, please call 1-800-273-8255.
Depression is a real thing, not a trend.
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2 Apr
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