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Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili OFR was a pharmacist and government administrator who gained International recognition.

She was the director-general of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) from 2001 to 2008.

She stopped the sales and consumption of fake drugs in Nigeria, after she watched her sister aged 21, die after being given injections of fake insulin as part of regular diabetes treatment in 1998.

She put together a team of mostly female pharmacists and inspectors and started a war against counterfeit drugs that saw
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Sir Godwin Ubaka Okeke is the Chairman, Board of Directors, G. U. Okeke and Sons Ltd.

Read this story;
A day after the Civil War ended, GUO, with some of his brothers, trekked from their home in Adazi-Ani to Nnewi and returned safely. This was a confirmation that the Civil War Image had ended. Later, he told his parents that he would be going to Onitsha and they released their Peugeot 404 saloon car to him.

He travelled to Onitsha and visited his parents’ property which were all intact. On his way back to the car to return to Adazi-Ani, passengers were
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Chief Chika Emenike "Ojichukwu Nnewi" is the CEO and Chairman of KOTEC Group.
He hails from Urualla in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State and like every other Igbo industrialist, he had a very humble beginning.

He's a product of the Igbo apprenticeship system. He was brought to Nnewi in the 80s from Urualla as an apprentice.

His company, KOTEC Group is one of the leading motorcycle spare parts manufacturing companies. Kotec Group has many subsidiaries which are;

Kotec Industrial company Ltd(deals on motorcycle spare parts trading);
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The Igbo Apprenticeship system is an economic model practiced widely by the Igbos.
It is the largest business incubator platform in the world.

It is an extension of the entrepreneurial spirit where an induction strategy is utilised to induct mostly young men into entrepreneurial Image ventures by established entrepreneurs locally referred to as Oga (master).

Igbos are known for their business acumen which can be seen in markets scattered all over the country from Onitsha to Nnewi to Aba to Alaba International Market to Sabon Gari to jos etc.

An apprentice
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Eze Kanu Oji is Nigeria's longest monarch to ever reign in history and one of the longest in the world

Born in the year 1900, He reigned from 1914 - 1987, ruling for 73 years continuously.
He was crowned Eze Aro in 1914 at 14 years. But he could not take full control of the throne until he attained a full age of 21 years. And that was in 1921, exactly 7 years after his coronation. It was then that he performed his first important public function as Eze Aro as he chaired, for the first time, a vital meeting of Aro Traditional Leaders Council.
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Six Facts About the Old Eastern Region

The gap between the eastern region and other parts of Nigeria was too much. It led to resentment and envy

Look at these facts.

1. Between 1954 & 1964, Eastern Nigeria was described as the fastest growing economy in the world by Harvard reviews. Faster than China, Singapore and the "Asian Tigers".

2. The Eastern govt was the only government in the world that invested 45% of its revenues in Education.

3. The Eastern Region had the biggest Electricity Supply.
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Nelly Uchendu was a singer, composer and actress.
She was Revered for modernizing traditional Igbo folk music.

In 1976, Her song "Love Nwantinti" shot her to fame and it earned her the "Lady with the Golden Voice" sobriquet. She released six albums during her career. Image Some of her other songs were "Waka", "Aka Bu Eze", "Mama Hausa" which she performed both in and outside Nigeria, most notably in London, England alongside Sir Warrior and his Oriental Brothers during the 1980s.
She was also an Actress, In 1986, She appeared as Ikemefuna's mother
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The Ijele Masquerade, is the biggest known Masquerade in Africa. Ijele originated from the old Anambra State many centuries ago, According to UNESCO recent commentary The origin of Ijele according to available Oral story, emanated from Umueri.
Please RT It was this very group that performed the first "izi egwu ijele"(introduction of the Mask) to other communities like Aguleri, Nsugbe,Nando, Awkuzu etc. Its pertinent to note Umuatuolu Umueri was instrumental to the introduction of Okeke masqurades to Igbariamu, Nteje, and some
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Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart was published on this day in 1958.

It was Chinua Achebe's debut novel.
It depicts pre-colonial life in the southeastern part of Nigeria and the arrival of Europeans during the late 19th century.
It is seen as the archetypal modern African novel ImageImage in English, and one of the first to receive global critical acclaim. It is a staple book in schools throughout Africa and is widely read and studied in English-speaking countries around the world. The novel was first published in the UK in 1962 by William Heinemann Ltd, and
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Stanley Uzochukwu is the CEO of Stanel Group, an energy company specialized in marketing Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), AGO (Diesel) and DPK (Kerosine). Over the years, Stanel Group has expanded its tentacles into the production and sales of automobile parts vehicle consumables amongst others for domestic and industrial use.

In 2017, he acquired the Chicken Republic franchise covering the entire South East region. This arm of his enterprise employs over 700 youths.

In July 2017, Anambra State Governor,
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#ManCrushMonday Cosmas Maduka
Cosmas Maduka CON is a businessman and philanthropist, the Founder, President and Chairman of the Coscharis Group, an indigenous conglomerate with diverse interest in Manufacturing, ICT, Petrochemical, Auto care and Auto Components, Automobile Sales and Services, Agric and Agro Allied business sectors.

He is famous for Coscharis Motors, a leading automobile sales and servicing company. In addition to other brands of cars such as Range Rover, Ford and Jaguar; he is sole distributor of BMW in Nigeria.
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#WomanCrushWednesday @aoteh
Arunma Oteh, OON was the Treasurer and a Vice President of the World Bank between 2015-2018. She became the Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria in January 2010. In this position she was responsible for regulation of Nigeria's capital markets, including the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

In July 2015, after her tenure in the SEC, she was appointed the vice president and treasurer of the World Bank.
She worked for various institutions including the Harvard Institute for International Development
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Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu

Sir Louis Phillip Odumegwu Ojukwu, was a business tycoon who hailed from Umudim Nnewi. He was considered the wealthiest person in Nigeria and the whole of west Africa at the time. He was Nigeria's first recorded billionaire with his net worth reaching equivalent of 4 billion dollars using today's currency.

He was the founder of Ojukwu Transport, Ojukwu Stores and Ojukwu Textiles. At his peak, he was the first and founding president of The Nigerian Stock