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Jul 2 8 tweets 5 min read
For most people, celebrating Independence Day means having barbecues, watching fireworks, attending parades, and relaxing over the long weekend. But it's also a great time to shop. wired.trib.al/zo3giX7
Blueair Pure Fan Auto Air Purifier for $220 ($80 off)
If you're looking for a quiet air purifier, look no further than Blueair's Pure Fan Auto. The air purifier doubles as a fan, which can cool you down on hot nights. wired.trib.al/zo3giX7 📸: Amazon 2/8
Jun 30 9 tweets 5 min read
Let’s face it. Terrible lighting can ruin the ambiance of any room or space. If you’re struggling to find the right mood lighting, look no further. These are our WIRED recommendations. If you buy something using our links, WIRED may earn a commission. wired.trib.al/uklnQRi 1/9 Spice up your space with Govee Glide Wall Lights. They offer a wonderfully colorful, bright, diffused light. They are fairly easy to fit and quite durable. Govee’s app offers a wide range of colors that can be applied to individual segments. wired.trib.al/BEy9F4q 📸:Govee 2/9 Image
Jun 27 10 tweets 3 min read
Madison Marquer was a junior at the University of Wyoming when he met his wife, Katherine Landvogt, while playing guitar for a band called Medicine Bow in 2014. wired.trib.al/FFqgPP9 1/9 When they weren’t making music together, they were often side-by-side in front of their PC, clobbering dragons and druids and amassing hoards of gold in Dota 2, a complex fantasy-themed video game. 📸: Shawn Bush 2/9
Jun 25 7 tweets 4 min read
It’s officially summer!😎Whether you’re heading out to a campsite, a beach, or just that patch of grass behind your house, these outdoor deals will help you enjoy the experience. Shopping from these links helps support our journalism. 1/7 wired.trib.al/U38aYjD Save your skin with the Neso Grande Sunshade for $93 ($37 off). The Grande model is big enough to fit seven people underneath, and the aluminum hardware makes it a cinch to carry at only about 6 pounds. 📸: Neso 2/7 wired.trib.al/mT63qkZ
Jun 23 7 tweets 4 min read
Bring a little multicooker magic into your life. They make all of your slow-cooker favorites—chili, ribs, mac and cheese, broths, and braises—in a relative heartbeat. What’s not to love? wired.trib.al/Yj6dzRc 1/7 Instant Pot’s newest pressure cooker, the Pro Plus, is its most thoughtfully-designed and most capable machine. Oh, and it scored an impressive 8/10 WIRED Recommends. Need we say more? 📸: Instant Pot/Drop wired.trib.al/Yj6dzRc 2/7
Jun 18 6 tweets 4 min read
We're celebrating Pride Month with deals on sex tech that work with every body as well as discounts on great coffee grinders. Both tools are guaranteed to help enliven your day. Remember, shopping from these links helps support our journalism. wired.trib.al/M4rP569 1/6 Hario's Skerton Plus hand grinder for $39 ($11 off) is a great pick for anyone looking to either hand grind beans at home or pack it away to grind coffee while camping or on a hike. 📸: Seattle Coffee Gear wired.trib.al/DPrpaNg 2/6
Jun 16 14 tweets 5 min read
If you remember the Provincetown Covid outbreak, perhaps what you recall is the return of mask recommendations—or the whiff of homophobia in the news coverage.

But this is the real story. wired.trib.al/azdZfMg 1/14 Last July, when a group of visitors returned from the queer vacation hot spot, a wave of positive antigen tests followed. They could have chalked it up to a summer cold. Instead, they sacrificed their privacy for the safety of others. 2/14
Jun 15 10 tweets 6 min read
Dads have a tendency to buy themselves whatever they want, leaving you fresh out of ideas on how to surprise them—but fear not: this is our Father’s Day guide to all the latest gadgets. If you buy something using our links, WIRED may earn a commission wired.trib.al/0QQDGFJ 1/10 Polaroids are whimsical and largely unnecessary, especially in the days of digital cameras and shared cloud photo accounts, but who doesn’t love a good dose of nostalgia. Plus, it's just plain fun to use. wired.trib.al/0x7oi8X 📸: Polaroid 2/10
Jun 11 6 tweets 4 min read
We've found 25 amazing deals on grills, smartwatches, cameras, portable speakers, and even tablets. Many of these items would also make great gifts for Father's Day. Plus, shopping from these links helps support our journalism. wired.trib.al/IBwordw 1/6 Your dad is sure to love the Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill for $399 ($60 off) was awarded “Best Gas Grill” in our Best Grills guide. It doesn't have a side burner, but its compact size is well suited for smaller yards or patios. 📸: Weber wired.trib.al/JMjPBDA 2/6
Jun 10 11 tweets 4 min read
Katrina Miller was used to being the only Black woman in the physics classroom. But when she got to grad school, the very white, very male environment became oppressive–and she started to dream about quitting. 📸: Akilah Townsend wired.trib.al/3rQmziF 1/11 In 2016, when Miller arrived at UChicago to study dark matter, she was one of two Black women in a department of about 200 grad students. It quickly became clear that the two of them were anomalies.
📸: Akilah Townsend 2/11
Jun 8 8 tweets 5 min read
Suns out buns out—burger buns that is! It’s grilling season and we at WIRED take that very seriously. We’ve been testing grills for more than two years—searing, smoking, grilling, and even baking just to find the best choice for everyone. wired.trib.al/zSf7ch6 1/8 If you live for that smokey charcoal flavor take this little number for a spin. It's reasonably priced, well made, and just works. You’ll be searing steaks and flipping burgers that make your family salivate in no time. 📸: Weber wired.trib.al/zSf7ch6 2/8
Jun 6 30 tweets 15 min read
We're minutes away from Apple's #WWDC22, where new features for Mac, iPhone, and iPad are expected. Our team will be live blogging the event, and we'll be threading updates under this tweet so you can follow along wherever you are: (THREAD)

wired.com/live/apple-wwd… And we're live! Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken the stage to announce a slew of new Apple software updates at #WWDC22. Follow along on our liveblog here: wired.com/live/apple-wwd…
Jun 4 6 tweets 4 min read
Sustainability is in style and we're here for it! These weekend deals offer more than just savings on reusable bags and silicon straws, we found shoes and sweats–all made with recycled elements. Buying from our links helps support our journalism, too. wired.trib.al/fREV7qS 1/6 The Longchamp Le Pliage Green Shoulder Bag for $124 ($31 off) holds a lot without buckling under the weight. This version is made from recycled polyamide canvas that's made from old carpets and fishing nets. 📸: Longchamp wired.trib.al/PwOd3Nf 2/6
Jun 3 7 tweets 4 min read
Forget hunting for a PlayStation 5. A desktop PC lets you play thousands of games on Steam, and glows in the dark while you're doing it. These are our WIRED recommendations. If you buy something using our links, WIRED may earn a commission. wired.trib.al/UBFwjO9 1/7 If you need something small and speedy, look no further than the MSI Trident X. The Trident is about the size of a standard game console, and despite its compactness, it’s a powerful gaming machine that can play most anything without trouble. wired.trib.al/Psl5tFB 📸: MSI 2/7
Jun 2 14 tweets 5 min read
In this WIRED exclusive, the president of Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa discusses what Big Tech can do to open the flow of information in Russia, Elon Musk’s Starlink system, and why modern leaders have to appeal to the distracted social media generation. 1/14 wired.trib.al/yOxptLK How do you hold an audience known for having a short attention span?

"People won’t stay with something uninteresting. People won’t abide something deceitful; people won’t abide dictators. If you talk to them honestly, truthfully, openly then you will connect with people." 2/14
May 31 14 tweets 6 min read
In the newest edition of WIRED, Jennifer Kahn meets actor, writer and director @TaikaWaititi. Known for his eccentric style, oddball comedy, and subversion of the superhero beat—he's really just a man “trying to not do whatever the grown-ups say.” wired.trib.al/dhC6q41 1/14 He grew up in New Zealand and spent his 30s making small, cultishly popular films. Two of these, ‘Boy’ and ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’, featured primarily Maori characters and actors—and felt like radical creations. 📸: @choutoo 2/14 Image
May 28 14 tweets 8 min read
Use this long weekend to rest, relax, and save. There are some great #MemorialDaySales on the gear WIRED reviewers recommend. If you buy something using the link below, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. wired.trib.al/vAGtei1 1/6 The GoPro Hero 10 Black is our favorite action camera. Paying $400 for it alone is a good deal that saves you about $50, but this bundle adds even more value: It includes a spare battery and a charger. 📸: GoPro wired.trib.al/BpONPuJ 2/6 Image
May 27 8 tweets 5 min read
Whether you're a kayaker, climber, griller, or someone who just loves to sit on a camp chair and bask in the sun, these #MemorialDaySales have something for you. If you buy something using our links, WIRED may earn a commission. wired.trib.al/Dyl20Q7 1/8 Part grill, part fire pit, the BioLite burns wood and charcoal and packs down surprisingly small when you want to throw it in the trunk and hit the road. Plus it features a built-in battery that can double as a phone charger in a pinch. wired.trib.al/Dyl20Q7 📸: BioElite 2/8
May 24 13 tweets 3 min read
After four years GDPR has immeasurably improved the privacy rights of millions inside and outside of Europe, but it hasn’t stamped out the worst problems it aimed to solve. @mattburgess1 unpacks where things went wrong. wired.trib.al/y2X3ciB 1/13 Data brokers are still stockpiling your information and selling it, and the online advertising industry remains littered with potential abuses. Not to mention Big Tech is still in need of a serious clean up. 2/13
May 21 6 tweets 4 min read
The weekend means it’s time to relax, however you see fit. We’ve found plenty of deals to aid in your quest for some quality downtime. If you buy something using the links in our stories, we may earn a commission. It helps support our journalism. wired.trib.al/Ul43aEB 1/6 The Streambar Pro for $150 ($30 off) is a soundbar with Roku built right in. The smaller, less luxe version is one of our favorite 4K streaming devices. The Pro model discounted here has larger speakers and a better remote. 📸: Roku wired.trib.al/9ttt3V2 2/6
May 19 9 tweets 3 min read
Since Russia began its full-scale war in Ukraine on February 24, hacktivists rallied by the Ukrainian government have wreaked complete cyber-havoc on on Russian organizations. Now it’s reaching another level: wired.trib.al/e9Gpvgs 1/9 A group of international hacktivists launched a website, WasteRussianTime.today, designed to combine prank calling and robocalling into an automated weapon of telephonic annoyance targeted at the Russian state. 2/9