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6 Jun
@JimScab Then what's it to you? You said "good for you"! Thanks. Appreciate the encouragement.

Here's a test. It could *begin* to cure your refutation bias. Try to find the others now working more evidence against Bird Dog Boomer. DIG for it.

But you CAN'T and WON'T dig.
@JimScab You're a perfect example of the way they've TRAINED us not to look for truth. I was in science before things changed. I just have a very good memory of HOW things have changed. It's actually STUNNING how they've gotten us to not think beyond what others "pre-confirm" to us.
@JimScab The whole point of the Q psy-op (yes, it's a psy-op, NOT a conspiracy theory) is to get people to question the entire media-supported phony reality we've slouched into. It's quite ingenious, but it doesn't really work on people who aren't curious enough to dig for themselves.
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6 Jun
@FoodieCubed Think of me as an *actual* journalist - like they used to be, before 98% of them got mind-controlled by some creepy form of socialism. I want the TRUTH. Even if it does not exactly feel good.

I used to be like you. I voted for Obama. I broke free. Now YOU look crazy to me.
@FoodieCubed You're gonna get a little lecture now, for calling me "crazy", but someday you may thank "that guy", since you won't remember exactly who I was.

This is how I was forced to look for the truth in this case.

This is how REAL journalism - and science - are supposed to work.
@FoodieCubed I looked at Kim Dotcom's tweet about an "old guy wanting to shake hands, blah blah blah". But I look at it, and look for that hand to go out. The HAND doesn't go out right.

I look at it again. There's something in the hand.

So the first thing I realize is that Kim is WRONG.
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5 Jun
@FoodieCubed Nothing wrong with me - and I don't engage in YOUR malicious pretense that a bird-dogging hoaxer trying to score phony media points is some innocent old gent. You THINK with your feelings - your "good lies". Yeah, you're a "good person" to socialism, but you promote LIES.
@FoodieCubed Provocateurs - a specialty of YOUR LEFT - are an evil - a form of stealthy lying to the world. They're like those toads who run out into streets and bounce off cars, claiming to have been hit. How to you STOP the toads? EYES ON. See the whole truth. Not the feel-good LIES.
@FoodieCubed "Oh, I'm sorry I hit you, please forgive me! My insurance will pay for it!" No different from these BLM-suck-up #Baizuo who accept the phony nobility of socialist-approved false race blame and phony forgiveness. Get some #hoteps in your timeline and stop abetting the BIG hoax.
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5 Jun
@iNSiG9FiX If he were just documenting - artistically, legally, historically - then not a problem. But filming police for tactical intelligence in anticipation of future crimes against them is likely aiding, abetting, conspiracy, etc.

Hoaxing and bird-dogging - may be part of conspiracy.
@iNSiG9FiX But as far as batons and getting shoved - THAT gets tricky, because police have different rules of engagement in riots. Rioters have inherently been offered the opportunity to leave peacefully. Cops are not obligated to be gentle, because leaving is a constantly offered option.
@iNSiG9FiX The same bird-dogging in a non-riot situation would demand all the usual graciousness from cops. No baton swinging or shoving allowed!!!

Here? Depends on the rules and policies, but it would be RIOT. Walking into the path of riot cops w/ batons on the move? A VERY BAD IDEA.
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5 Jun
Watch how ANTIFA or some other violent group gets REAL TIME intel on cop armaments, and BIRD-DOGS THEM at the same time. They send an old guy up to engage the marching cops, and he walks up to them filming. At the right moment, he makes his move, and films tac belt & weaponry.
Kim Dotcom tried to pass this off as the bird-dogger walking up to shake hands with the cops, but it was pretty clear that he had something in his hand. Not cool that Dotcom tried to gaslight us.

There is still debate about copious blood being staged.

Clearly shoving the guy back wasn't the brightest move - much better to whack the phone gently out of his hand, make a quality ANTIFA arrest, and get fast intel on who was monitoring.

I will say this - ANTIFA has really upped its game compared to throwing concrete milkshakes.
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4 Jun
@BrannenMarg @HarveyStaub1 The lead scientist behind MKUltra, Sidney Gottlieb, was quite good. The recent Kinzer book is cover that denigrates him because CIA needs to rebury the project, but it's phony. Read as COVER-UP and it's clear S.G. was meticulous in looking for realistic high-value targets. Image
@BrannenMarg @HarveyStaub1 One target was interrogation with amnesia, which I actually experienced, and remembered in one instance due to a protocol violation (1981 - older tech). Based on what little I know and figured out, it's quite ingenious. I also experienced programmed behaviors - a bit like OCD.
@BrannenMarg @HarveyStaub1 This is what I do know about the old 1981 tech. You can understand why I waited almost 40 years to say anything. It was even more unbelievable back then. Search "MKUltra" on the same site for more analysis of Kinzer's book and the "Minds of Men" movie.

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3 Jun
@JackPosobiec Worse yet, the "anti-fascists" are fully intended to help gin up their antithesis - fascism - and weaken democratic forces, by zero-sum provocation of those forces to lose trust in and abandon democratic processes - a cynical and fully intentional abuse of social psychology! Image
@JackPosobiec Stalin brought down Germany in this fashion, by weakening the middle at opposing extremes.

Injuring civil society is the work of Bolsheviks, driving the center into opposition with itself, creating injury both ways. Poor @marcorubio is falling for this commie genius right now. Image
@JackPosobiec @marcorubio Creating the contrecoup must overcome stabilizing forces, so first a PERCEPTION of the contrecoup must be created - fictitious at first, but becoming REAL later, as the Overton Window is led to include the myth of the contrecoup. Getting voices like @marcorubio to assent is KEY.
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3 Jun
Trust that #CCP, #WHO and #BillGates are using the #Riots as cover for bailing out from loss of credibility. Don't let the bailout work.

REJECT CCP's very sophisticated destruction of Western science & science orgs by INFILTRATION and CONTROL.

Next: #SterilizationVaccineGate

What this is, is the allegation by an insider that there has apparently been much more success in using vaccines as a method of directed autoimmune response than has been admitted publicly. It's ingenious tech - very smart.

Note that the idea of using vaccines to sterilize people is not automatically "bad" in a 100% honest world, but when one considers the #CCP, which basically asserts government ownership of PEOPLE down to their organs, then such technology cannot be trusted to social engineers.
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3 Jun
@The_War_Economy @Shem_Infinite THIS is Rosie. He's pretending not to know. And he's really good at it. Sister running the "OMG, how did we mess up the tests? They need to be PERFECT!" clown show at CDC, as part of the new hoax.

We have to get wise on these foot-draggers. Image
@The_War_Economy @Shem_Infinite I put up with ChiCom foot-draggers in tech for years. Rosie smells THE SAME. Sis smells THE SAME. #BolshevikGoldBricks
@The_War_Economy @Shem_Infinite And of course the communist Democrats inserted all the junk that these inserts can't be fired. SMART but EVIL. SES needs to be abolished straight away. Carter the Dupe's worst Soviet policy.
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2 Jun
@GovMikeDeWine "And, we’re going to do more to create best practices for police departments on the use of force."

This is the key. No citizen (or even a non-citizen) should be deprived of LIFE during detention. Honestly this is not a big problem in Ohio, but why not make Ohio THE BEST here?
@GovMikeDeWine "No deaths in police custody" is a worthy goal, and very attainable. If Ohio can achieve it, we can create a standard by which other states will have to follow our lead.

Also clear here that rapid media release of FACTS prevents usurpation of valid concerns by violent politics.
@GovMikeDeWine Media and citizenry need access during detentions, to preserve truth and trust, but also RESPONSIBILITY for when they misreport the facts. Non-credentialed media are important here - exclusion of non-credentialed media preserves legacy bias.

TRUST that TRUTH restores TRUST.
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2 Jun
@Thinky2020 I still don't think this murder was about race.

Chauvin (cop) and Floyd (*felon* - home invasion) both worked for a shady business owned by "Omar" which may be laundering. "New guy" gets called in to cops laundering.

I think they murdered a witness or informant.

@Thinky2020 Sorry - I know that's off-topic, but it just bugs me that the whole world has made this Floyd thing about race when it's got all the elements of dirty cops and robbers!

When perp and victim know each other, it's always about something related to that knowledge!
@Thinky2020 Now that there's FENTANYL in the mix, holding the guy down for all that time makes sense. COLD!!!
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31 May
@Cernovich @charlie_savage Does the name Stanislav Vysotsky refresh anybody's memory? The nursemaid of Portland ANTIFA, pretending to be an observer, was CLASSIC long-range foreign op. Why do none of our "natsec" journos see it? Same with his NYT buddy Kinzer, reburying MKULTRA in his recent book.
@Cernovich @charlie_savage This alleged journalism is far from irresponsible. It's too good at covering for the radical left and an enormous amount of deep / long leftist infiltration and damage. Much of it is cultural coastal self-deception, but there is routine cover-up on amazing leads that indicts.
@Cernovich @charlie_savage Have a blogger-level tip on "foreign". Just waiting for the coastal meathead chorus of "BUT HE'S A CITIZEN!"

Spit! These people are WORTHLESS. Trained onto their left training wheel.

Hoax girl "NatSecLisa" still makes me laugh.

Whose nat or sec?

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31 May
@marcorubio Marco - first congrats on your new post. Now, the hard part. You will have to RESIST the sneaky, leftist, Brennan-Obama, Soviet faction hidden in and strongly influencing the CIA.

The "opposing ideologies" bit sounds like they're already trying to SHIFT YOU. Stay frosty!
@marcorubio These people will gaslight you with false symmetries and media-sugared half-truths - phony illegal domestic ops and "attaboys" for parroting ideas which support their false constructs like "white nationalists" - a cudgel against normal majority Americans. BE VERY CAREFUL.
@marcorubio One of the things that @POTUS has taught us is that there are times we have to REJECT - and I mean utterly REJECT - the media sugar, because it's ANT POISON. If they gatekeep you on messages about ANTIFA, unless you "admit" to phony "white nationalists", just BURN THE ATTABOYS.
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30 May
@MusaShiK7 @DelusionalHypo1 @paulsperry_ Agreed. I think the Dems busted some op or took out some witness by murdering Floyd, and used RACE as COVER. The thing is, the VIDEO was too good - the TRUTH comes through - the murder was TOO INTENTIONAL - the carotid pinch is ON CAMERA and held WAAAY too long.
@MusaShiK7 @DelusionalHypo1 @paulsperry_ No attempt to revive Floyd - phony cops as pseudo EMTs - the whole thing is ON CAMERA. Don't argue with the truth - RUN WITH IT and see what they're covering up.

The medical examiner is in on it - the phony report does everything to avoid obvious cause of death ON VIDEO.
@MusaShiK7 @DelusionalHypo1 @paulsperry_ Because the ME is in on it, and dirty old Comey FBI is on the scene (Josh Campbell, Comey's chief of staff, now with CNN), and Campbell's coworker Omar Jimenez was taken in by the dirty cops under racial cover (secret comms), it's clear this is dirty at FEDERAL LEVELS.

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30 May
@JuliansRum @EyeGloArts I suspect "cabin" is code in Holder's tweet. But the more impressive one is Obama, using NLP language to suggest-no-tize.

Obama is suggesting to Trump/Barr that corrupt Minnesota LE lead the investigation.

NO! Why? Because I think corrupt Dem LE actually *murdered* FLOYD.
@JuliansRum @EyeGloArts This is extremely slick, because Trump is currently in "default to state's rights" mode right now, and letting states contrast for the voters, so his natural inclination is to let Minnesota handle this. But who is that? Islamist KEITH ELLISON, who protects all Muslim angles.
@JuliansRum @EyeGloArts The owners of the venue where Floyd and Chauvin worked together are Muslim - "Omar" something. If there is any DIRT there, including money laundering, then it's very likely that this whole thing is connected to dirty LE and local corruption. Race was cover for MURDER BY COP.
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30 May
@BuggedThe @DelusionalHypo1 @paulsperry_ Gotta get the evidence. Barr's gonna have to do it, IMO.

I'll bet Dirty Keith Ellison and his gang of commies and jihadists took control of Minnesota LE and are reversing all ops that threaten the corruption and the Dems, in Obama Soviet sabotage style. Then blame politically.
@BuggedThe @DelusionalHypo1 @paulsperry_ Remember when Seth Rich went to the FBI before he died? Huge mistake. FBI was 100% dirty LE at the top at that point.

Minnesota LE under Keith Ellison is a hen house with a fox in charge. Any person or op that is a threat to take out a Muslim is gonna die or fail.

@BuggedThe @DelusionalHypo1 @paulsperry_ And dirty Comey FBI faction still has eyes on the ground with Josh Campbell, on a CNN passport to be "wherever". Oh, this is such a SCAM!
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30 May
Trump has 1000 lines in the water, and people think he's not even fishing.

Yes, I'm sure it's true that detestable race-wimp RINOs are advising Trump to slow-walk this thing - EXACTLY like RINO-burner Wolf Moon would advise him.

Every enemy is becoming NAKED.

"Unmasking Trump is unmasking." You can argue for the next 5 months that Democrats mean MOBS, NOT JOBS, but Trump has simply cornered them into SHOWING US.

First, Democrat governors showed us that they can destroy jobs. NOW, they show us that they create and tolerate MOBS.
When I realized that the Columbus protests were a FARCE - a PSY-OP - a PHONY DNC/MEDIA CREATION - I realized that there is actually NO DANGER that will not CONSUME the Democrat Party FIRST and FOREMOST.

I argue COLDLY but with a HOT LOVE FOR JUSTICE.....

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29 May
@realZiiggii @TheLastRefuge2 @CasualSemi @hopenm66 OMG. WOW. Rabbit hole into the roof of Carlsbad Caverns with Aladdin's lamp and treasure inside.
@realZiiggii @TheLastRefuge2 @CasualSemi @hopenm66 Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.
@realZiiggii @TheLastRefuge2 @CasualSemi @hopenm66 The DNC needed something THIS BIG to get out of it and distract to a narrative they can control. With their own forces in AG, etc., they have some real position. Notice the similarity on Muh Ukraine. Once DNC detects people investigating ANYTHING, they reverse or distract.
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29 May
@IronVapin @TheLastRefuge2 Here's a theory: honorably staged, now in "prevent embarrassment" (wink) mode.

If Chauvin worked deniable undercover (fits neighbors), then he would be familiar with phony ops to bring in informants. The whole thing smells like an "blown" UC op, accidentally/on purpose by DNC.
@IronVapin @TheLastRefuge2 Thus, a *GROUP* decided to *politically* blow an ill-advised but routine informant questioning, expecting it to go critical in fake news media, who were tipped long ago. Notice knee on skull-shoulder - very WWF. Klobuchar in on priors? Everybody leveraged by past "good lies"?
@IronVapin @TheLastRefuge2 When the embarrassment of the accumulated lies reaches a combination of Dem utility and mutually agreed "let's just ride this out, rather than admit the reality", then we get a sketchy incident filled with OY and SMH, that people just grit teeth and let pass into fake history.
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29 May
@KelemenCari AMEN.

I *GET* what @brithume is saying, and [despite post-COVID that makes me literally PANT in my mask] I keep a mask for small stores where frightened old ladies shop, even though I am literally non-infective.

But I know this isn't helping.

We must get back to reality NOW.
@KelemenCari @brithume We are in a psychological WAR of "medical PC", and virtue signals are a WEAPON against sensible America. So in most places, I wear NO MASK, but my oximeter instead. I want people to confront the uncomfortable dichotomy that YES I HAVE THE COOTIES and NO I AM NOT INFECTIVE.
@KelemenCari @brithume The way out of this is LOGICAL THINKING. Get trapped in a virtue signal, and one gets trapped in Democrat unrealities. Americans need to confront the invisible enemy with LOGIC, not EMOTION.

Trump is so correct on this, it's painful. Mask wear needs to be increasingly logical.
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29 May
@JackPosobiec Weissmann is a beautiful liability for ANC-DNC. He is CENTRAL to the phony DNC-caused financial crisis that elected Obama, and he's central to the phony Russia "crisis" that they tried to use to elect Hillary and then frame Trump. @SidneyPowell1 had the key connection all along!
@JackPosobiec @SidneyPowell1 Bring down Weissmann's whole career, and you bring down DECADES of massive, nation-altering Bolshevik Democrat hijack. It wasn't just 2016, or 2008, and it's not just 2020 now. Every major election rides on MASSIVE history-altering hoaxing by the CCP-DNC.

@JackPosobiec @SidneyPowell1 #WeissmannBolshevik has to stop Trump from being elected, or he will likely spend decades in prison. But #SleepyCreepyJoe is already way too dirty on Ukraine and the corruption of Ukraine by forcing OUT a good prosecutor.

The Weissmann-bundled moneybags were feeling SUNLIGHT!
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