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Seated in Heavenly Places: Isaiah 43:19 Truth, Righteousness, Justice.
Feb 1, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
1)Part 2 Thread: DS church exposure: Big Data & the DS “church”. Clergy Response Team hidden in Plain Sight? .@patton6966 .@themcfiles44 .@SheilaHolm .@OKM_Ekklesia… 2) MAPDASH...Intelligence Data gathering (on neighbors), Data Grounded “Discernment”, “God’s Eye View”, and Manipulation....Their OWN WORDS.
Feb 1, 2020 24 tweets 7 min read
1)Thread: DS church exposure Part 1: .@patton6966 .@themcfiles44 .@SheilaHolm .@OKM_Ekklesia .@SheilaHolm… DS “church” further outing themselves. They chose to be on record publicly for all to see and discern. 2) Praying for Jesus to open the eyes and ears of those who have been under their influence and false doctrines.
*Addendum A*
1. Pastor Nancy Amos (UMC)
2. Sam Andress, MAT
3. Rev. Peter M. Antoci, PhD
4. Lindy Backues, PhD
5. Rev. Randall Balmer, PhD
6. Michael Barram, PhD
Apr 6, 2019 15 tweets 11 min read