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3 Mar
0/ Teaching an old DEX new tricks ($BNT)

4 months ago, Bancor released their flagship single sided Impermanent Loss protection solution for LPs.

70x increase in TVL and 55x increase in volume later,
I present a deep dive on a forgotten DEX that may be the dark horse of 2021
1/ Story so far

Bancor is a OG DEX launched in 2018 (to much fanfare) but suffered from an overcomplicated token model and lacked noticeable traction despite lofty promises.…
2/ After 2 years of behind the scenes product iteration and a leadership reshuffle, the original Bancor vision is being realised. Consequently, the Bancorian community is stronger than ever led by @yudilevi @NateHindman @MBRichardson87.
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13 Jan
1/ Observations of a dHedge fund manager

Whilst it has its drawbacks, I find myself interacting with the dHedge platform frequently.

For the uninitiated, @dHedgeOrg is a non-custodial copy trading protocol built on top of the @synthetix_io ecosystem.
2/ dHedge's value proposition is simple. It provides a platform for active fund managers to showcase their trading prowess, with a transparent scoreboard for all to see.

Managers can also interact with their investors via public and private posts
3/ Since Mainnet launch in late Oct 2020, dHedge's traction has been growing steadily with ~14m TVL today and over 200 active managers.

Cumulative trading vol on the platform stand at $87m, providing a nice boost to the underlying SNX system as well.
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15 Dec 20
1/ Thoughts on investing and missing winners:
A case study on $COVER.

You can't catch every winner. That said, there's always something to take away from the one that got away.
2/ Since the lows in late Nov, $COVER has ~6x its token price.

I knew about COVER since the SAFE farming days, but dumped my SAFE tokens shortly after Cover released its original tokenomics.

3/ At the time, the lack of thought and poor economic design of the $COVER token was the nail in the coffin for me.

I know many others shared my view. However, we all missed something.

We underestimated the team's ability to learn from their mistakes.
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15 Nov 20
1/ Some of you are wondering why $SUSHI has been pumping.

Sushiswap? Wasn't that the dead $UNI fork that got hacked by the founder 2 months ago?

Surprisingly, $SUSHI never left. Instead - it has silently been building in the background.

Let me break it down for you
2/ $SUSHI's dark horse narrative comprises of 3 main elements:

1. Market proven product yielding stable cashflows
2. Product releases with strong USP factor
3. Near term catalyst

Together, they construct a powerful narrative for Sushiswap's recovery - and why its far from over
3/ Background
After the initial Sushi hype faded (when 10x rewards expired in mid Sep), TVL and Daily traded volume on Sushiswap collapsed.

Nobody thought a fork with no USP could last.

Throw in a $15m ETH scandal by the founder it looked like the end.

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11 Nov 20
1/ On 17th Nov, $UNI farming will end.

Right now ~$2.3bn funds are deployed farming UNI, with $ETH being the reference token.

This means that there is currently ~$1.1bn ETH locked up, about to be released into the wild.

Where do you think that ETH will go?
2/ Whilst a large portion of current TVL will stay in the same pools (fees generated are juicy), I posit a reasonable amount of ETH will leave the Uniswap system in search of higher yields.

Nobody knows numbers at this point but 50% of TVL leaving may be within reason.
3/ If this holds true, ~$500mm ETH will be on the market. They can:

A): Stake elsewhere ($SUSHI/$ALPHA/ETH 2.0 etc)
B): Remain in holder wallets (unlikely)
C): Be sold for stables / altcoins

I believe a large chunk of it will be sold. Why?
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31 Oct 20

6 months ago, I didn't have the simplest idea of what a blockchain was.

This week, I've officially taken the plunge to work full time @DeFianceCapital.

Here are a few thoughts from a newcomer to the wild wild land of crypto.
2/ Like so many of you here, my innocent curiosity of this new Internet money quickly evolved into a fully encapsulating mind consuming obsession.

I fell down the classic crypto rabbithole and for the first time in my life, discovered a fire ignite within me.
3/ Frontier tech + Liquid Small Cap Pseudo Equities = Potential for reasonably sized house(s?)

Reflecting on my experiences so far, there are several takeaways on intrinsic motivation, game selection and DeFi that may be of interest to you.
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