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Columnist for the Alabama Media Group. 2020 Walker Stone Award winner. In a fit of frustration I coined "Alabamafication of America" and it stuck.
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26 Jul
While many Alabamians honored the life and legacy of John Lewis today, state Rep. Will Dismukes celebrated the founder of the KKK and boasted about it in his Facebook page.
Ft. Dixie, where state Rep. Will Dismukes spoke today, is owned by Butch & Pat Godwin who, according to the SPLC, have some interesting things to say about the Selma to Montgomery march.
And there’s more.
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25 Feb
Please share far and wide and fast. The Alabama Legislature is considering a bill that would effectively block environmentalists from using drones to monitor pollution. (Thread)
2. This is all the worse because ADEM has pretty much abdicated policing pollution and enforcing environmental protection in Alabama. Environmental groups have picked up some of the slack and drones have been a crucial tool.
3. This bill pretends to be a security measure to protect essential infrastructure, but in reality it is nothing but a sneaky attempt to criminalize protecting air quality and waterways in Alabama.
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18 Dec 19
Alabama @AGSteveMarshall is trying to block an effort to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment, which would write equal rights for women into the Constitution. Yeah, that's a good look.…
@AGSteveMarshall Here's a column I wrote earlier this year about how Alabama could help ratify the ERA. It seems AG Steve Marshall has a different idea in mind.…
@AGSteveMarshall Almost exactly a year ago, the Alabama Ethics Commission came one vote shy of referring Marshall for prosecution for campaign finance violations. It's not really germane here. I just like reminded people of that every chance I can get.…
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2 Nov 19
Ahead of the main AL Dems meeting, everyone is talking about the Nancy Worley butt-dial last night, in which Worley discusses with Joe Reed strategy for fighting the reconstituted executive committee. (Thread)
In the call, Worley all but says her faction is beaten and after today she'll need a U-haul to move her stuff out of the Alabama Democratic Party HQ. She especially seems concerned about money they need to pay their lawyers.
You can't hear Reed, but it seems he wants her to take out a loan for legal fees. Worley is hesitant to get stuck paying the lawyers. There's also some talk about locking in $100K of party money for those legal fees before the new group takes over.
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10 Jun 19
ICYMI: Here's the latest episode of That Thing You Saw on Social Media Wasn't What You Thought It Was. (Thread)
(2/25) It began on a Florida political news site. Hugh Culverhouse Jr., one of the University of Alabama's largest donors, called on prospective students to boycott the school over Alabama's new abortion law. (But there was so much more to this story.)…
(3/25) The same day Culverhouse called for the boycott, UA released an internal memo showing the chancellor had already asked trustees to return Culverhouse's $21.5 million donations and take his name off the law school, before his call for a boycott.…
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13 Nov 18
BREAKING: EPA regional director Trey Glenn, a Trump appointee, and former AL Environmental Management Commissioner Scott Phillips indicted on Alabama ethics charges related to north Birmingham work. (Thread)…
2. Glenn and Phillips performed work for Balch & Bingham, Drummond Co. fighting EPA cleanup efforts in north Birmingham and Tarrant.
3. Phillips simultaneously served on the Alabama Environmental Management Commission.
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6 Nov 18
(Thread) If you are told you are on Alabama's list of "inactive" voters, DO NOT LET THEM GIVE YOU A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. Inactive voters must fill out an update card and can then VOTE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.
2. Many poll workers still don't get this, and I witnessed it happening again when I voted at the Homewood library. Because someone was on the inactive list, they were sent by poll workers there to vote by provisional ballot.
3. Thankfully, another poll worker stepped in at the last second and saved this woman's vote from going in the provisional envelope. He corrected the other poll workers who seemed genuinely confused about what to do with voters on the inactive list.
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18 Jul 18
Back in court for closing arguments in the #thwartergate trial. Judge Kallon gave jury instructions this morning. Prosecution should begin in a few minutes.
First up for the prosecution is Assistant US Attorney Robin Mark. The prosecution gets to split its time in closing, going first and last (gets the last word because it has the burden of proof).
Mark tells the jury about her childhood, when her mother was a seamstress in a theater costume shop, how she saw the crew backstage, but the audience only ever saw the actors on stage. That's who Oliver Robinson was, she says -- an actor on the stage.
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