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Trump has made normal his DEMOCIDE against us. Profile picture 1 added to My Authors
17 Jan 19
@shinobi22427722 @Lucian_Kim You are correct Pavel, people of #US do not swallow what Putin puts in your mouth.

While you and your comrades celebrate the victory of WWII, the world is waking up to the dark hidden hand of #Russia.

Russia supports #Assad murder in #Idlib #Ariha #Afrin #Ram_Hamdan #Taftanaz.
@shinobi22427722 @Lucian_Kim Let this be a lesson to “proud Russian trolls” everywhere.

Do not come at me again with weak IRA propaganda again, Pavel.

I will deprogram every American and every Russian if I have to do it one at a time like @Kasparov63 did in Chechnya.

Somebody tell Pavel this not over.
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