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Feb 27 6 tweets 2 min read
More turmoil for #ReadingFC supporters as the club is docked points again "thanks" to owner Dai Yongge.

We need an indepedent regulator NOW not "imminently" as the Government keep promising.

🧵A progess update🧵

#FootballRegulatorNow #FanLedReview… A commitment to legislation featured in November’s King’s Speech and, since April 2021 and the European Super League fiasco, MPs from all parties have furiously agreed with each other that action must be taken. We heard legislation was to be tabled very soon. No sign yet.
Sep 29, 2023 11 tweets 3 min read
Media: "Rising football arrests"

FSA: "Falling football arrests"

Why the difference? Because @ukhomeoffice has moved the goalposts to include people arrested while watching football on TV!

We don't think that is valid.

🧵A thread on the arrest stats🧵 2022-23 arrests are marginally higher than 2021-22 as they include arrests which took place in England / Wales “relating to the 2022 World Cup”.

That's 101 arrests (4.5% of the total).

Without that, arrest rates had actually fallen from the previous season...
Sep 22, 2022 18 tweets 5 min read
🇶🇦 A thread on the Qatar World Cup 🇶🇦

The FSA’s @WeAreFreeLions & @WeAreFSACymru Fans’ Embassy teams were out in Qatar recently.

Subjects covered:

Crime & customs
Fan zones
Travel insurance ACCOMMODATION

Splitting bookings (i.e. moving from hotel to hotel) may reduce costs, rather than staying in 1 place. More hotels in Oct as FIFA releases bookings. Things STILL being built more rooms to come. Post-group stage 16 teams go home = more rooms
May 10, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
Our poll on the least popular kick-off times among supporters is done with more than 4,500 votes cast - and the clear winner/loser is Monday night with a whopping 49% of the vote.

#MNF #gegenmontagsspiele The early Saturday kick-off came second with 25% of the vote but Monday nights are uniquely unpopular for obvious reasons:

Unsociable time for families, time off work required, huge distances to cover often with no public transport. Flat atmosphere. List goes on.