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4 Oct
💫Chemical prices are spiraling big time led by supply disruption & power disruption in china and also high demand by base industries.

💫Following 20 Chemical manufacturer's #stocks could benefit from this jump up in short to medium term. #stockstowatch

Short 🧵.......
→ Prices of 'ABS & Polystyrene' have shot up by 38+% MoM on account of supply constraints due to logistical issues.

Potentially beneficial to #stocks like :

💫INEOS Styrolution,
💫Bhansali Engg,
💫Supreme Petro
& others.
→ Prices of 'Vinyl Sulphone' up by 40%+ & 'H-Acid' up by 62%+ M0M, due to demand recovery & inflated raw material prices

Potentially Beneficial to #stocks like :

💫Bodal Chem
💫Shree Pushkar Chem
💫Bhageria Ind
💫Kiri industries
& others.
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3 Oct
12 Trend Tweets : 12 Life Hacks !

#wealth #money #wisdom !!

Short 🧵 ...
1. @BrianFeroldi 💫

"In the beginning, the savings rate is all that matters.
After a few decades, investing returns are all that matters".
2. @WealthInc247 💫

"If it is important to you, you will find a way.
If not, you'll find an excuse."
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1 Oct
'Am I overthinking this' ~ @TheRialMichelle

💫What an awesome quick picture #book with relatable quips. It’s about searching for answers for things that don’t change !

Perfect for a coffee table!
Sharing my favorite learnings!
Grab your ☕️or🍵 for an easy read...
🧵...(1/10) Image
→ Its never too late to Start !! Image
→ "In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail” Image
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16 Aug
🚀10 sectors from which many mid & small cap companies which came up with Excellent Q1 nos

Shortlisting the 48 #stocks from these sectors that could deliver their 🚀best FY results ever

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26 Jul
Many #investors are loosing patience as #ITC is not generating returns since a few years.

Lets get the bigger picture

Can you imagine if one would have invested Rs. 1000 (just one thousand rupees) in ITC shares #IPO in 1970, what would be the returns today? @dmuthuk

A Short🧵
Your invested capital in the #ITC #IPO of

Rs. 1 thousand would have become ~ Rs. 2.43 Crores

Yes you have read it RIGHT !!!

That's not it, your would have got some heavy dividend too in all this 51 years .

Check out this real #wealth creation journey of ITC

Year 1970, for Rs. 1000 you would have got around 333 #ITC shares ( IPO price was Rs. 3 per share)

Here's the story of the BONUS and SPLIT

1978: 1:5 bonus
Your total shares = 333 + 333/5 = 399 shares

1980: again 1:5 bonus

Total shares = 399 + 79 = 478/-

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25 Jul
#DIVISLAB #Wealth Creation journey

#IPO at Rs.140/share in 2003

If had got 100 shares (Rs.14000 #investment)
10:2 stock split in 2007
1:1 bonus in 2009
1:1 bonus in 2015

Total shares as of today 2000

Value today: 2000 Sh @ Rs. 4823 = 96.4 Lakhs

REAL Power of LT #Investing
@ipo_mantra : A Re-tweet would have been better than a Copy Paste I believe.
Anyways, am glad that the data & information is getting spread and #investors can benefit from the knowledge.
#IPO in good companies with loads of patience is the way to go.
#TCS is another GREAT example of long term #wealth creation. @ipo_mantra
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21 Jun
MAGIC of converting

1 Crore -----> 2200 Crores in 31 years.

A Short Thread on the #investing journey of tory of Ramdeo Agarwal - Cofounder of Motilal Oswal Financial Services

🧵 ( 1/4)
- Started with investment of 1 cr in shares in 1990 which increased to 30 crs in 92 market rally of Harshad Mehta time.

- 30 cr reduced to 10 cr in correction after 92 market rally

- 10 crs increased to 100 crs in Y2K market rally of 2000
- 100 crs reduced to 30 crs in correction after Y2K rally

- 30 crs increased to 550 crs in 2007 market rally

- 550 crs reduced to 250 crs in correction after 2007 rally

- 250 crs increased to 1850 crs by Feb 2020
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4 Jun
➡️Demergers unlock significant value for shareholders.

Recent examples:
#Jubilant Lifesciences

➡️ Sharing 10 very interesting 'Potential Demergers' which can create some serious #wealth !!

~ ~ Short Thread ~ ~
1. #GHCL (Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd)

→Demerging the Chemicals & Textile business is on the cards.

Possibility in 2 quarters.
2. Piramal Enterprises (#PEL)

→Three way Demerger possible :

~ RealEstate
~ Pharma(CDMO)

Possibility in 2 to 3 quarters.
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1 May
👉🏿Why I believe this #multibagger #Lauruslabs can be a 4 digit stock from here on

➡️Short //Thread\\

In Q4 FY21:

✅Formulations revenue grew 60.9% YoY to Rs. 430 crore
✅CRAMS business grew 19.0% YoY to Rs. 176 crore.
✅EBITDA margins improved 1059 bps to 33.4%

~ #Laurus has planned a capex of Rs. 2400 Cr in next 36 months through internal accruals.
~As per mgm guidance it will have a sales of over 7000 cr in FY23.
~With healthy margins & RoCE of 35%+ we can assume Profits upwards of Rs. 1450 Cr which gives a FY23 EPS >Rs. 27

Moderating its Growth from 40%+ in the past to a more reasonable 30% in FY24 will take its sales over Rs. 9000+ Cr.
With healthy FCF & 35%+ RoCE (1.3/1.4 times of asset turn x 28%+ EBIDTA) it will generate profits in upwards of Rs. 1950 cr. giving it an FY24 EPS of Rs.36+

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