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24 Jun 20
New details on Dec 2018 raid of Terra Services, previously owned by Oleg Deripaska (now owned by his cousin)

UK Judges say Terra can’t keep docs from US investigators, police raid that seized docs was legal & US investigation goes beyond Manafort & Gates
20 pg judgement with fascinating new details on the case

On Dec 13 2018 a search warrant was executed by
the National Crime Agency at storage facility licensed by Tatyana Talyanskaya and removed 11 boxes belonging to Terra Services Ltd at request of DOJ

Talyanskaya was employed as in-house legal counsel at Terra since Apr 2018

Originally, the sole director of Terra was Pavel Ezubov, a cousin of Oleg Deripaska, who worked w/Manafort and Gates

Terra and Deripaska's EN+ Consult worked out of same address
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23 Jun 20
Kushner Cos property at 229 W 43rd (former New York Times bldg) is scheduled for June 30 foreclosure auction, after defaulting on loan payments

Kushner bought from Lev Leviev's AFI in 2015 for $296mil then refinanced for $370mil incl $285mil Deutsche loan
Kushner Cos bought 229 W 43rd property in fall 2015 for $296 million and soon after had it appraised for
$470 million, and then refinanced it with $370 million in loans - the $285 million loan from Deutsche Bank was made a month prior to the election
Leviev sold property to Kushner in 2015 for $296mil that soon after appraised at $470 mil - why did Leviev sell approx $170 million below appraised value?

Also...$ allegedly laundered in Magnitsky case bought properties from Leviev's AFI in NYC & Europe
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5 Jun 20
Last year news broke that Rick Perry had suggested adding 2 Americans to the Naftogaz supervisory board as Perry came under the radar in the impeachment investigation

Now @ktskts11 has found news reports that Robert Bensh was appointed Naftogaz supervisory advisor in March 2020
Here's the official announcement
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5 Jun 20
Interesting development in Ukraine - farmers are protesting restriction on imports of nitrogen fertilizers from Belarus & other countries - quotas on imports would benefit oligarch Dmitry Firtash's fertilizer company OstChem & Igor Kolomoisky's DniproAzot
Farmers are convinced that restrictions on imports will increase their costs, reduce production, and on the other hand - will enrich the oligarchic structures and strengthen their influence on Ukrainian politics and economy.
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4 Jun 20
Norilsk Nickel believes the region’s melting permafrost caused a reservoir to collapse, touching off the leak. Permafrost thawing linked to climate change has caused widespread problems

Norilsk Nickel is run by Vladimir Potanin and Oleg Deripaska's Rusal is a major stakeholder
Nornickel said the spill was caused by “a sudden sinking of supports of the storage tank”. The plant is in an area built on permafrost which has been melting due of global warming

20,000 tons of diesel fuel spilled into a river inside the Arctic circle
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31 May 20
Fugitive Oleksandr Onyshchenko revealed by Russian propoganda outlet Sputnik to be source who gave Biden Poroshenko tapes to Andrii Derkach

In Dec Onyshchenko claimed to have dirt on Biden

Fun fact - in 2006 Onyschenko bought rights to Miss Ukraine from Trump (HT @StacyJannis)
Fugitive Onyshchenko was involved in case with Roman Nasirov, former chief of the Ukrainian Fiscal Service, who was arrested in 2017 for allegedly embezzling $74 million

In 2016 Nasirov was seen with Lev Parnas and Trump at Mar-a-Lago

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30 May 20
Beware disinformation, vet news stories before sharing

Max Blumenthal, Grayzone editor, questions 3 people, 1 says he's with CNN, 2 don't answer & Blumenthal says they are cops. Their colleague below confirms all 3 w/CNN.

Meanwhile Blumenthal doesn't say he's journalist either
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30 May 20
We need a leader to condemn racism and provide unity, so the question now is how far Trump will go to stoke the flames and militarize this situation
The US has a long history of systemic racism, and corruption and wealth inequality have worsened worldwide for decades

But Trump has flamed these issues and empowered racist and corrupt people everywhere

It’s going to get worse, he has to be voted out
A great thread on the federal government's legal authority to use troops, includes link to a 2004 paper @steve_vladeck published in the Yale Law Journal on the "Emergency Power and the Militia Acts"

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29 May 20
BVI company P&ID said it spent $40mil to build gas plant in Nigeria but deal fell through, in 2012 British court authorized P&ID to seize $9.6billion of Nigeria’s foreign assets for loss of presumed profits, now Nigeria says P&ID got deal w/$390k in bribes
I can't get over that a court authorized BVI co Process and Industrial Developments/P&ID to seize $9.6 BILLION of Nigeria's assets based on:

"the loss of two decades of presumed profits plus $1.2 million per day in interest since the project went bust"

Private BVI company P&ID invested $40 million and then

"the British court authorized P&ID to seize more than $9.6 billion of Nigeria’s foreign assets — more than the West African country’s annual health and education budgets combined." !!!!

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29 May 20
The FBI and the special counsel’s office investigated if Trump 2016 foreign policy campaign adviser Walid Phares, who was hired by JD Gordon, had worked for the Egyptian government to influence the incoming administration, he was never charged with a crime
The campaign foreign policy team also included George Papadopoulos, General Keith Kellog, Joseph Schmitz (who previously worked for Erik Prince) and Carter Page, who coordinated his trip to Moscow with JD Gordon and Walid Phares

Last year @annmarlowe reported Walid Phares set up a company in 2018 w/Libyan general Hafter's son Okba Hafter and Neil Livingstone. In this thread I noted Livingstone was involved with William Sessions in 2007 discussions between DOJ & Semion Mogilevich
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27 May 20
A new report by @SenStabenow @SenSchumer @SenWhitehouse highlights how Trump admin, McConnell and Leonard Leo’s dark money network has rigged the process of confirming 200 life-tenured federal judges, many with far right extremist views, by @schwartzbCNBC
Captured Courts - The GOP's big money assault on the constitution, our independent judiciary, and the rule of law

Prepared by @SenStabenow @SenSchumer @SenWhitehouse

One piece of the story about Leonard Leo's dark money network is millions of dollars funneled through BH Group/Fund

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23 May 20
@mrspanstreppon @DerWouter I was just reviewing your recent thread on Parnas, Fruman and Hudson Holdings, and saw this article about how they mentioned Farkhad Akhmedov, although he denies doing any business with them

washingtonpost.com/politics/giuli… Image
@mrspanstreppon @DerWouter An item from last 2pgs in Parnas Correia lawsuit vs Hudson Holdings

Parnas Correia say they were responsible for arranging 2016 $10mil loan from Hungarian company Geos Project Dev - in 2017 $19.7mil loan was provided by Gamma Real Estate Capital Holdings
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22 May 20
Brazil news - after requests to seize cell phones of Pres Bolsonaro & son Carlos as part of investigation were sent by supreme court to atty general, a general for Bolsonaro warned of "unpredictable consequences for national stability" if phones are seized
As the balance of justice vs executive powers escalates in Brazil, Bolsonaro is in close competition with Trump in mismanaging the COVID-19 crisis
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20 May 20
Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach who just released tapes of Biden and Poroshenko and previously met with Giuliani - also signed a consultancy agreement in Feb 2020 (part of an April FARA filing) with Global Management Association Corp, run by Andy Kuchma, aka Andrii Artemenko
Most of the reporting on Derkach is missing this FARA filing from April with Artemenko
This was reported by @woodruffbets in a story about Artemenko's work for Derkach that noted Artemenko's company Airtrans displays on the website that it is part of Erik Prince's Frontier Resource Group
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19 May 20
Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is being investigated by A grand jury in Cleveland for allegedly laundering hundreds of millions of dollars from PrivatBank into properties across the US, Trump's former lawyer Marc Kasowitz is representing Kolomoisky
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18 May 20
Did Trump remove State dept inspector general Steve Linick for scrutinizing Pompeo for using staffer for dog walking & laundry? Or is bigger story that Linick was investigating an $8bil Saudi arms deal w/Raytheon fast-tracked by Pompeo? by @ThePlumLineGS
Thread on Flynn involvement in Saudi nuclear deal also needs to be revisited, including Brookfield which was approved by govt to buy Westinghouse (part of deal discussion) & 2 days later Brookfield announced they were bailing out Kushner Cos 666 Fifth Ave
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18 May 20
Raytheon has made billions selling bombs to Saudi coalition which have killed thousands of civilians in Yemen, one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises - ex Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper is now Defense Secretary & Peter Navarro is pushing for more deals
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15 May 20
Some unclear names in Felix Sater's Dec 2017 House Intel transcript, posting in case anyone can ID them

Pg22 Sater said 2006 private Kremlin tour for Ivanka was set up by Bayrock partner Tevfik Arif's friend:

"a businessman by the name of Toman Asmayuf"
On pg 78 re: Trump Tower Moscow deal with Andrey Rozov, Sater said he was discussing financing with:

"A gentleman named Amene Escondarif (ph). He's a developer. He's a Russian developer who lives in Paris."

Pg 83 Sater said he knew Amene for 7 to 8 years
Pg95 Sater described mtg w/Andrey Rozov in Bahamas & developer "Michael Ziates... partners with one of the Rotenberg brothers on a shopping mall...Rotenberg brothers are the childhood friends of Putin "

This one was solved by @PortlusGlam see next tweet
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15 May 20
Western mercenaries aided Russian-backed Haftar in Libya per UN report. Operations were led by 2 UAE cos Opus Capital Asset Limited FZE and Lancaster 6, run by Christiaan Durrant who worked for Erik Prince's FSG until 2016, by @SameralAtrush @david_wainer
James Fenech - charged w/violating sanctions for providing two boats used by the mercenaries in Libya - helped Erik Prince launch Blackwater Ammunition in 2018

The UN report doesn't say Prince had any role in the mission, but he's tied to Fenech & Durrant
The other mercenary firm, Opus Capital Asset Limited FZE, hired lobbyist firm Federal Advocates run by Michael Esposito, around the same time as the Libya mission

@RYP__ breaks down the details on all of these links in this thread

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15 May 20
New reporting shows Psy-Group, staffed by ex-Israeli intel officers, allegedly harassed pro-democracy activists in Ukraine - and has links to Russian Gazprombank and Gazprom Media, by @SimonaWeinglass, Vladimir Ivanidze, Natalie Gryvniak HT @gentlystream
Erik Prince arranged an August 2016 meeting with Don Jr, George Nader, Stephen Miller, where Joel Zamel pitched Psy-Group, and after the election Psy-Group was reportedly paid $2 million by George Nader
A Canadian court case revealed details about Psy-Group

West Face alleged rival Catalyst hired Psy-Group & Black Cube to defame them using shady methods after West Face won a 2014 bid for Wind Mobile - which was sold by Mikhail Fridman's Vimpelcom (VEON)
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