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23 May
“All in all, it seems there was a racial reckoning — it was just disproportionately experienced by privileged Americans.” nytimes.com/2021/05/22/opi…
On the one hand, there was not a great "reckoning" that fixed American systemic racism. On the other, the broad public convo branched into places (abolition, for ex) unthinkable the day before George Floyd. Extent to which last year failed/succeeded hinges on your expectations
Recall that prior to George Floyd the prevailing mainstream conventional wisdom was "whatever happened to BLM?" and "BLM is dead"
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24 Jan
All journalists are humans with feelings and emotions and opinions and biases. Journalists should be judged by the fairness of their *work* - not a random tweet or passing comment or private email in which those human biases are expressed
There is a huge difference between objectivity of process and individual objectivity - the latter does not exist; there are no objective journalists because there are no objective people. An objective process/commitment to fairness accepts as a premise that journalists have bias
We allow critics - of good and bad faith - to hang us by our own rope when we conflate objectivity of process with individual objectivity. Someone having or expressing an opinion does not mean they are not capable of providing fair and professional coverage on a topic
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