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2 Apr
It’s been a while, but the LGB Alliance Twitter account is actually worse than a few months ago.

Advocating for conversation therapy, implying that Iran forcing surgery on gay people is somehow the “gender movements” fault...

They are sick, abuse justifying monsters.
Used to enjoy how bad they are at doing what they do. Shitty websites, fake offices, a co-founder who thinks young adults being breastfed by their parents is fine...

... now they are just as inept but more sick and evil than ever before.
Can we cut to the part where the LGB Alliance stops getting gushing press on trans stuff? They are straight up spreading conspiracy theories about ‘trans ideologys’ being invented to cash in on trans healthcare.

Which doesn’t even make sense. All the meds for trans people...
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31 Mar
CN: Abuse, conversion therapy, transphobia

This is a must read. Stonewall, Gires, Mermaids and others put together a survey to see what trans conversion therapy looks like.

This isn't about how prevalent it may be. But it does show one thing...1/6

..a whole bunch of those who responded (10 out of 61) got some form of conversion therapy from a family member

When people think of conversion therapy, they think of it as coming from doctors, therapists, religious leaders

But a huge amount comes from families 2/6
There are many online spaces flying under the "Gender Critical" banner that have spaces for 'ROGD' parents to gather and 'support' each other.

What is ROGD but a justification, formalized through the academic system, for conversion therapy?

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31 Mar
Only thing that needs saying for Trans day of visibility (#TDOV )

More trans people are hiding their trans identities at work today than 5 years ago


Over the same 5 years media about trans issues and hate crime reports have both increased 400% 1/3
Visibility has brought us media attacks that have almost certainly resulted in a more dangerous UKfor trans people here.

So keep your "here are 12 trans people you should know, but won't ever seek out yourself" lists and shares and boosts.

Keep your attempts to capitalize

You can keep your attempts to raise the social media engagement of whatever company you social media for, or whatever else today is really about (cis people cashing in on trans peoples shit)

But maybe look at how your workplace sucks for trans people?

Start there 3/4
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31 Mar
Here is the definition of 'institutional racism' as outlined in the newly released report by the UK Govs Commission on race and ethnic disparities:

In the retweeted tweet, another definition that was used during the Stephen Lawrence inquiry.

Not read the full report (currently 10 pages in) but starting to see how a term can mean one thing to a whole bunch of people whilst that same term can be made to mean something else to those who won't press for clarification on definitions...

...like most of the UK press. (2/4)
Something really stinks about this. The claim "no evidence of institutional racism" is a big headline but nobody is reporting on how the term "institutional racism" appears to mean one thing to the majority who experience it and something else to the governments commission

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18 Mar
6 things that would help the UK Trans community today.

1. Press regulation that isn‘t total shit.
2. Legal protections on the same level as other protected characteristics
3. An actual ban on conversion therapy that covers what Transgender Trend etc push.

4. The GMC removing their ridiculous guidance that blocks GP’s from prescribing hormones.
5. GRA reform that allows non-binary recognition and binning the panel.
6. Hate crime legislation that explicitly covers ‘inciting hatred against trans people.’

List isn’t exhaustive. 2/3
Instead of any of that, this gif is a good summary of what people have done.

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17 Mar

This will not be the case for all detrans people. However, it is becoming clear that DeTrans people who have strong ties with GC organisations and individuals should be considered dangerous purveyors of a form of conversion therapy. THREAD
Detransitioners (or those who claim to be) who have large followings of GC supportive accounts should absolutely be avoided.

Their goal is recruitment. Their goal is to talk vulnerable trans people into detransitioning any way they can.
They have been known to target vulnerable trans people. Especially AFAB trans people who are not binary.

Their form of conversion therapy is not based around a clinician or religious authority in a formal setting.

It is about tying personal trauma's to GC concepts.
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16 Mar
In a further down tweet, Brand says that some MP's agree with the view that conversion therapy is a good thing.

We know one of them.

Fiona Bruce, MP for Congleton.

She has registered in her members interest a speaking engagement at an Alliance Defending Freedom conference.
You can see it here: publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmregmem…

The Alliance Defending Freedom are a Southern Poverty Law Centre designated hate group.

People who have a history of working with the ADF were heavily involved in the Bell Vs Tavistock case as pointed out by @JolyonMaugham in these tweets:

And also us on our podcast: whatthetrans.com/ep-55/
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10 Mar
Graham Linehan and Helen Staniland were called to speak to a House of Lords inquiry yesterday.

What appears to have been missed by many (Incl us) is a month ago, activist and writer Kenny Ethan Jones, a trans man, gave evidence to the same House of Lords inquiry

This inquiry was launched last October. There has been 12 oral evidence sessions. Linehan & Staniland were half of one of those sessions

Here's half of another featuring Kenny Ethan Jones, by any measure, performing far better than those weirdos

Here is the full transcript of the session:


Whilst the committee did invite two transphobes to the committee, trans people were not shut out as we had previously thought. On the contrary, Jones spoke and did an incredible job. (3/6)
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10 Mar
We're working on a podcast that should have been released today. However, due to Fairplay for women's successful petition for a Judicial review, this will have to come out tomorrow now. However we have some facts that are deffo 'spoilers' but they can't really wait. CENSUS THREAD
This is a loose combination of personal opinion from Michelle Snow alone. Peppered with facts that have been checked and thoughts from the interview with a representative from the Office of National Statistics. Will attempt to make clear what is what.
1. Fairplay for Women have not won their case.

They have been granted a full judicial review looking at the legality of the guidance given for the sex question. This will take place early next week. We are seeking out any word on interventions from trans supportive groups...
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9 Mar
Graham Linehan is going to be speaking to the Communications and Digital committee in the house of lords very shortly.

Here is a thread to distract you from that full of cool things.
1. A free video game about being trans in Japan

Played this on our first Twitch Stream. Multiple endings, and very VERY real but also...so heart warming if you make choices that are open to the possibility of human kindness. And its pay what you want.

2. Paris is Burning is on YouTube.

Probably breaking some kind of copyright thing but this documentary about the ballroom scene in the states is a must watch. It gets super real, CN transphobia and murder, but you got to see this.

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9 Mar
So both the hosts of this podcast thing are huge into punk and metal (and musicals and hip hop but that is for another thread).

So here are some awesome trans lead punk & metal projects you need to follow and support (that isn't Against Me). A thread for those who need to MOSH.
In a perfect world @KatyMontgomerie wouldn't be known for expertly dismantling anti-trans nonsense, she would be known as part of the mighty @dehumanaut. Thrashy death metally goodness

Buy their stuff: dehumanaut.bandcamp.com/releases
You probably know about G.L.O.S.S, but you may not know about what Sadie Switchblade did next....Dyke Drama.

Buy all her stuff: dykedrama.bandcamp.com

(Hard New Pills is a personal fave, for anyone who has gone through some rough stuff)
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8 Mar
If you are sceptical at the idea of the U.K. press indirectly controlling our most powerful institutions, and how thcould have terrible effects...just think back to when the royal family made William & Harry walk for miles behind their dead mother in front of the news media. Image
This whole thing was child abuse, and it happened because the royal family was thinking of salvaging their public image through the press. At the time the royal family were being blamed for her death.

But it wasn’t the royal family who chased her in France.
Anyone who argues that Harry is being selfish for wanting out of this sick, twisted institution is perpetuating an abusive culture.

And they are doing it to profit themselves and their media outlets.

We need a Leverson inquiry with teeth, yesterday
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8 Mar
There is one part of the Harry & Meghan interview the press aren’t really covering and it is obvious why.

The part where they said that the tabloid press essentially controls the Royal Family. A thread on the U.K. media.
Harry & Meghan paint a picture of the Royal family living in fear of the tabloid press. Feeling forced to make decisions about how they act based entirely on what the tabloids will publish.

The royal family, it can be assumed, is indirectly controlled by the U.K. press.
It isn’t just the royal family. The U.K’s government and politicians are the same. Half of Downing Street is made up of people whose job it is to manage and deal with the press. Every government U-turn in recent times came from a news media backlash.
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6 Mar
Debbie Hayton, transphobic writer for the spectator, quillette and many other bad places, shares a story about reporters being told some weird shit about pedophiles and she links this to the LGBT community, implying that P in LGBTQIAP is for pedophilia....(1/2)
There are many problems with this but a huge one is that the story she shares doesn’t state that this ridiculous idea came from LGBT+ people, or that the LGBT+ people were considered in the decision making process. The report doesn’t mention LGBT anything in it.(2/3)
But Hayton implied that it was on a paywalled article she had to know most couldn’t read.

Debbie Hayton took a story about bad media guidance and spun it into how the LGBT+ community supports pedophiles.

here is the article:

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23 Feb
For one week, instead of mocking anti-trans people who show up in our mentions I challenged them to make any point and provide evidence that backs it.

Every single one failed for one reason or another.

My experiment is now finished.

A thread on what I have learned.
First thing, and not sure what this means about me, but it was addictive. Maybe because it felt really good to show up people spouting the same lies that the UK news media has boosted. That feeling of "fighting back" was addictive. But it was ultimately pointless and only...
...made me feel better. It did nobody any good and probably exposed portions of our followers to transphobes that they would never usually see.

It made me feel better. But did nothing for anyone else. I do not believe there is any good reason to interact with anyone anti-trans
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21 Feb
To anyone who argue for, believes in anyway that some or all trans people should be blocked from accessing any public space for any reason.

Fuck you.

Don’t care how polite you are when you say it. Don’t care if this hurts you.

Fuck. You
You have no idea what it’s like when for years the entire news media and so many cisgender people are debating whether trans people should need allowed to use a public toilet.

If they can’t, how do they live? How do we live? How do I live?
When you ‘debate’ this issue here is what one side of it means.

A trans person no longer being able to use toilets at their work.

At school

In bars, on dates, in sports clubs...

One side is effectively putting trans people in a permanent lockdown.
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21 Feb
Yesterday Dr Nicola Williams who runs Fair Play For Women retweeted us, scoffing at our claims about the fact immunity of the GC/anti trans movement.

We asked her to make one GC point and back it with evidence

While we wait, let’s talk about a transphobic lie she shared. Thread
3 years ago @AskNic Claimed that half of the trans people in UK prisons were sex offenders. This was widely reported but the claim was debunked in this BBC fact check: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-422216…
Turns out that the numbers could not be seen as reliable or accurate according to the Ministry Of Justice because they had no idea how many trans people were in U.K. prisons. The BBC fact check pointed this out. Fairplay For Women never acknowledged how they got this wrong.
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8 Feb
Think a lot of cis folks could do with understanding this (thread)

Transphobia (and probably most/all other bigotries against kinds of people) isn't just someone actively wishing trans people would die.

It can also be an action or behavior. And it can be done even by allies.
The most common misunderstanding about transphobia amongst cisgender people (in my experience) is that because they don't wish trans people dead, they cannot do transphobia. And accusations as such are a slur against that person's character.
This makes pointing out transphobic actions very hard to do. Because it very quickly becomes about what is in a persons soul ("How dare you, I have trans friends! I am not someone who wants trans people dead!") instead of looking at the thing that was done.
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12 Jan


Welcome to class everyone. Today we will learn 2 different kinds of news story. Then we will ignore the good one and go for the one that (if done enough) will create a profitable moral panic against transgender people. (Long Thread)

A "This is" story (the type we tend to do on our podcast ALMOST exclusively) explains an issue or specific event from a "this is" angle and reports what the SUBJECT is. This analyzes the SUBJECT of the story from as many angles as possible with evidence (sources, data etc).

A "They said" stories are entirely on what a selected group or person has said. What is said about the subject does not have to be factually accurate. A "they said" story is making only one claim: that a specific person said it. This story is easy, cheap and profitable.

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12 Jan
THREAD: Ann Sinnott, a founder of the LGB Alliance claims she wants to protect youths from transitioning

She doesn't believe it is abusive to breastfeed a 16 y/o

How many 16 year olds WANT to suck their parent's breast?

Source: buff.ly/39ngDiL

Those who breastfeed are often shamed by society for doing so "too long". This is wrong. Get your nose out of their business, weirdo.

But when the kid can drive to Tesco to buy milk with money from their job and they are still being breastfed?

That probably isn't their choice.
Also she believes that lesbians are being pushed to extinction by...trans people being a thing despite the fact that research suggests more people than EVER before are identifying as a lesbian.

This has been rising since 2014.

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12 Jan
So the Gender Recognition Act is staying the same.

And GC/TERFs think they won the stopping of trans women entering women’s spaces.

They got to a draw and write it off as a win because they literally don’t know anything about their own fight!
It’s not staying exactly the same. It will be cheaper and you can do it online.

Some might say...the process was easier now.

Seriously GRA reform was an offensive joke after a 5 year campaign by the media and anti-trans radicals that was always going to ignore non-binary people and everyday they don’t have recognition is a stain on this country. This is why GRA reform mattered.
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