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I'm 85 & have been a wheelchair user for 21yrs. These tweets are what I experience as a wheelchair user in 2020. #PavementParking #DisabilityDiscrimination
16 Oct
Quick thread: I'm deleting my Twitter ASAP. The reason I'm going is I was nearly killed today by a driver obstructing a drop kerb & tactile paving. He drove at me as my carer photographed him, as I tried to negotiate a higher kerb because he was obstructing the drop kerb. @YPLAC
It's all well & good me raising awareness of #PavementParking & pavement obstructions but it's not worth me losing my life for. You can see the damage caused to my wheelchair & I'm just grateful it wasn't me who was damaged, physically anyway, but my heart's still racing from it.
I'm 85 & I just want to get out as much as possible before the next full lockdown. I enjoy the fresh air & have to travel a couple of miles to get it. My carer pushes me to a lovely park most days & I'm in heaven sitting there watching the wildlife. I hope to continue doing that.
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