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State representative, Illinois's 39th; organizer/activist, Logan Square.
24 Oct 19
I think it's worth a little discussion about the meaning of the word "bailout" and why it's so offensive when it refers to our schools
The term "bailout" is derived from pilots jumping out of a crashing plane. It took on its financial meaning in the Depression, to refer to government spending money to save a failing private enterprise
So to describe meeting teachers' contract demands, like more nurses and social workers, as a "bailout" of CPS is troubling in two ways. First, it presupposes that CPS is irrevocably failing, which a) sucks, b) is wrong, and c) flies in the face of the city's own recent narratives
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27 May 19
Looks like we're poised to call a vote on the Fair Tax amendment around 1pm today. Will post updates in this thread.

This is maybe the most important vote I'll take in my entire career. Let me explain.
In their infinite wisdom, the drafters of the 1970 Illinois Constitution put in a provision mandating one flat tax rate on all income.

That's resulted in a broken system where poor people pay way more in taxes than the 1%. (Sales, excise, and other taxes being very regressive.)
It's also meant that we have a revenue crisis in the state. Because taxing one person means taxing everyone, politicians are reluctant to raise revenues. So spending on basic obligations — schools, healthcare, etc. — have outpaced tax receipts.
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14 Mar 18
Anyone still undecided about the Governor's race? You should be very, very worried about this news. Let me tell you why: (thread)

1. @JBPritzker has been lying about this. He said his only offshore money was trusts set up by his grandfather. Turns out, he set up offshore companies himself in 2011. Not a good look.
2. He's talked this whole campaign about rich people paying their fair share. But he's been deliberately hiding his #JBillions in the Bahamas so he doesn't have to pay his share
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