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MD student, 4th year @UMiami. Genetics, longevity, and OB/Gyn (?) or IM (?)
27 Jun
1/ Just finished reading "A Matter of Life", a quick but enjoyable read on the history of IVF= in-vitro fertilization. goodreads.com/review/show/34… #bookreviews #meded
2/ Nowadays IVF is almost routine, and there are million of babies who have been born with it. And yet, in the 40's it was the wild-eyed dream of Robert Edwards, toiling away with rabbit embryos and waking up in the middle of the night to extract mice ova.
3/ Over the next 10 years Robert Edwards built a reputation as a prominent embryologist and dabbled in immunology, but he maintained an interest in human reproduction, and almost as a hobby, collected ova from friendly gynecologists when they would be removing ovaries.
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20 Apr
1/ "Ending Medical Reversal" is an essential book for medical students, physicians, and anyone even peripherally involved in medicine; for everybody else, it's merely highly recommended. #bookreview #meded
2/ @adamcifu @VPrasadMDMPH The core of the book, paraphrasing, is that sometimes physicians decide to do things to patients without great evidence.
@adamcifu @VPrasadMDMPH 3/ These practices are, later on, 'reversed' by well-done trials, often to the great surprise of thought leaders and experts in a specialty. This is "Medical Reversal", which doesn't sound all too exciting, but is actually super important.
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15 Mar
#bookreview THREAD on @HankGreelyLSJU 's "The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction".

Finished Part 1, so here are some thoughts:
Thesis of book: "sometime in the next 20-40 yrs, among humans with good health coverage,...children will be conceived in clinics. Eggs and sperm will be united through IVF...sequenced and carefully analyzed before ...transfer...safe legal and, to the prospective parents, free""
He has a really solid short section on genetics, infertility, the history of IVF and prenatal screening. Lucid prose, some funny lines, and he successfully avoids the pitfall that many non-fiction writers fall into: overhyping stuff that turns out to be BS
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