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30 Nov
Meanwhile, just checking in to see how bold, adversarial journalism, free from the tyranny of editors is going and uhhh.......yeah. ImageImageImage
I say this, without a hint of hyperbole; Neera Tanden is one of the most deranged conspiracy theorists in the United States. Image
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30 Nov
To say that the 'online left' has a penchant for turning things where they were not only the aggressor, but engaged in non-stop trolling, harassment & in many cases, doxxing into *them* being them being the REAL victims is an understatement.
It's very, very similar to the GOP (under Donald Trump). They bullied, reveled in 'liberal tears' & 'triggered libs'...When they got a little bit of pushback, they melt down and act like nothing preceded it and that they were the ones being victimized.
Here's a great example from like an hour ago. This dude says 'your mother is sorry she didn't abort you. we are too' and then in the next breath calls me one of the most toxic people on this site. Image
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30 Nov
"I might fear Neera Tanden more than Donald Trump."

Imagine admitting this out loud & thinking that it makes you look good. This entire tweet is delusional gobbledygook.
(This is the guy who performatively stated that Biden's OMB nominee was the last straw to get him over to join the DSA, fyi)
I mean, not that Facebook is real life, but this should really say something about how much an unrepresentative bubble Twitter is. Every single one of the several 1000 DSA members is on here & will scream about it endlessly.
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30 Nov
No matter how many times people state their actual criticism, thin-skinned hack journalists like KEN VOGEL will pretend that people are saying 'Don't report anything negative about Dems' (which of course they pretended was the criticism of the EMAILS coverage, another bungled-
story, in which the people like KEN VOGEL completely blew without one iota of introspection or repercussions), rather than the actual criticism, that the coverage misstates the scale of things, implies nefariousness where it doesn't exist & purposely strips them of all context.
KEN VOGEL blew perhaps the biggest story of the Trump era b/c he was more interested in laundering anti-Dem oppo than seeing the real story (similar to how he handled the Russian hacking-Wikileaks story) & yet has never so much as uttered a 'my bad'.
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28 Nov
Ilhan Omar & Glenn Greenwald are currently arguing & Glenn has called her a John Brennan-lover. Just your average Saturday on Twitter dot com.

Welcome to Trump-era politics.
Ilhan Omar now discovering that Glenn Greenwald is incapable of good faith.
Personal feelings? I've always defended you. HOW COULD YOU, ILHAN?
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27 Nov
This man has never, ever not argued against a strawman of his own creation (lawsuits & institutions ≠ tweets & columns). Never once not completely disingenuously framed key facts central to the point he's making (Mueller did not say *no evidence*). Just incapable of good faith.
Haha yeah the media never admits when they were completely unhinged & wrong.

Hey btw, any reason you never even acknowledged the SSCI Russia report? Like not a single mention of its existence. Any update on Tara Reade? Joe Biden's dementia? Aaron Coleman's innocence & penance?
This guy's brain is just rotted, whatabout goo at this point.
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27 Nov
LOL remember when this guy claimed that a bunch of 'regular Republicans' would come up to him on the street & tell him that they saw his cable TV appearances/read his book & they agreed with his criticism of the elitist Dems? Anyway, I'm sure this conversation actually happened.
Awww he deleted the tweet. Image
Always just post screenshots because these people never stand by their statements.
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26 Nov
Sunrise's biggest 'Overton window' shifting achievement was putting out a Project Veritas-style edited video where they used a bunch of children as props to accuse a Dem senator of not caring about their future & wanting them to die b/c she wouldn't vote for their shite bill...
and then admitting a few weeks later that they knew the bill had no actual chance of passing, anyway. But congrats, you got a clip on SNL. Really moved the Overton window (aka achieved nothing) for climate action.
Really wondering in which tangible ways have they 'totally changed the climate convo'? Other than shaming ppl who won't say "#GreenNewDeal" & pretending any other proposal is worthless (F-worthy) it seems like the climate convo, on substance, is unchanged.
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26 Nov
This is such a strange tweet from a NYT political reporter. First off, in what way is stating a hard statistical fact 'disconnected from realities'? Are we just supposed to pretend that all the 3rd party weirdo votes would've gone to the Dem (see: Jill Stein & 'earning my vote')/
Also, do you really 'not get what it's supposed to mean' that she underperformed drastically from the top of the ticket, given that it was literally in your very own interview you did with AOC, where she held up Omar (& her door-knocking) as some big factor into Biden's win?
I really don't believe that he doesn't get this. Even a Chris Cillizza-level political journalist could understand this. I'm just going to go with playing dumb.
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25 Nov
Ok, just so we're clear here, the logic in Tracey/Greenwald-ville is:

A coup: A TV host saying 'fun fact', a deray tweet & a WaPo opinion columnist

NOT a coup: The POTUS & his party refusing to accept the election, inventing fraud, lawsuits & personally lobbying to overturn it
The idea that a coup was ever held up as a real possibility is fucking lunacy. Now, Chris Hayes tweeting, "Fun facts, the electoral college....." that's how a real coup attempt begins.
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25 Nov
Umm ok, yes but I was told she single-handedly "delivered" Minnesota for Biden....or something.
lol no
Also kind of throws a wrench in the 'lack of in person canvassing was what did in Dems' theory of things.
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20 Nov
Nancy "Salon" Pelosi. Gavin "Dinner Party" Newsom(e)

Again, how is this account any different than your 100% bog-standard RWer account?
The extremely smart political knower couldn't even be bothered to take 2 seconds & google the correct spelling of Gavin Newsom's name. Luckily, he no longer has any editors to censor him.
His entire feed is about 'liberal hypocrisy' (& Obama). There's not a single word about what Trump/GOP are doing. Not even one stray, 'What Trump is doing is wrong' tweet to cover his ass. Zero.
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19 Nov
This is especially on-brand for Glenn bc he was going around yelling at anyone who called Trump a fascist/authoritarian bc 'oh sure fascists just regularly get voted out through democratic elections'. Now that Trump has lost & is actively trying to overturn the election...silence
Beginning to think this Greenwald guy is not a good faith journalist.
Me, before the election: OMG you think Trump is a fascist authoritarian. There's a democratic election scheduled, where the people will decide, idiot

Me, after the election, as Trump tries to overturn the results:

OMG. Dangerous authoritarianism from...some guy criticizing Fox.
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18 Nov
I have been found out. I guess, it's time for me to DO SOMETHING!
(he deleted it like 30 seconds later lol)
Reminds me of that time I posted a picture of me out canvassing for (insert PA Dem Candidate) in 2018 & that crazy lady who follows Matt Taibbi around accused me of being a campaign operative for him & spreading lies about Matt Taibbi while I was out canvassing. Normal stuff.
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17 Nov
I really, really hate this type of reductive framing where the media (& the 'left') just boil down someone with an impressive record to one single descriptor, which is of course the most negative possible framing.

Basically invalidated all the good accomplishments they've had.
Like, say describing Barney Frank as a former board member of a bank instead of architect of Dodd-Frank.

Could do it for plenty of Lefty favs too...

-Founder of podcast sponsored by Goldman Sachs (Nina Turner)
-Multi-millionaire & top recipient of finance industry $ (Ro Khanna)

-Journalist who played an integral part in laundering the Russian govt's disinfo operation on our election
-Journalist who ambushed an elderly, immigrant mother to write a hit piece on the president of a progressive think tank, who he has a vendetta against

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17 Nov
It's really something to compare journalism during the Trump era b/w someone like Ben vs Glenn, the latter whose output has consisted solely of whining about things on his twitter feed, claiming the media has been HUMILIATED over Russia/Trump & defending sex pests.
Notably, when it comes to the most corrupt, authoritarian admin in recent history, Glenn has done absolutely zero original reporting. Everything is whiny media criticism (or defending sex pests). Meanwhile, the actual journalists he criticizes have broken a whole host of stories
This thread really is so great because Glenn has no response because he's just been absolutely bodied, but you know he's going to hold this grudge for years & years, taking many childish, passive-aggressive swipes at Ben & others. Glenn never forgets.
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16 Nov
Can't get over how audacious it is that all these lefty groups/pols who (in the most generous interpretation) refused to endorse & did nothing to help elect Biden (& some who actively sought to kneecap him), are pretending like *they* were responsible for his election now.
They gave his plan an F- & called him a climate denier. And now, "we elected you."
Of course there's never any real pressure from them on the GOP. This is going on right now, while Joe Biden is not even in power (& the GOP, led by the current president in power, refuses to even acknowledge that he won). But they're not about that.
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16 Nov
This is so true. Leftists always used to say that Trump was a historically awful president & an authoritarian, while the Libs mocked them w/ 2-screenshot owns & just said, 'what about George W Bush? Hysterical much?" Sad, but this is a totally real retelling of the past 4 years.
We're like a month out from the Left pretending that they were the adopters of the hashtag resistance, while the dumb dumb libs mocked them for being too cringey in opposing Trump's authoritarian impulses.
"We warned you Libs, but you just wouldn't listen to us."
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8 Nov
And he did it without running a single facebook ad. Amazing.
(This is not a thing that happened)
Really glad that Lamb won. We need people like him in our coalition.
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8 Nov
You're claiming to represent 'the people' while much of the country (aka 'the base') is in the streets partying/celebrating, including many of your constituents & instead you not only do not join them, but spend the day(s) ranting against your perceived ideological enemies.
It's all pretty wild to me. You couldn't even feign some happiness for a day while everyone was jubilant for perhaps the 1st time in years. Sure there's room for post mortems & 'where do we go from here', but it just seems incredibly tone deaf.
Tone deaf... and a further example of how all of them who believe they are the natural representation of what The People want are actually just extremely online, in a Twitter bubble of like-minded folks that are not at all representative of the world outside of this hellsite.
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5 Nov
She underperformed Biden by 16 points in her district. In what conceivable way would that prove the need to emulate Ilhan Omar instead of say, Joe Biden? Just delusional (and dishonest).
Also got a lower percentage than she previously did. It's hard not to get the feeling that they are being willfully disingenuous.
It's the same thing here. You're in congress bc you won a low turnout primary. Claire McCaskill got elected in a bright red state as a Democrat. In what conceivable way does that make you more of an expert on winning (difficult) elections than her?

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