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🗣️ The Home Office cannot run the Windrush Compensation Scheme 🗣️ #BreakTheHE 🗣️ #WindrushInjustice
23 Jul
🚨THREAD🚨: Everything you say is a lie, misdirection, wrong, stupid or pointless

@pritipatel and @MatthewRycroft1 appeared before @CommonsHomeAffs on Weds; also on Weds, @ukhomeoffice unveiled its latest "overhaul" of the Windrush Compensation Scheme.
@pritipatel @MatthewRycroft1 @CommonsHomeAffs @ukhomeoffice The events of this week make it more important than ever that Windrush victims - *esp* those that have not yet applied for compensation - complete the survey we and @GoodLawProject have developed.

@pritipatel @MatthewRycroft1 @CommonsHomeAffs @ukhomeoffice @GoodLawProject Because as you'll see down-thread, @ukhomeoffice, @pritipatel and @MatthewRycroft1 have proven (again, in a more cartoonishly calamitous fashion than usual) that they can't be held to account, won't tell the truth, and can't handle their basic job requirements.

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22 Jun
It's Windrush Day. @ukhomeoffice will shortly tweet how sorry it is for shafting the Windrush generation and how assiduously it is "righting the wrongs".

More importantly, @UKLabour is now calling for the Comp Scheme to be removed from the HO.… 1/10
@ukhomeoffice @UKLabour The HO claims to have spent £500k on celebrations. While education and commemoration are important, it is stomach-turning that the HO - which caused the scandal that created the Day - ever thought it cld buy a little good publicity out of it.…
@ukhomeoffice @UKLabour Any attempt to acknowledge past mistakes and put the Windrush scandal right must begin with, well, actually doing those things.

While historical/archival exhibitions, performances and storytelling are important - and are being well handled by *members of the community*...
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10 Jun
🚨 Thread🧵 🚨
On Monday, @PHSOmbudsman published their report into UK Visas and Immigration’s (UKVI) and Immigration Enforcement’s handling of the case of Rupert Everett, providing more damning evidence of the impact of the hostile environment (HE) on Black Britons. [1/18]
You can read a summary of the complaint here:…

And the full report here:… [2/18]
In short, Mr Everett had the right to be in the UK yet was told he had no status here, then threatened with deportation by Immigration Enforcement (acting through a private contractor, Capita) [3/18]
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21 May
🚨 alert,🧵 alert: National Audit Office report
The NAO has been quietly auditing the Windrush Compensation Scheme in Q1, and has reported the results of its review this am. The headline (general incompetence, undue delays) aren't surprising. NAO/1…
We're more interested in some of the fine print, and the untruths and misrepresentations (by @ukhomeoffice, to be clear, not the NAO) the report reveals.

I'm writing this live, so follow this thread for updates as I go... NAO/2
The NAO finds the HO "developed different sets of objectives and it is not clear which it uses to measure progress". This (highlights mine) is from an internal HO document. Pay close attention to the language here:
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19 May
This definitely feels like a planned immigration exercise - @metpoliceuk say the exercise was pursuant to “complaints”, which is nice and vague ie hard to check; of the other 5 cases mentioned, 2 are insurance offences and 3 are again unspecified. [1/2]…
We are descending rapidly into ghettoisation as official policy. @ukhomeoffice and @metpoliceuk are utter poison.

PS: @Deliveroo nice work tripping over yrself to pledge allegiance to the hostile environment rather than defending your harassed workers. You’re an enabler. [2/2]
On reflection, although the HE is the work of @ukhomeoffice, we can and should do more to call out and mark corporate enablers, so I’ll start: @Deliveroo, your riders are people, not numbers to be shuffled around in support of despotic and damaging migration targets... [3/2]
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6 May
Carl was born in Britain and held a British passport, which @ukhomeoffice confiscated for no apparent reason. Many journos have skirted reporting his story b/c it doesn't fit the expected Windrush narrative - but not @mrjamesob! Tune in today.

This is Carl's story.

Part 1/5:
Part 2/5:
Part 3/5
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5 May
This is a companion to a piece which aired on the 6 and 10pm editions of the news on BBC1 yesterday, containing interviews of @Anthony24596 and @JacquiMckenzie6. (We're trying to figure out how to get a clip) [1/4]…
While much of this isn't new if you've followed this issue over the past few years, the fact that new (to the general audience) victims continue to be found with each successive broadcast package is distressing, and should serve as a warning for how deep this thing goes. [2/4]
As @JacquiMckenzie6 notes in the televised piece, under 2k claims have been received. That's of an expected range of victims where the low estimate [receipts still MIA] is 12k, the original estimate was 15k, and the true number is likely *much* higher. [3/4]
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30 Apr
In a written reply to @Stuart_McDonald yesterday, @pritipatel made a number of startling revelations, documented here by @maybulman: [1/12]…
As ever, there's more than one calamity to unpack here, so we'll limit ourselves to preliminary payments.

These are £10k awards that were rolled out in December to much self-congratulation as to how well @ukhomeoffice was listening to victims, how much it had achieved. [2/12]
Here comes the other shoe: when these payments were announced, @ukhomeoffice said - no equivocation - "We will ensure that [those with] pending applications will be considered for either a preliminary or final payment in the first 3 months of 2021." [3/12]…
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18 Feb
In January, we wrote to @pritipatel on behalf of 31 claimants, several standing in for their deceased parents, calling for the Windrush Compensation Scheme to be taken away from the Home Office on account of its comprehensive failure: [1/35]…
It wasn’t just that the Scheme *wasn’t working*; claimants had begun to get the sense that @ukhomeoffice was deliberately setting them up to fail, and being deliberately dishonest in its promises as to reform and meaningful change. [2/35]
On 14 Dec, @ukhomeoffice had announced a package of reforms to the Scheme. These reforms were said to be the fruit of the sincere efforts of HO staff in listening to the complaints victims and stakeholders had been making for well over a year. [3/35]…
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17 Feb
We've been quiet for a while b/c there is a lot going on BTS; in particular, we've had an influx of enquiries from extant and new claimants who need legal assistance with their Windrush Compensation Scheme applications.

Precious little has changed. [1/4] #HOPayUp
We continue to refer claimants for legal assistance and do everything we can to support them through this utter shitshow, so get in touch if you or someone you know need(s) help with your/their application or appeal.

But that's not all. [2/4] #HOPayUp
Remember this open letter (h/t @maybulman)? Well, @pritipatel responded to us, late last month. [3/4]…
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3 Jan
THREAD: An open letter to @pritipatel
A group of claimants has written to the Home Sec today expressing no confidence in her or @ukhomeoffice to administer the Windrush Compensation Scheme or dismantle the hostile environment. [1/19]…
The full text of the letter is here. 👇🏾

Tl;dr thread: [2/19]…
In the 3 years since the Windrush Scandal broke, it has become clear that the constituency of victims is substantial. @ukhomeoffice has admitted to stakeholders that a further assessment exercise is required to get a handle on the number of claimants. [3/19]
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28 Nov 20
Yesterday, we got hold of this Deportation and Charter Flights Factsheet, dated Thursday. It concerns the planned removals of the #Jamaica50 scheduled for next Wednesday, 2 Dec. It’s not on the @ukhomeoffice website. [1/30]…
We contacted them to establish if it was legitimate. They said the doc “did come from the Home Office”, but “hasn’t been uploaded to yet”, and was “provided to a number of stakeholders” following requests for information on the planned deportations. [2/30]
It struck us as odd that a doc of clear public interest, setting out the HO’s position on a wildly controversial matter, and providing a few mildly exonerating tidbits at that, wouldn’t be made publicly available. (There are now 2 working days left to the deadline.) [3/30]
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27 Nov 20
This is @ukhomeoffice's factsheet in response to the planned removals on 2 December. Not entirely clear why it hasn't been published on, but it is genuine and its provenance has been confirmed. Some thoughts: [1/10] #Jamaica50…
Firstly, it's sneaky, not to mention suspicious, to not make a document like this publicly available asap, when it's clearly a matter of public interest, and the event in question is fewer than 3 working days away. Just a gripe, but. [2/10]
S 32(5) of the UK Borders Act 2007 does compel the Secretary of State to make a deportation order when a person meets the conditions in either of s 32(2) or (3); in (very) short, if they've had a sentence of at least 12 months, or it's a serious crime. [3/10]
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25 Nov 20
In the past 10 days, the @ukhomeoffice has:
(i) arranged deportations to Jamaica (cf Feb 2020) in the middle of a pandemic, where some detainees will not have had any family contact before deportation, on unknown legal grounds (yes, b/c really, can they be trusted?) [1/6]
(ii) had a whistleblower - senior ex-official @cheamfields (Alex Ankrah) expose jaw-dropping racism within its ranks that conclusively disqualifies it from having control of ANYTHING intended to “right the wrongs” committed upon Windrushers; [2/6]…
(iii) had its head, @pritipatel, pretty deafeningly un-exonerated of a campaign of bullying so toxic a mandarin on a £190k salary is pursuing an ET action that won’t net anywhere *near* that instead of taking a settlement out of rage/spite; [3/6]…
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19 Nov 20
On the heels of yday’s revelations from @cheamfields re racism in the Home Office, here is an **old article** by a senior member of the government’s Windrush Cross Government Working Group. This person was vetted (presumably) and appointed [1/11]…
to this post, in which he is expected to advocate FOR Windrush victims and facilitate justice for them, by @ukhomeoffice. [2/11]
To be clear, we don’t know if Bishop Aldred would still stand by all of the views expressed in this post, which dates to June 2018. But some of the views expressed here are not of the type likely to change. For example: [3/11]
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19 Nov 20
There were distressing reports yesterday that chartered deportation flights to Jamaica are being resumed, with one scheduled for 2 Dec. Aspects of these removals have been deemed unlawful by the Court of Appeal. [1/13]…
It is unclear whether deportations are being carried out lawfully at present, but we're not bursting with confidence that they are, to put it mildly, given the revelations of the past few days. [2/13]…
What *is* clear is that we now have parallel seams of human rights abuses being perpetrated simultaneously against Black and brown people, largely of limited economic means - the #WindrushScandal, which relates to deprivation of UK residency/citizenship and documentation; [4/13]
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2 Oct 20
We live-tweeted the evidence of @MatthewRycroft1 at the @CommonsPAC, chaired by @Meg_HillierMP and feat. @YvetteCooperMP (chair of @CommonsHomeAffs) precisely 22 days ago. Mr Rycroft was giving evidence on the Windrush Compensation Scheme. Badly. [1/12]
In the pvt sector, turning up to a board meeting this poorly briefed wld be unprofessional at least and sackable at worst. @MatthewRycroft1 and his @ukhomeoffice colleagues didn't have basic numbers (which are published) or facts, and didn't seem embarrassed about it. [2/12]
It wasn't just us, biased as we obviously are, who thought that. @Meg_HillierMP and @YvetteCooperMP wrote to the Home Office shortly after, requesting all the data and clarifications that couldn't be given at the session. [3/12]
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29 Sep 20
It's quite disappointing to see Martin Forde QC imply that most/all criticism of the Scheme is unfair/incorrect.

Seriously, we set up a whole Twitter account. It is categorically untrue that the Scheme is good by design. #AJC #AdministrativeJusticeCouncil
He is however deeply correct that "mitigation" - as we've banged on about at length - is not a useful concept in this concept.
(We're live-tweeting this AJC @ajc_justice Windrush Webinar, in case you're wondering what all this is about.)
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10 Sep 20
We’ll be doing a full run down of the car-crash appearance of @MatthewRycroft1 and co before the @CommonsPAC this morning in due course, but there’s one tiny thing we want to get out of the way, because it tells a complex story very simply. [1/7]
About 5mins into the session, @YvetteCooperMP asks a very simple, contained and clear question. You paid 143 people approx £1m, 143 people being 10% of the claimants *at that time*. Extrapolating, that would lead to total payments of about £10m. [2/7]
That is WAY less than the min £200m this Scheme was supposed to pay out. So... what’s happening? Now - and this is NOT @YvetteCooperMP’s fault - the error is clear. 10% of total claimants *at the time* is not the same as 10% of total expected claimants. [3/7]
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10 Sep 20
In a few minutes, the @CommonsPAC will be questioning @ukhomeoffice officials on a number of issues, including the #Windrush Compensation Scheme. You can watch live here:…. We're tuned in and will be live-tweeting the questioning.
Home Office witnesses are: Matthew Rycroft (MR), Permanent Home Secretary; Charu Gorasia (CG), Director General for Capabilities and Resources; Joanna Davinson (JD), Data and Technology Officer. We suspect only MR will be speaking on the Windrush Compensation Scheme
Chairing the Committee is Labour MP Meg Hillier (MH) and in attendance is Labour MP Yvette Cooper (YC), Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee. We'll try get the names of other MPs asking questions right but bear with us.
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9 Sep 20
Hello @YvetteCooperMP We understand you’ll be attending the @CommonsPAC hearing tomorrow - if you’re short of questions on the Windrush Compensation Scheme (we’re sure you’ll have plenty), feel free to just read out any of our threads verbatim, eg: (1/4)
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