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Apr 25, 2020 17 tweets 17 min read
@ifanmj @kevintwining @IanDunt Quite... 19,506 (hospital only) NHE / Gov published deaths + 9,929 Care Homes (est: updated only weekly by ONS )+ 17,780 other community deaths (extrapolated from FT report 22/04/2030) = #Total: 47,215; up +4.1% today.

UK proportion of global deaths = 24%
41% of Europe’s deaths @ifanmj @kevintwining @IanDunt ;
1st per million population world rank for deaths (worst)

To put the scale of fatalities in historical perspective, the total deaths are equivalent to:

88 x the number of Grenfell deaths,;
59 x the Lockerbie fatalities or
16 x US '9/11 terror victim deaths;
908 x London