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16 Feb
Every time Martin Scorsese talks about "the state of things today" I just hear the Dude in my head.
Like, yes, absolutely, reducing all things to "content" to be "provided" does real damage to our ability to appreciate shit, long-term (Cf. that wrongheaded #WandaVision review, from a few days ago).

On the other hand, the sheer number of marginalized filmmakers & creators who…
…have gotten their shot SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE of this current setup is given WAY less than short fucking shrift, here.

Now should marginalized voices have been amplified in a different, better system?

I mean… Yeah.

What the fuck you think we been yelling about for decades?…
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14 Feb
My favourite #JoanCusack role is still Marcella in #GrossePointeBlank.
"Amelia?" *extension beeps* "Wait, hold on a second." *Clicks over* "Pacific Trident Global. Janice?… Yeah, no, where the fuck is it? I ordered it 3 days ago… No, that doesn't work. That's not right. Let me go over it again, all right? Let's see: '3000 rounds of 9mm subsonic.'
"You had that, i gave that to you on the fucking list.… Well i don't give a GODDAM where it is! You get it HERE, NOW!" *clicks over* "Amelia? Yeah, I'm sorry.… No it's not gonna be a boring soup— that's just the base. You put the chicken in, you've gotta add other flavours.…
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13 Feb
That sense that whether here on an anthropogenic-climate-ravaged, earth, or in some hereafter, every republican & more than a few democrats are angling to be among the "chosen few"— & not via good works & principled lives, but through strongarm tactics, grift, & outright violence
To them, heaven must look less like a village than a fortress.
Bunkers or mars colonies or guarded gilded heavenly paths, it's all about being the ones who get to hoard the most and hold onto it all no matter who they have to knife to death to keep it.
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13 Feb
Utter bullshit.

Witnesses deposed live could move this needle.

Reading the statement into the record is just going to be spun into oblivion by fox news.

And yes i get that Dems don't want to get bogged down in explaining why the BS witnesses repubs want to call ARE Bullshit…
…and they don't want that fight to overshadow the legislative agenda, but this is just useless.

Dems: Republicans are outmaneuvering you, and you're still struggling to understand that you're going to have to move down the street AND talk, both at the same time.

I'm genuinely so angry right now
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31 Jan
If i were a Democratic senator, congressperson, or strategist looking at the board where you just flipped 3 reliably red seats, including a win by a FRICKING ASTRONAUT, you know what I'd get behind, right away, before anything else?

@CoriBush's call for retroactive $2k checks.
Seriously. @SenMarkKelly is a space hero whose wife Congresswoman Giffords survived an assassination attempt, WHILE HIS TWIN BROTHER WAS IN SPACE,& later himself survived an insurrection at the capitol.

Let that man help people w/ direct checks & that seat stays blue for a WHILE
Same for @ossoff & @ReverendWarnock:

Give the 1st Jewish & 1st Black senators from GA solid, visible, legislative victories that genuinely help people in a way we're all clamouring for. Give that to EVERY dem.

Do that FIRST, then run the table on every other policy initiative.
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18 Jan
We tried to tell you, over & over, that white supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement & the military.

Some of us tried to warn you this was not just possible but relatively easy for them to do because of the white supremacist roots of policing in the US.

But here we are.
On this #MartinLutherKingDay , please remember this, and resolve to DO something about it: doi.org/10.1080/232994…
It's #MartinLutherKingDay and if you're out here drawing a false equivalence between racial justice protests, & an insurrectionist riot to stage a coup to install one of the most blatantly white supremacist presidents* in decades, this letter is about you:
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17 Jan

Sometimes you both have legitimate reasons for feeling in a bad place about your work AND have to remind yourself that that DOESN'T mean everyone hates your work and thinks you're worthless. Which is a hard line to ride.
And sometimes those times happen while you're in the middle of a pandemic and you and your loved ones are all starved for the kinds of engagement that usually helps you all through it, so your emotional and mental bandwidth are completely attenuated.
And sometimes THOSE times happen while you're in the middle of a coup attempt at the tail end of one of the most openly and unapologetically autocratic, kleptocratic, and white supremacist presidencies in american history.
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13 Jan
There needs to be soul-deep, daily, uncovered Revelational Reckoning with who we are and how we live. What our values are and what it is we want in this world.

You expect us to teach in this? You expect us to learn, institutionally, in this? You expect us to work in ALL OF THIS?
We need a reckoning. We need space to grieve. And we need time to process this.

In the US, certainly, but I mean globally, right now.
Grief and a reckoning are not incommensurable things.

The best wakes tell us that.
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13 Jan
Jim jordan opening sentence proves that he will say nothing substantial on these articles of impeachment. He will, instead, be a bloviating blowhard, repeating over and over again the same obfuscatory talking points from December 2019.

Which is exactly why republicans chose him.
Republicans seem not to understand that Lincoln's failure to convict every single general and officer of the confederacy is part of why we're where we are, today.
What are Republicans playing at, reserving all their time? Gonna go all at once, after the Democrats speak, trying to get the last word?
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12 Jan
@SarahV2K Mostly this bit. All eugenics is tied up in a misunderstanding of the idea of evolutionary "fitness," which was then bound to notions of cleanliness and health which invariably saw minorities, immigrants, the poor, &, of course, the disabled, as "dirty"…
@SarahV2K …or "broken," or othewise "unfit."

In the early 20th century, this began to be tied to notions of the Pure Land, or "unspoiled nature," and philosophers like Heidegger began to form the basis for how the Nazi ideologies would incorporate the American & British eugenics programs
@SarahV2K …And so this notion of "naturalness" & "purity" being tied to "health" & "fitness" & "rightness" became both a moral & an ecological stance as to how people "ought to" live their lives.

A sense of "Nature is to be tended & revered because it is the birthright of the pure & fit"
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12 Jan
At some point we're gonna have some real conversations about

1) how mediocre food forms a leg of the disciplinary and punishment program that is the american prison system, and

2) the intersection of "clean eating," eugenics, & eco-facsism.

But y'all ain't ready for them yet
Okay, maybe some of y'all are ready. Start w/ a personal example:

There are some things i literally cannot eat or I'll have a bad time, to put it mildly. If I'm jailed for a crime I didn't commit, or held political prisoner, I'm not likely to get other options. So I'll get sick.
These things aren't necessarily "dirty" or processed foods. In fact, many processed foods make certain i get enough nutrients in my system without hassle so that i can, y'know, LIVE.


The food that they serve in prison is meant, in its form, to be a part of the punishment.
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11 Jan
The part that fucks me up— the part that too many of you still aren't really coming to grips with— is that Donald John Trump told us that this is who he was, every day, for 35 years, and then tens of millions of people voted for him anyway.

And the questions you need to be asking yourself, right now, are

1) How many people would STILL vote for him AGAIN?


2) What the fuck do we DO about THAT?
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10 Jan
So. Something just occurred to me:

Anyone got the rundown on exactly how many tweets Nunez, Gaetz, Cotton, Jordan, McCarthy, Graham, Cruz, Rubio, et cetera have all deleted?

Because some of their feeds are lookin mighty empty today, for how chatty they were these last 2 months.
See this is the kind of shit I'm talking about:
These republicans & @FoxNews pundits are actively trying to rewrite history, & even @npr @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @cnn & @MSNBC reporters & various tv personalities are trying to act like they didn't have a hand in normalizing this fascistic violence as it rose.

Don't let them.
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9 Jan
Some concerning pieces of context around 01/06/21:

Trump very recently pardoned several Blackwater agents.

Blackwater kit strongly resembles the attire of the insurrectionists carrying zipties.

And while they MAY just have been playing mall ninja, here's this from @WhipClyburn "…My office, if you do...
Remember when Rep Clyburn said people couldn't have found his non-public office without help? Well:

And then there's this from @AOC today:

"I didn't even feel safe going to that extraction point because there were QAnon and white supremacist members of Congress who I felt would disclose my location and create opportunities to allow me to be hurt."
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9 Jan
Epistemic threats challenge what you think you know.

Ontological shocks challenge what you think is real.

And if you can't accept you don't know everything & that reality is FAR more than you, you're likely to CONFLATE those w/ Existential Threats:

Challenges to your very life
But, and I just don't know how many times I'm going to have to fucking say this, a threat to your understanding of reality, a threat to your values and beliefs, a threat to your "WAY OF LIFE" is not the same thing as a threat to your literal and actual life.
And to those of us for whom your episteme (knowledge, beliefs) & ontos (reality, status quo) ARE a threat to our existence, the constant mental gymnastics you pull to make yourself the aggrieved & "endangered" party, are both exhausting & INSULTING to have to experience.

Stop it
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8 Jan
Holy shit.

They did it.

Twitter permanently suspended Trump.

Just 3 years late.

But they did it.
(Note: I'm counting from when he started actively calling for violence on the platform.

If we keep going back, we get to the point where he should have been sued into destitute and oblivion for his treatment of the #ExoneratedFive and we never should have heard from him again.)
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8 Jan
Thank you.

Y'all motherfuckers tripped over yourselves & each other in your rush to confirm each & every one of his nominees— not just SCOTUS but key federal judges & cabinet secretaries— before we could raise too much of an outcry, but now 2 weeks "isn't enough time?"

Legislators were FAST to enable this damage but now that it's played to its next logical stage you not only want to distance yourselves from what you did but ALSO, when presented w/ a CLEAR REMEDY of impeaching & barring trump from future office, want to ABDICATE RESPONSIBILITY…
…by claiming it would be "rushed?!"

HELL no.

Apologize for what you did, and then work to FIX IT.

Do Your Jobs. Make This Right.
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7 Jan
Today Neo-nazis, neo-confederates, and other white supremacists stormed the US Capitol in an attempted coup and the ousted & outgoing republican president* told them "keep doing what you're doing; we love you."

Yes this country has a white supremacy problem.
Antifascists didn't do this.

Nazis & white supremacists did this.

This is who maga and qanon were the whole time.

This is who they were waiting for the slightest excuse to be.

And this is who trump ENCOURAGED them to be, every.




And THIS is what we started telling you 5 YEARS ago.
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6 Jan
I'll say that again:

If the people trying to storm the United States capitol in an attempt to stage a coup because they refuse to understand that they fairly and completely lost the presidential election were Black, they would have been immediately shot and declared "terrorists"
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6 Jan
I really wanted to stay up to see the returns come in, because I didn't want to celebrate too early because I don't want to tempt fate, but I'm tired and I have a LOT of work needs doing and it's looking like the count won't be finished until early tomorrow…

So I'm torn.

…I'm still up and I got to see @ReverendWarnock declared the winner and @ossoff pull ahead by 0.2% with mostly Dem-heavy counties to go.

This is the kind of shit that fuels my "don't go to bed or you'll miss something" complex from when I was little.
Currently reflecting on the role tensions on the legacy and tradition lines played in this election.

Raphael Warnock is an Atlanta native and the head of MLK's church and Kelly Loeffler's a northerner who stapled three mcmansions together at the face. Here, Raphael Warnock wins.
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3 Jan
I'm honestly waiting to hear the repub spin line on these #TrumpTapes. I know it'll BE there, i just don't know what it'll turn out to BE.
The only edit on the #trumpTapes is the removal of ONE NAME to prevent the washington post from being named codefendant in a slander suit.

It is otherwise a full, unbroken, start-to-finish record of the call.

The full context is here.

He said what he said.

Ah there it is! Tried and true "nothing to see here, this is fine, everybody does it."
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