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15 Sep
Another POV on the Milley/JoeBama debacle
(Salty language. In 4 parts)

Biden and Milley were in on it together. They were both set up by a third party. Biden thought he had six months before Afghanistan collapsed and so did Milley.


9/11/2021 was supposed to be a demonstration of Biden`s superior leadership in winding down the war and Milley was going to get more bonus points by fucking Trump while Biden was basking in glory. Milley and Biden worked together on everything in Woodward's book.

They thought it would be a win win.
Biden a hero.
Milley saving the country from that maniac, Trump.

But traitors in the Defense Department and Pentagon screwed both under the direction of Kamala Harris. Why are mlitary members coming forward now?
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14 Sep
@unscriptedmike Not only Nanshy.

So far we have evidence he spoke about the "coup" just prior to the election.

O, the plan had been in the works ever since Wuhan Flu arrived on U.S. Shores.

I wouldn't doubt that China and the DemonRats RELEASED it, deliberately, to weaken Trump.

@unscriptedmike When that didn't work, they tried burning down the country through Barry's "Civilain National Security Force," Anitfa and BLM.

Trump was still standing so they planned to steal the election.

It was all hands on deck.

Milley had been anti-Trump for a while.
@unscriptedmike Maybe he was blackmailed. But he signed on. Apparently he refused to label the summer 2020 riots as an insurrection but jumped at Nanshy's push to call 1/6 the same.

I think 1/6 was a psych-ops pushed by DS and which MAG naively got involved with.

It was a TRAP.

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11 Sep
@jellen805 Ironic that as JoeBama and Co are ordering the country to mask up and get vaccinated their masks have disintegrated.

The Emperors have no clothes.

That's why McCarthy hasn't said much. This event was planned, staged, scripted . . .

(1 of 2)
@jellen805 from the day Trump announced his presidential candidacy, through Impeachments 1 and 2, MuellerGate, UkraineGate, to the faux 1/6 "insurrection," the disastrous Kabul exit and the Coup de Grace to today.

Bodies flying from airplanes, Americans stranded in Kabul . . .

@jellen805 murdering innocent Afghani kids, NOTHING would stop their grand finale - presenting 4 of the 5 COS of the past 30 years, in unison, DENOUNCING Trump, his voters and MAGA.

This gives weak-willed hypocritical Republicans (most of them) cover to denounce us, too.

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1 Sep
JoeBama KNEW Taliban would take over!

(1 of 8)

Biden wanted the Afghan president to create the 'perception' that his government could hold off the Taliban.

He knew the US ally would fall to the Taliban.

He lied to Americans that wouldn't happen.
(2 of 8)

In the last phone call between Biden and Ghani, Biden said they needed to change perceptions of the Taliban's rapid advance 'whether it is true or not.'

Behind the scenes Biden apparently knew that the situation was more precarious.
(3 of 8)

In July, Biden was intent on Ghani delivering a public message and public plan that would shore up confidence in the Afghan government.

He pushed Ghani to allow his Defense Minister General Mohammadi to pursue a strategy focusing on defending major population centers.
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29 Jul
DJT's comments on the Infrastructure Bill

Hard to believe Senate Republicans are dealing with Radical Left Democrats in making a so-called bipartisan bill on “infrastructure,” with our negotiators headed up by SUPER RINO Mitt Romney. This will be a victory for the Biden

Administration and Democrats, and will be heavily used in the 2022 election. It is a loser for the USA, a terrible deal, and makes the Republicans look weak, foolish, and dumb. It shouldn’t be done.

It sets an easy glidepath for Dems to then get beyond what anyone thought was possible in future legislation. It will be a continued destruction of our Country. Our Borders are horrible, crime is at an all time high, taxes and inflation are going way up.

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25 Jul
What If:

Barry's crew DIDN'T produce ENOUGH voter fraud in 2016 to put HRC over the finish line because they didn't think they could control her?

What IF:

They let President Trump win legitimately and planned on selecting a more pliable candidate for 2020, like

2 - What If:

They preferred having a doddering fool in place surrounded with an army of Barry loyalists to push his despicable agenda forward?

What IF:

They chose Kamaltoes as VP (another empty suit) so there's another puppet in place when Joe bites the dust?

3 -

Even though she won ZERO states in the primary and dropped out first she checks all their boxes:
- Female
- POC (black, Asian, Indian)
- Willing to promote Barr's agenda unconditionally (unlike HRC)

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18 Jun
@sethjlevy Completely disagree. It's just more BS theater to give federal workers another paid day off and cater to the CRT/BLM,Antifa mob trying to force the will of less than 13% of the population on the rest of us.

Plus it's historically inaccurate.

@sethjlevy 1/1/1863 - Emancipation Proclamation
12/18/1865 - 13th Amendment
6/19/1865 - Texas enforced 13th amendment

Public schools already devote 2 ENTIRE months to "black history." MLK and in Jan and Black History MONTH in Feb.

Now they'll get June, too.

@sethjlevy This is insidious indoctrination of impressionable kids and ignorant adults who know NOTHING of the real history of slavery.

Less than 5% of those transported in the Atlantic slave trade were sent to the U.S.

African Chiefs captured and SOLD prisoners from other tribes.

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13 Jul 20
In case you were wondering where the dozens of anti-cop , BLM protesters came from, you can thank George.

And read his declaration of war against the U.S.


- groups fighting for an end to policing as we know it, and others are fighting for access to the ballot.

- students enrolling in internships on racial justice, democracy, organizing, and mentorship.

- fighters against voter suppression and disinformation,
- support to emergent efforts to establish truth commissions and other tools to promote racial healing

- prepare for a national “Strike for Black Lives” later this month. (July)

- Investments in cities to reimagine public safety beyond criminalization and incarceration
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18 Jun 20
Atlanta Cops Walk off Job

THREAD from Decaurtish.com

Atlanta, GA — The head of Atlanta’s police union confirmed Wednesday that officers from the Atlanta Police Department in Zones 3 and 6 walked off the job Wednesday afternoon.
Vince Champion, southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood of Police officers, said that police officers had stopped answering calls midshift, in response to charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe who is accused of murdering Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.
“The union, we would never advocate this. We wouldn’t advocate a blue flu,” Champion said. “We don’t know the numbers. Apparently we’re learning that command staff are asking outlying counties for support and aren’t getting it.”
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